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Do You Have a Crystalline Energy System?

WhenLightAndWaterAreOneUp until the past 30 years, life has been based primarily on an  electromagnetic energy system. Through the processes of evolution and transformation, which reorder and organize life at higher levels of coherence, new potentials become available. Now, a new system is available to all of life on the planet. It’s called the Crystalline Energy System and it is supported by the Crystalline Energy Grids that the Earth is developing since the shift of Dec 21, 2012.

The Crystalline Energy System allows for all kinds of new human potential, particularly accelerated learning. We are currently inundated with information as the entire history of Earth’s is available to us through the internet. The rate of new information is also accelerating as unprecedented discoveries emerge every day. Our energetic system must be able to rapidly discern what is appropriate for us to know, then order and organize it in a way that we can access it to form new, creative solutions and expressions to heal the ourselves and the planet.

Up until the Earth shifted into its own Crystalline Grids, the majority of humans who already had Crystalline Energy Systems were children and young adults born in the past 30 years. It’s now possible to spontaneously develop your own Crystalline Energy System by raising your vibration until you leap to the new potential. You can also listen to an activation that I created to jump start the process (more on that in a bit).

How do you know if you have a Crystalline Energy System? If you were born with it, it’s all you know. If you shifted with the Earth shift then it’s easier to detect the before and after although it is a subtle shift. To help your discernment, answer the questions below:

1. Do you feel an inner level of lightness of being most of the time?

2. Do you get impatient when things are slow?

3. Does it seem that people don’t understand what you are communicating to them?

4. Do you have an inner knowing or insight about things without knowing how you know?

5. Are you able to manifest very quickly what you want?

6. Do you feel hope for the world, even when it seems things are getting worse?

7. Do you seem to be having silent conversations with others on some different plane of existence?

8. Do you understand the essence of a lesson or class in a very short period of time, then think you didn’t get it because others are taking a much longer time to understand it?

9. Do you feel more connected to the Earth and other life forms such as plants or animals then you do to most humans?

10. When you connect to some people does it seem that you have a shorthand way of communicating that you don’t with others?

11. Are you experiencing new levels of intuition?

12. Are you overwhelmed with the feelings of others?

If you can answer “yes” to most of these questions, or have a sense of familiarity with them, you have an active Crystalline Energy System.

If you answer “no” to most of these questions and them seem like a foreign language to you, then your Crystalline Energy System is still dormant.

I have developed an energy meditation to activate your Crystalline Energy System which you can listen to here. Then sign up for the newsletter to get more information about working with your Crystalline Energy System.

This is a healing activation, so even if you already have a CE System you can still listen to it and it will help your CE System be more efficient.

After you listen, leave me a comment about your experience with the activation or your own awareness of your Crystalline Energy System on the Crystalline Transformation Facebook page.


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  • I think more than anything else, I just love the tone of written words. The energy that is apparent, even through the Internet, is one of a deep-seated compassion for all and a sincere desire to help ease the suffering of others and inspire them with energetic innovative potentials.

    …which now looking back at the way I’m describing you and your work, I could easily be describing my current understandings of the motivations of our Creator.

    And for that, all I can say in closing, is “Namaste.”
    “I see the God in you.”

    Well met, kindred spirit,

    Robert Hughey