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2018 Discovering The Map of Transformation | CCT Levels 1 and 2

Crystalline Field
Discover the Crystalline Energy System and Field  

CCT Professional Levels 1 and 2

January 6-7, 2018

Now Online!

Are you ready to step into the New Earth Energy?


Are you seeking a new way for your healing or counseling work?


Are you aware of new potentials but need help accessing them?

Please join the first online professional class for Discovering the Map of TransformationCCT Professional Levels 1 and 2).

In this webinar online class you’ll experience:

  • A vital reconnection to your Core Essence and to the All That Is
  • New levels of inspiration
  • Heightened levels of intuition and synchronicity for your journey
  • Healing of your heart
  • Release of pain and suffering…your own or others that you might be carrying
  • A sense of coming home

CCT protocols are easy to learn and use, but so profound. They may be used for your own growth and healing or for accelerated results with your clients. Most of all they provide the tools you need for these times now.

If you are working in a professional format as an energy healer, intuitive, or counselor and want tools to accelerate your results, CCT offers incredible benefits.

In this healing and renewing online retreat you’ll learn and discover…

  • The use of Sacred Geometry in healing
  • The emerging energy system on the planet now
  • The CCT protocol that lets you easily create transformative healing or manifesting
  • Energetic integrity
  • Your highest potential
  • 10 healing energy sessions
  • How to transform groups
  • How to protect your energy field
  • Muscle Testing for Intuitive Direction
  • How to communicate telepathically through the Crystalline Energy Field
  • Receive Professional Certification for using CCT as an energy healing technique in your practice (along with listing on the website and other support)
Photo by Clea G. Hall

Working with Sacred Geometry

Prior to class, you’ll receive a manual, 3 activations, and Soul Charts.


Fee for CCT Professional Levels 1 and 2 is $549.

Pay in one payment.

Pay in two payments

Soul Charts For Groups

Soul Chart For Groups


Discovering the Map of  Transformation is an incredible, life changing class. So much that wasn’t working for me has now clicked in. Learning my transformative pattern was enLightening when it comes to my relationships. Goodby self-sabotage, karmic blocks, and getting stuck in old patterns! ~Elsa, South Carolina

Wow! I couldn’t believe how much I learned in 3 days about energy healing and transformation. I’m not sure which of all the techniques I learned I’ll use the most. I love them all! I look forward to adding them to my practice. Most of all, the physical challenges I was having with energy healing are completely gone!  ~Alice, Arizona

My teachers were so clear as they taught us CCT. I came without much experience in energy healing but discovered a simple and profound technique that I could use with confidence and get great results every time. I love that I now have a self-healing tool that is wonderful to use right before I go to sleep. ~Kevin, Washington

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Golden Spiral

Learn the Map of Transformation in All Things


Q. I primarily work with people on a table or in person. Can I use the technique in that setting?

Yes, you can. In the online format, you’ll learn a verbal protocol that you can incorporate in person or in a distance format.

Q. I work with other techniques. Will I have to give up those to do this one?

No. You can easily incorporate your other techniques with CCT and see heightened results.

Q. I want to work with animals. Is this a good class for working with them?

We offer a separate animal class each year at the Diamond J Ranch, Ennis, Montana. Please inquire about the next one!

Q. Will there be special requirements for certification?

Yes. You’ll need to do 5 sessions with other people and have them answer a short survey.

Q. I love the CCT Soul Charts! How soon can I take Level 3 (which is all about Charts)?

If you use the tools that you learn every day, you can take CCT Level 3 in 5-6 weeks after Levels 1 and 2.

Aligning to the Sacred Geometry in all Life

Aligning to the Sacred Geometry in all Life


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Academy that works even more with the Crystalline Energy, the Golden Spiral and Sacred Geometry?

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Taking each class separately, you’ll pay nearly $3000. Enroll now for Levels 1-6 and save $500. You can take these classes over 1-2 years (fast track format or slower paced). Two of the classes are in-person retreats (Level 2 and Level 4). All others are webinar formats. Payments may be spread out over two years.

Want a conversation first before enrolling? Contact gia at ramblerg(at)mac.com for a consultation to answer all your questions.

One payment: $2495

24 Monthly Payments: $103