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2018 Healing with Horses

Soli and Dotcom

Last day of registration: September 1

Join us in 2018 for Healing with Horses

September 12, 13, for Basic Training

September 14, for Advanced Training

New! September 15 for Teacher Training

with gia combs-ramirez and Amy Hamilton

Diamond J Ranch, Ennis, Montana


Easily Learn How to Heal Animals with Energy Techniques

Increase and Enhance Intuitive Animal Communication

Develop Your Animals Skills in Healing Work

Learn Advanced Techniques

Optional Extra Day: Learn How to Teach This Class to Other Horse and Animal Lovers


In September of 2018, learn how to heal horses and how they help us heal as well.

gia and Lucky

gia and Lucky

My name is gia combs-ramirez and I grew up with horses on the same ranch where I live today. I learned to speak “horse talk” through the realm of energy. And I learned how to read energy as horses do. It truly is a joyful way to live!

Along my soul journey, I developed my own energy technique. Wondering if it would be helpful with animals and particularly with horses, I began using it with them. At first, it was useful for accelerated healing as the overall health of the horses improved…some recovering from wire cuts, some over coming challenges with farriers, rough winters and loading in trailers. But then something else began to happen…the horses’ natural gifts began to shine and communication heightened between us. Even people who hadn’t been around horses a lot notice that this herd is very different from others!

And now I, along with my good friend Amy want to bring this heightened and amazing healing connection between horses and humans to you.

Amy Hamilton

Amy and Diamondhumans to others.

During our 3 days together you’ll learn healing techniques you can use with your own animal companions, as well as receive healing for yourself directly from the horses. Learn how to fully step into the world connected to the elements, Earth and starry heavens. By the end of the class you’ll see with new insight and hear with new understanding. Discover and experience the deepest sense of belonging that is your own sense of homecoming.

During the retreat, you’ll experience heightened intuition, and animal communication along with healing techniques.

Who is this class appropriate for?

√ Horse lovers who want to work with enhanced intuitive communication

√ People who want to learn energy healing for any animals

√ People who work with special needs children, teens or adults 

√ People who want to rejuvenate and renew, and reconnect to their essential self


Healing with Horses participants

What are the benefits from Healing with Horses?

√ Easy animal communication with your horses and other animals

√ Healthier relationships from your highest potential not emotional neediness

√ Releasing a sense of separation from the world while stepping into a deeper connection with nature and natural states of being

√ Receiving the gifts that your animal companions want to share with you

√ Empowered healing with your animal companions

Comments from past classes:

I didn’t know anything about animal communication before the class. During class, I found myself immediately connecting to these wonderful creatures who hold their power with such grace (even when trying to get a treat!). I left with a new sense of myself and my life. M.L., -Oregon


This was my own personal healing retreat! I came tired and disconnected from myself and felt myself come alive again with a new sense of belonging on the planet. D.M. -New York


My son has physical challenges that responded so well to horse healing. He improved both physically and emotionally after his horse adventure. Thank you! T.S. -Arizona


I love adopting rescue animals who are often traumatized from prior life events. I am excited to learn techniques to help them recover and become their best potential again. R.P. -Montana

We're waiting for you!

We’re waiting for you!

Daily Schedule:

Sept 13: Animal Communication

√ Learn how to set up an energy field of connection and protection for you and your animals

 Dive into Animal Communication with Confidence 

√ Understand life through the eyes of Horses

√ Learn to read signs from the Universe that are meant for you

√ Align to Earth and the Starry Heavens as horses do

Sept 14: Healing Horses

√ Learn the CCT System of energy healing for animals

√ Work with the 5 basic elements that horses need to stay healthy

√ Keeping the Crystalline Energy System clear and healthy 

√ Reconnecting after trauma

Sept 15: Advanced Healing With Horses

√ Learn new protocols to help your horses’ hips and spine

√ Lower Leg Protocol  

√ Adding a new horse to the herd

√ End of life transition

Optional: Sept 16: Teacher Training

√ Learn how to teach the Basic and Advanced Class to others

Rates for the Healing with Horses Retreat

Basic and Advanced Class is $350 and includes 3 webinars with activations prior to class, manual and 2 deck of cards.

One payment

Two payments

Three payments

Teacher Training is $200

Basic, Advanced and Teacher one payment

Basic, Advanced and Teacher two payments

Basic Advanced and Teacher Three Payments

Room and board includes breakfast and lunch and a variety of room options.

Dorm Cabin Option (up to 8 in cabin with 2 bathrooms) $110/night

Double Cabin (2 in cabin with 1 bathroom): $150/night

Single Cabin (1 in cabin): $190/night


By registering, you agree to these terms.

Confirmation: You’ll receive an email after you make your deposit. This is your registration confirmation, and contains helpful info to get you started planning your trip to Montana. Please keep this email in a safe place. It’s recommended that you print it out.

Important: All retreat information will be emailed to the email addresses you used when registering.

Cancellation, Refunds, Payment  Schedule…

Register by signing up for one of the payment plans on the class.

We will contact you for a room deposit of 50%. The rest of the room fee is due upon arrival.

The class may be refunded in full. The 50% room deposit is not refundable unless we can rebook your space. Please get trip insurance if this is a concern.



Got Questions?

Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns about the class. Not sure if this is the right workshop / retreat for you? Got travel questions? Please do get in touch.


Travel Tips:

Fly into Bozeman. Book early.

Be prepared for all kinds of weather. Lots and lots of layers.