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Crystalline Consciousness| The Next Evolution of Human Energy

Crystalline Consciousness Technique

I use Crystalline Consciousness Technique all the time. It is the foundation of my healing work and  my creative endeavors, as well as the framework for bringing in new information. It is the foundation and framework for my relationships and the way I move through the world. I have personally learned so much about myself and the nature of life because of  CCT. I am eternally grateful to be part of this wonderful adventure, exploring a new way of being. Although I’ve written many “notes to my Soul” about what not to sign up for in my next lifetime (i.e. next time I ask for a guru/teacher, don’t send him/her as my children!),  I can only feel the deepest appreciation and honor for however CCT came to be in my life. Whether it picked me or I picked it (or both)…thank you!

So let’s begin! Here are the contents. This will be a good page to bookmark. As the chapters are posted, I will create a link from the chapter name here to the beginning post so that you can easily find the chapter you want to read again (or read in its entirety without breaks).

Note: The process of creation can be very organic and a bit messy! My Chapter One now became Chapter Two! Bear with me as it all gets sorted out.

Last but not least….Observe yourself as you read these posts. For you are at the point of intention; the point of all potential with the power of the Universe at your disposal. Can you feel it now?

Crystalline Consciousness

The Next Evolution of Human Energy


Table of Contents


Preface: How An Energy Reader Gets Information

Introduction: Don’t Throw The Tomatoes When I Say That Consciousness Rises from Energy


Section One: Opening

First Law of Evolution

Connecting to Higher Levels of Consciousness

We now recognize that the brain is composed of multiple potentials that

must be intentionally ignited and activated” –Stephanie Pace Marshall

Chapter One: The Dawning of a New Paradigm in Human Energy and Consciousness

Chapter Two: My Journey to Crystalline Consciousness Technique

  • The story of how I uniquely prepared for a karmic date with fate.

Chapter Three: Healing, Transforming, and Creating

  • How healing, transforming and creating are all forms of evolution of consciousness


Section Two: Chaos

Second Law of Evolution

Releasing Inner and Outer Structures

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” –Albert Einstein

Chapter Four: Sacred Geometry and Crystalline Consciousness

· The five life force energies

Chapter Five: Living Intentionally and Consciously

· The role conscious intent plays with the 3 phases of evolution

Chapter Six: Systems of Information

· How human energy organizes energy information: How group dynamics limit individual creativity


Section Three: Mastery

Third Law of Evolution

New Levels of Order and Organization

“See the place where the tides and the seasons and the turnin’ of the Earth, all come together…

where everything that is, everything that was and everything that will be, becomes one.” –Baggar Vance

Chapter Seven: The Future of Healing and Transforming

· Information based healing; The end of karma; What’s enlightenment got to do with it?

Chapter Eight: The Future of Creating

· Being in balance with our planet

Chapter Nine: The Future of Communities

· Working within enlightened group grids

Afterward: The Phone Call Conversation

Appendix A: Cofounder Lexi Sundell’s story

Appendix B. The Crystalline Consciousness Calendar and its relevance to 2012

Appendix C: Crystalline Consciousness Technique Classes and Resources



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  • Gia,

    I’m looking forward to reading more!

    As someone who has experienced CCT through your work, I have an energetic understanding of it. I know its powerful but haven’t, as of yet, been able to “get it” in my noggin’ what’s happening! So thanks for this endeavor. Happy writing!

  • Hi gia —

    It looks GREAT! I certainly didn’t feel like falling asleep. Can’t wait to read the entire book! Good luck :)

  • Thanks, Pamela!


  • Thanks, Pamela!