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D.W. Ascension Is Different Than What You Think

Secret Space Program?Recently a friend called me. “Have you read about the Secret Space Program?” she asked me. She was freaked out to the max. Weirdly I had just been reading about the Secret Space Program by David Wilcock and Corey Goode. I like these guys. Their stories of secret space programs, secret cabals pulling strings behind the scenes, and a whole bunch more conspiracy ring true. But I have never fully resonated to what they’re saying. It just doesn’t concern me. So I dove deeper to figure that out with muscle testing and energy reading.

Was it because my own personal filters wouldn’t let in that information? Nope.

Was it because it wasn’t in my Akashic Records (or karma) to deal with this? Nope.

Was it because it was too scary? Nope.

Finally I found it. David Wilcock and Corey Goode are waiting for Ascension…they tell their followers to raise their vibration through meditation, eating right, etc. With ascension comes freedom from being controlled and manipulated by others. And that is certainly good advise for anyone (meditate, raise your vibration, eat right, etc) but it’s never going to happen for them UNTIL…well let me back up a bit.

Currently there are two realities or paradigms on the planet. One is dying away while the other is beginning a new dawn on the planet. I simply call them the Old Energy Paradigm and the New Energy Paradigm. A paradigm is an operating system about for the world (such as Relativity Physics versus Quantum Mechanics Physics). A new paradigm is like going to the moon or a different planet where gravity works differently (or as Dorothy said, “Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.”)

The Old Energy Paradigm is basically now a “dead” system. It can’t grow, transform or heal. Yes, there are things still happening in it because humans are choosing to stay and operate in it (remember we make our own reality?) Without the ability to transform there is no new energy coming into this system. It’ll eventually die out on its own. That doesn’t mean it can’t go on operating for a while as long as humans keep feeding their energy into it.

Those who don’t want us to break free are creating a lot of distracting energy to keep us from noticing the New Energy Paradigm. If we stay in fear, we stay dependent on those in authority for the outcome of our lives. And we can’t ascend, transform or become enlightened.

The planet has already shifted into the New Energy Paradigm and so have some humans. But not very many. Like all things “new” there are early adopters. We’re passed that stage and are set for the next wave of adopters called the early majority (about 34%). Before I talk about how you can become an early majority let me explain some of the changes you’ll discover in the New Energy Paradigm.

First there’s a new energy system to work with. The new living energy system is crystalline based versus electromagnetic based. Yes, that’s real and it’s in place right now. All those kids born after the 1980s have one. Some of us older peeps have one as well. The new crystalline energy system lets us heal or repair our energy and physical bodies more quickly, accelerate learning, and reach ascension in a nanosecond. That’s because it’s designed to hold more light (the key to enlightenment or ascension) and extremely high vibrations without blowing out the nervous system (which the old electromagnetic system can do if overloaded with light and vibration).

The other thing in the New Energy Paradigm is the ability to transform. Transformation is a natural phenomena built into all systems both living and nonliving. It’s what assures that a system won’t fall into entropy (i.e. die). Or in other words…why the solar system keeps on keeping on. Since the planet itself has shifted into a new energy paradigm and system, we must as well or go the way of the dinosaurs and dodo birds.

Or perhaps put in a different way…we can’t solve today’s problems from the same place that they were created. (Thank you, Einstein) By moving into the New Energy Paradigm we can clean up what’s out of integrity on the planet.

So David Wilcock, if you ever happen to read this, here’s a three step plan for you (and for everyone else, too):

1. Step into the New Energy Paradigm. Just imagine it’s one step to your right, align your intention, which aligns your energy, to it and step in. The world will feel and look different. You’ll need to repeat this often as your energy body will want to go back to what it knows (Old Energy Paradigm) a lot.

2. Get your Crystalline Energy System activated. You can do this naturally by staying in the New Energy Paradigm long enough, hanging out with a bunch of Crystallines (especially younger kids) or use my activation.

3. Learn the energy tools that were brought in for this new system and paradigm. Back in 2004, some Benevolent Beings gifted me a new energy protocol to use (but not the manual). It took me a long time to figure out why it’s so important for these times. During that time of discovery, I developed all kinds of classes to use the protocol with. I got to observe first hand how fantastic these energy tools are for working with and healing our current energy/system/paradigm challenges. You can use these tools to rapidly achieve ascension or enlightenment (David, you’re holding quite a bit of light already, but you won’t believe what’s possible with the Crystalline Energy System!) A bonus with all this is that “those” who are attacking you won’t be able to anymore. I’ve got a distance program starting in October. Come on board!



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