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Calling Old Souls | Throwing Down The Eclipse Gauntlet

LoveworkersIn these days of heightened turmoil, I’m struck by the path of the eclipse. In the continental US, it starts in the northwest quadrant of Oregon, one of the most progressive areas in the US.  And it ends in the lower southeast quadrant of South Carolina, one of the most unawakened areas of the US (my apologies to the awakened souls in South Carolina). If we added up the amount of land below the path of totality and the amount of land above, I bet it would be pretty close to 50/50. It makes me think of the state of the world at this time. Love vs Hate; Men vs Women; White vs (Insert Color here); Republicans vs Democrats; Enlightened vs. Unawakened; War vs Peace. And on and on.

A solar eclipse offers an incredible opportunity to reset, update and renew energetically and consciously.

It’s a time of death and rebirth. All this proverbial s*it that’s hitting the fan right now is what needs to come to our conscious awareness so it can lift out, both individually and collectively and something new come in.

As many of you know, I’m offering a free series of 3 meditations to take full advantage of this potential. (Sign up on my email list to the get the first one). The next one will go out at 12:01 am Pacific on Aug 21st. (Make sure you are getting my emails from MailChimp to get it!)

Quite frankly, those of us doing these meditations are not beginners with this work of spiritual upgrading, awakening to higher levels of consciousness, and bringing our purpose into the world. We’re probably the ones who need it the least. But we keep reaching for higher levels of consciousness based on the premise that if enough of us transform it will finally shift the rest of the world as well (or maybe for those of you feeling a bit cynical and weary at this time… get us off this planet once and for all!)

And the shift’s not happening (yet).

What if the 30 days following the Eclipse, you, as an awakened Old Soul pour out your gifts and purpose into the world? Whatever energy techniques you have…use them everyday to heal the world and shift it into an awakened state in the New Energy Paradigm. Let the toxic emotions embedded in our collective psyche rise to the surface and let’s pop that pimple of puss!

We can start with the Eclipse event itself.

Let’s send a wave of love, light and realignment to the Golden Spiral of Life down that path of totality. Right through the heartland of the US. From the brightest Lights to the darkest corners. And then follow through every day building on that shift.

Join me with your peeps and your energy tools and create a tsunami of positive energy of Light and Love on Aug 21. I’ll be sharing my daily results on my blog, and FB pages (The Science of Transformative Healing and Crystalline Transformation). Heck, I might even use my Instagram account! Please do the same on all of your accounts.

It’s time to take Old Soul awakened action as only we know how and get this Shift happening!

Every movement needs some hashtags…here’s ours. #loveandlight #useyourgifts #rePurposing

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