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Dealing with Depression—Going into the Void

I woke up yesterday depressed. All the hallmarks were there…no energy, feeling tired after a full night’s sleep, no zest for getting up and getting on with the day, and the strong desire to just be a couch potato all day. It could have just been because it was Monday, but I know through experience that this time of year can be challenging for me. I suspect it is for many people. Let’s review all of the reasons why this is a great time of the year to be depressed:

  • If you live in the Northern hemisphere, the days are getting shorter as we head toward the shortest day of the year. This messes with our pineal gland which regulates such things as our sense of time regarding day/night and our sleep rhythms. Less light signifies depression for many people.
  • The Holidays #1: If you’ve got any biological family issues they are bound to surface, since we’re supposed to get together with our families for either Thanksgiving or Christmas…sometimes both. After many an uncomfortable Christmas with my biological family, I was always surprised to see the album my mom put together that shows us all having a great time! Surreal. The issues are not supposed to be worked on or evolved because “it’s Thanksgiving, (or Christmas) for goodness sake!”
  • The Holidays #2: The message of mass consciousness in the U.S. and other parts of the world that have adapted a U.S. lifestyle is to buy, buy, buy. It’s insidious. Max out those credit cards, spend endless hours shopping. If you have money challenges, you end up feeling “less than” or spend to cover it up. Regardless it creates tremendous amounts of stress to deal with.
  • The Holidays #3: The illusion of endless laughter and good will that the entire world seems to be experiencing as shown by the media can seem like a harsh contrast to a person who isn’t feeling the same. How can a person have the Christmas spirit, if you are not a materialistic, party reveling, Christian?
  • The Holidays #4: The only thing to watch on TV is really bad Christmas movies. Do you know how many bad Christmas movies there are? A lot. And they are played every year again and again. In the bigger scheme of things, not watching TV for a month isn’t that big of a deal. But it is one way that our entire life, dreams, intentions seem to be put on hold while the mob mentality of shopping and partying seems to take over.
  • The Holidays #5: Too much. Too many lines to stand in, too much food, too much alcohol, too much travelling, too many mindless traditions, and too much cramming one month of to do’s in three weeks plus add many more activities on top of it all. It all adds up to sensory overwhelm.

Short of the entire world becoming Buddhists, Muslims or B’hais (none of them celebrate Christmas) and the holiday craziness completely disappearing, I can really only energetically work with or change the depression. As depressing as that sounds, energetically working with depression is incredibly empowering. Once you have the following meditation learned, depression can become a doorway to many inner treasures that reside within you. And once the body/mind/spirit knows that, it easily and quickly shifts out of depression.

Note: Before explaining the energetics of depression, I want to state that there are different causes of depression. The depression that is caused by an unbalance in brain chemistry is not the depression I am referring to here. If you have been prescribed medication for depression, only your physician may decide whether it is appropriate for you to change or go off the medication. Depression caused by lack of light needs a special light monitor such a GoLite BlueWave Sprectrum Lamp (or a vacation to a sunny beach) to correct it.

Depression that is centered around the heart has an emotional/spiritual cause. Every now and then the soul needs to refresh itself within the human container. This refreshing occurs when you return to the void, the womb of pure potential that lies within everyone. Its the equivalent of revisiting the point in time just before you were conceived. What occurs at that point of time just before conception? All of the contracts, agreements and resources for your life are downloaded. Returning to the void, then, not only renews your spirit but also provides you with new levels of power and resources to better navigate through your world.

The sign that it is time to return to the void is when you feel depressed. In depression, your vital life force energy, which normally flows into you and then is expressed outwardly, reverses its flow. It begins to flow deep within. If you resist this flow (trying to force yourself off the couch), then it only gets bigger. The trick is to surf the flow and follow it where it will take you. The fear that keeps us from doing this is the subliminal thought that if you go deep within, you’ll never come out. The truth is quite the opposite. You’ll have renewed vigor, joy and purpose in life.

The following meditation will take you into the void. It can be done if you are depressed. It can also be done anytime you are feeling a need for new inspiration or power in your life. If you are on medication for a brain chemistry unbalance, you can also do this meditation as well. It may very well help the brain heal itself.

Get comfortable in a quiet spot, shutting the door from interruptions, unplugging the phone or turning off the cell phone. Begin to tune into the feeling sense around your heart. Now deepen your breath. Feel the breath as it moves from your head down into your body, all the way to the belly. Let your belly rise as you inhale, sink as you exhale. Repeat several times. Now linking your breath to the feeling around your heart, on the next exhale, allow your consciousness to sink with the body. Feel it dropping down and in. Inhale and then sink more with the next exhale. Continue to inhale and then sink with the exhale. You might go through layers of emotion. Just feel them and repeat the intention to continue to sink until you reach the void. If fear comes up just continue to breathe and during the exhale ask to sink. The fear is that the void is No-thing or nothing. But the void is this incredible warm, fuzzy, protected, restful place of pure potential. Once you reach the void, rest there. Enjoy not having to push or strive or succeed. Here just being is more than enough. Feel the love that surrounds you within the void. While you are enjoying this place, your soul is downloading the appropriate resources and levels of power that you need back in “real” time. Don’t worry about deciding when to come out. Your innate wisdom knows when to leave. Once you feel yourself leaving, follow your inhalations (up and out) back to the present moment. Now tune into your heart. How does it feel? Sometimes we need several trips into the void to completely fill the heart. Repeat this meditation as often as you like.

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  • Thanks, Sofa Chip, for the great acknowledgment in your post. I encourage you to use the meditation more often to help alleviate depression. The other thing I’ve found helpful, is energy healing, focusing on clearing out past life issues. Sounds weird perhaps (particularly depending on your belief systems about past lives) but who cares as long as it works?