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What 2017 Was About | The Big Picture

Eclipse Energy DownloadIn last year’s energy reading that I did, the Galactic Council I work with gave the big picture view of what was happening on the planet. Below is an excerpt from that reading. If you would like to sign up to get the 2018 Energy Reading, you can do so here.

From the Galactic Council of Light Beings…

We are a group of Light Be-ings from many places in the Universe. Our purpose is to work with life throughout planetary systems. This coming year for Earth is the culmination of many thousands of centuries of evolution or as we call it transformation. You have been slowly getting ready for this time but now the shift must come and there’s no holding it back any longer. Think of it as a bandage that you’ve been removing very slowly and carefully but you’ve come to the part when one swift jerk will remove it completely. That is 2017.

Our intent here is to share information that will help you handle this shift and to be able to create positive expressions of transformation in your life. Your opportunity right now is to wildly exceed your expectations about what is possible. As long as what you are creating is in alignment with the new Earth systems, you are without limit.

How will you know if you are in alignment with the new Earth systems? There are certain general signs and indicators that we will share with you to help guide you. But knowing who you are at a core essential level is vitally important, especially this coming year.

Besides being able to align to the new Earth systems, you must also get comfortable with transformation. The very act of transforming means to go beyond form. The human brain is built to sense energy and translates it into known forms. When it doesn’t recognize what it perceives fear arises. The body/mind will attempt to identify if the unknown energy is a threat to its survival. If the energy is unrecognized, then it will be categorized as a threat. You call this “Better safe than sorry.” This won’t work anymore.

We are here to help you translate the new forms of life expression also known as your higher potential.

This process is a bit like a tree. It receives energy from the sun at the leaves and translates that into sugar. This sugar must move down through the branches, then the trunk and eventually the roots. From there the sugar is stored for the tree’s use in winter. It’s also used to help support additional trees through the network of roots and fungi that connect all trees to each other.

Before we continue with this metaphor into its fullest implications, take a moment and think if a tree had blocks between its branches and its trunk. Those blocks would inhibit the transfer of the sugar into nourishing the rest of the tree. Its growth would become stunted and it would eventually die.

This is the process that life forms are moving through on Earth as they transform into new life expressions. Where there are no blocks, the energy flows easily and great things happen. Where there are blocks, the energy builds up until it breaks through the blocks, a process that can destroy the form.

What creates the blocks? In humans, the mental and emotional subtle bodies, particularly the emotional body, are blocking the energy flow. In other life forms, the flow is being blocked through distortions in the DNA.

Humans are different than other life forms on the planet because their conscious transformation (which is like an operating system on a computer or tablet) is wired into their physical bodies. They don’t upgrade just their operating system but also their hardware as well.

Other forms of life shift through their biology or Nature Consciousness. Except for insects, it is easier for Nature Consciousness to exterminate a certain life form mid-life and bring in the new form through birth. This new form will have the updated operating system that Earth is now working with.

Because humans also have a Nature Consciousness, they can choose to transform the way other life expressions on Earth are transforming…through life extinction. This is the case when the mental and emotional blocks do not soften and release. For this softening to occur, humans need to step beyond their fear of the unknown and open in trust to a new expression of life on the planet.

In 2017, the three levels of life expression…individual, groups and systems are all in the second phase of transformation, known as chaos. The first phase of transformation is called opening as consciousness opens to a new level of evolution, growth or transformation. The second phase, called chaos, is the one when ordered form becomes unordered so it can morph or transform into a higher form of life expression. Chaos means “unordered.” The third phase of transformation is called mastery because the new level of transformation has been reached.

You innately know these three phases as your body/mind uses them to grow. You’ve also seen it in Nature in the form of the caterpillar that transforms into a butterfly. When the caterpillar is in its cocoon it returns to a primordial chunky soup that is unordered form. That is chaos. How does it know to transform from primordial soup into a butterfly? What is guiding this process? The guidance is built into the process of transformation and the answer is sacred geometry. All form orders and organizes itself using sacred geometry.

Paradigm ShiftThink of all the changes a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly. It goes from becoming a leaf-eating animal with teeth to a nectar-sipping one with a straw. The intestines must shift from digesting leaf parts to flower nectar. The butterfly also grows wings that it knows how to use as it emerges from its chrysalis. So, too, are the changes in this dramatic transformation you are undergoing.

What will the newly emerged human at an individual, group and system level look like and be able to do? Where will you be able to fly and what kind of nectar will feed you?

All of life including humans is developing a crystalline energy system. The current energy system being used is electromagnetic in nature. This won’t go away but will have the new system on top of it. This new energy system which has been prevalent in humans since the 1980s, has become available to all of life since 2012 when Earth developed Crystalline Grids.

All transformation is an energetic event. The shift that Earth is experiencing is very rapid. It needs to order and organize energy into higher levels of order thus supporting more life while life itself consumes fewer resources. Think of the shift between the caterpillar that eats leaves, sometimes destroying entire plants, to the butterfly that sips nectar, leaving the plant intact. This is a crystalline shift.

Making this shift while still alive is extremely challenging for humans. Not because it is painful, but because they don’t have a context for it. The mental body doesn’t know how to interpret what is happening so the unconscious human believes it is pathological or disease. The emotional body responds with fear and pumps stress chemicals into the body creating an environment that makes it easy to get sick.

This is why Crystalline humans came in long before the big Earth Shift. They are here to help at this time. Through the energy phenomena of synchrony, humans shift when others around them have shifted.

The timing of the new energy system on the planet coincides with the timing of the precessions of the equinoxes. Every 26,500 years the Earth and solar system shift into a new cycle. This is the opportunity to upgrade all living systems. This is a paradigm shift that affects all living systems throughout all dimensions.

Like the shedding of a skin, the world is releasing the old paradigm with its entangled energies that cannot transform into a new level of evolved energy. This old paradigm is sinking under its own weight of old energies that have lost their ability to create higher levels of harmony and balance. This is perhaps the most important concept to understand about this paradigm shift. This new paradigm is not evolving out of the one before but is downloading onto the planet. 2017 is the mid-point of this process.

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Helped! I’m Trapped and I Can’t Get Out | Ancestral Entanglement

Trapped Soul

Trapped Soul

As a Soul you came to planet Earth to experience and learn many things. As an Old Soul (meaning you’ve been reincarnating here for a while) you also came to share your unique gifts and purpose to evolve life. You particularly came at this time to help with the Great Shift from the Old Energies to the New, without civilization resetting back to ground zero as it has 5 times before. Believe it or not you’ve been awesome with this task.

Let’s give yourself a standing ovation!

At some point in this lifetime or the next or the one after that we’ll return to wherever we came from before Earth, such as Arcturus, the Pleiades, Sirius or Andromeda. (The exception to this are the indigenous people who can truly call Earth home.)

But! (There’s always a but, right?) One pseudo task is tangling us up at this time. It has to do with our ancestors. From a soul’s perspective ancestors are our biological family…not our spiritual family. They don’t often “fit” who we are at our essence. That’s because we made an agreement to learn with this particular group of people and in return, if possible, help them transform and evolve. Sometimes the only evolution/transformation that occurs is just with yourself. Like a seed that lies dormant until the right time to sprout, that can be enough.

But there’s also a biological element to this. Human groups expect their descendants to continue the same themes they are working on. Like the soap opera, General Hospital, the story themes go on forever. We carry these unfinished themes or tasks in our bones, particularly the sacrum. And they will continue to pop up in our lives to be worked on even when we individually don’t resonate to them because our soul has already mastered that lesson or theme.

There are two problems for the Old Soul with this phenomena. The first is feeling you can’t express your highest potential here on Earth. The second is feeling trapped or entangled with your Earth family, trying to finish “their” business that isn’t really YOUR business.

Oddly enough, I first became aware of holding the unfinished family/ancestral tasks while working with a pregnant client. I was doing a Tree of Life Healing Session which focuses on the sacrum, releasing and clearing points that relate to the chakras. In her case, the overall intention was to prepare for the birth of her child on whatever level was needed. I was surprised when the ancestors came up clamoring to be helped with their unfinished tasks. It was like someone saying, “Hey, I forgot to finish 2nd grade and I can’t get back there to do that. Can you do that for me?” But my client had finished college already…so what’s she going to do going back to school in the 2nd grade!!??

Generally, we either reincarnate and finish our own tasks or the family group overall finishes them. At least they did in the Old Energies. In the New Energies the emphasis is on the individual. So putting your own individual transformation and growth on hold to run off and take care of the group is not only irritating, it’s just not appropriate any more. It’s the equivalent of throwing yourself under the bus to help those on the bus. Nice for them, not so nice for you.

And those ancestors know this. So they are clamoring LOUDLY (as in throwing it in your face) to help them with their unfinished tasks. If you’re not taking it on, they’ll flow right around you to your kids and start to channel through them.

As Earth finds a new balance of sustainability, we won’t be reincarnating as much as before. And it’s going to be challenging to hook up with the same Earth family groups because they are being dissolved. (That’s a discussion for another post and in particular my 2018 Energy Reading). So these greedy, needy ancestors that want help finishing up THEIR incomplete tasks, are demanding that you do that for them.

That leads to YOU feeling trapped on planet Earth, not able to express your free will and choice (i.e. your highest potential). Those of you who are wrapping up your Earth experience and getting ready to move to the next one or to return home will particularly feel suffocated, trapped, hopeless and entangled in the middle of a never ending story. Or my personal nightmare…stuck in the movie Groundhog’s Day.

So why not just step out of the ancestral energy, wave goodby and exit through the door without it hitting you on the butt? Because there’s a part of us that is deeply grateful to our ancestors. Good or bad, they provided the channel to life on planet Earth. They gave us so many lessons and experiences that we’ve learned from. We want to balance the scales by giving back. So we keep trying to finish up their tasks for them through our life experiences. Unfortunately as an Old Soul, we can only work on our own soul tasks that help us unlock our purpose. So if the ancestor’s unfinished tasks don’t align to your own…you won’t be able to shift them except through energy work.

As we near the end of 2017, the energy of global transformation shifts into a new phase…we’ve done a lot of work of letting go (although in groups and systems that will continue for a while) and now it’s time to “try out” these new energies in our individual lives. Like a feather duster shaking out the dust, shaking loose from ancestral demands is a good place to start.

Interested in some energy work to shift this entanglement and reclaim your spiritual free will and choice? Sign up for a series of Tree of Life Healing Sessions with gia or the series of Heal Your Family Patterns, with soul charts and prerecorded podcasts and energy meditations. 


D.W. Ascension Is Different Than What You Think

Secret Space Program?Recently a friend called me. “Have you read about the Secret Space Program?” she asked me. She was freaked out to the max. Weirdly I had just been reading about the Secret Space Program by David Wilcock and Corey Goode. I like these guys. Their stories of secret space programs, secret cabals pulling strings behind the scenes, and a whole bunch more conspiracy ring true. But I have never fully resonated to what they’re saying. It just doesn’t concern me. So I dove deeper to figure that out with muscle testing and energy reading.

Was it because my own personal filters wouldn’t let in that information? Nope.

Was it because it wasn’t in my Akashic Records (or karma) to deal with this? Nope.

Was it because it was too scary? Nope.

Finally I found it. David Wilcock and Corey Goode are waiting for Ascension…they tell their followers to raise their vibration through meditation, eating right, etc. With ascension comes freedom from being controlled and manipulated by others. And that is certainly good advise for anyone (meditate, raise your vibration, eat right, etc) but it’s never going to happen for them UNTIL…well let me back up a bit.

Currently there are two realities or paradigms on the planet. One is dying away while the other is beginning a new dawn on the planet. I simply call them the Old Energy Paradigm and the New Energy Paradigm. A paradigm is an operating system about for the world (such as Relativity Physics versus Quantum Mechanics Physics). A new paradigm is like going to the moon or a different planet where gravity works differently (or as Dorothy said, “Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.”)

The Old Energy Paradigm is basically now a “dead” system. It can’t grow, transform or heal. Yes, there are things still happening in it because humans are choosing to stay and operate in it (remember we make our own reality?) Without the ability to transform there is no new energy coming into this system. It’ll eventually die out on its own. That doesn’t mean it can’t go on operating for a while as long as humans keep feeding their energy into it.

Those who don’t want us to break free are creating a lot of distracting energy to keep us from noticing the New Energy Paradigm. If we stay in fear, we stay dependent on those in authority for the outcome of our lives. And we can’t ascend, transform or become enlightened.

The planet has already shifted into the New Energy Paradigm and so have some humans. But not very many. Like all things “new” there are early adopters. We’re passed that stage and are set for the next wave of adopters called the early majority (about 34%). Before I talk about how you can become an early majority let me explain some of the changes you’ll discover in the New Energy Paradigm.

First there’s a new energy system to work with. The new living energy system is crystalline based versus electromagnetic based. Yes, that’s real and it’s in place right now. All those kids born after the 1980s have one. Some of us older peeps have one as well. The new crystalline energy system lets us heal or repair our energy and physical bodies more quickly, accelerate learning, and reach ascension in a nanosecond. That’s because it’s designed to hold more light (the key to enlightenment or ascension) and extremely high vibrations without blowing out the nervous system (which the old electromagnetic system can do if overloaded with light and vibration).

The other thing in the New Energy Paradigm is the ability to transform. Transformation is a natural phenomena built into all systems both living and nonliving. It’s what assures that a system won’t fall into entropy (i.e. die). Or in other words…why the solar system keeps on keeping on. Since the planet itself has shifted into a new energy paradigm and system, we must as well or go the way of the dinosaurs and dodo birds.

Or perhaps put in a different way…we can’t solve today’s problems from the same place that they were created. (Thank you, Einstein) By moving into the New Energy Paradigm we can clean up what’s out of integrity on the planet.

So David Wilcock, if you ever happen to read this, here’s a three step plan for you (and for everyone else, too):

1. Step into the New Energy Paradigm. Just imagine it’s one step to your right, align your intention, which aligns your energy, to it and step in. The world will feel and look different. You’ll need to repeat this often as your energy body will want to go back to what it knows (Old Energy Paradigm) a lot.

2. Get your Crystalline Energy System activated. You can do this naturally by staying in the New Energy Paradigm long enough, hanging out with a bunch of Crystallines (especially younger kids) or use my activation.

3. Learn the energy tools that were brought in for this new system and paradigm. Back in 2004, some Benevolent Beings gifted me a new energy protocol to use (but not the manual). It took me a long time to figure out why it’s so important for these times. During that time of discovery, I developed all kinds of classes to use the protocol with. I got to observe first hand how fantastic these energy tools are for working with and healing our current energy/system/paradigm challenges. You can use these tools to rapidly achieve ascension or enlightenment (David, you’re holding quite a bit of light already, but you won’t believe what’s possible with the Crystalline Energy System!) A bonus with all this is that “those” who are attacking you won’t be able to anymore. I’ve got a distance program starting in October. Come on board!



Calling Old Souls | Throwing Down The Eclipse Gauntlet

LoveworkersIn these days of heightened turmoil, I’m struck by the path of the eclipse. In the continental US, it starts in the northwest quadrant of Oregon, one of the most progressive areas in the US.  And it ends in the lower southeast quadrant of South Carolina, one of the most unawakened areas of the US (my apologies to the awakened souls in South Carolina). If we added up the amount of land below the path of totality and the amount of land above, I bet it would be pretty close to 50/50. It makes me think of the state of the world at this time. Love vs Hate; Men vs Women; White vs (Insert Color here); Republicans vs Democrats; Enlightened vs. Unawakened; War vs Peace. And on and on.

A solar eclipse offers an incredible opportunity to reset, update and renew energetically and consciously.

It’s a time of death and rebirth. All this proverbial s*it that’s hitting the fan right now is what needs to come to our conscious awareness so it can lift out, both individually and collectively and something new come in.

As many of you know, I’m offering a free series of 3 meditations to take full advantage of this potential. (Sign up on my email list to the get the first one). The next one will go out at 12:01 am Pacific on Aug 21st. (Make sure you are getting my emails from MailChimp to get it!)

Quite frankly, those of us doing these meditations are not beginners with this work of spiritual upgrading, awakening to higher levels of consciousness, and bringing our purpose into the world. We’re probably the ones who need it the least. But we keep reaching for higher levels of consciousness based on the premise that if enough of us transform it will finally shift the rest of the world as well (or maybe for those of you feeling a bit cynical and weary at this time… get us off this planet once and for all!)

And the shift’s not happening (yet).

What if the 30 days following the Eclipse, you, as an awakened Old Soul pour out your gifts and purpose into the world? Whatever energy techniques you have…use them everyday to heal the world and shift it into an awakened state in the New Energy Paradigm. Let the toxic emotions embedded in our collective psyche rise to the surface and let’s pop that pimple of puss!

We can start with the Eclipse event itself.

Let’s send a wave of love, light and realignment to the Golden Spiral of Life down that path of totality. Right through the heartland of the US. From the brightest Lights to the darkest corners. And then follow through every day building on that shift.

Join me with your peeps and your energy tools and create a tsunami of positive energy of Light and Love on Aug 21. I’ll be sharing my daily results on my blog, and FB pages (The Science of Transformative Healing and Crystalline Transformation). Heck, I might even use my Instagram account! Please do the same on all of your accounts.

It’s time to take Old Soul awakened action as only we know how and get this Shift happening!

Every movement needs some hashtags…here’s ours. #loveandlight #useyourgifts #rePurposing

Eclipse Countdown | Can you say intense?

Eclipse Energy DownloadNo more excuses.

No more hiding.

This world is heading into a singular transformative event on August 21. It will intensely impact Earth and therefore humans and all lifeforms. It will also impact humans directly because we are like spiritual lightning rods. Transformation from above and below can blow your energy circuits, your mental constructs, and send your emotional body reeling.

Your Soul says…can you hear me now??!!

Gaia, Earth consciousness, says…get aligned to my plan or get off!

This coming month you will be preparing for this event by energetically wrapping up old karmic stories that have been holding you back. Bringing right closure to those stories allows you to fully open to the potential available on August 21.

Then on August 21, you’ll have the….well, let’s call it opportunity to receive a massive download from your starry home.

Normally, during the day we are consciously connected to the sun as the primary energy source and it blocks out our starry home connection. And at night we astral travel or surf in other dimensions and rarely have access to that wisdom and power during the day.

But on August 21, the moon will cover the sun and allow you to connect directly to your starry home. Your guides are getting ready for this moment (this is true even if you aren’t in the complete/total eclipse path). At that moment you will receive a download that will totally update your spiritual path and purpose on the planet.

This will be an incredible amount of energy to assimilate. You’ll need to have your Crystalline Energy System activated. (If you haven’t listen to my free activation yet do so now! Here is the link: https://app.box.com/s/rj5urayulrxepzgxzlap)

In honor of this event and to help assimilate this energy, I will be sending out 3 free energy meditations for my email subscribers. The first one will be July 22 and will focus on getting you energetically ready for the download.

The second one is for the day of the event and you will be encouraged to listen to it around 10:30 a.m. (Pacific Time) although you can listen to it at anytime that day. It will help with assimilation of the energy.

The third one will be a month later and will help you translate that download of info into new action.

If you’re already on my email list…good for you, you’re good to go! If not please click through to my website (if you are reading this on Facebook), and sign up in the sidebar.

My energy meditations are coded with the intent that if you haven’t signed up on the email list they won’t work. This protects you and me from those who would want to corrupt our spiritual purpose and power.

Please spread the word to your friends and encourage them to sign up for the email list.

Now…do we buckle or unbuckle our seat belts?!

A Message from the Gaia Council

Crystalline Energy SystemWe are entering into the Crystalline Age of Earth. This involves an entirely new type of energy system for all living organisms that they will be using to interact energetically with Earth. The benefit of the Crystalline Energy System is a cleaner grid system that can heal and repair itself at an accelerated rate. The older Electromagnetic Energy System, which included fossil fuels, is no longer able to clear or heal itself. Besides no longer sustaining life, ascension is not possible through the Electromagnetic Energy System.

The Crystalline Energy System is available to all humans and other life forms on the planet now. Any human born after 1980 came in with the Crystalline Energy System already activated. Since 2012, Earth has developed the Crystalline Grid. If one is connected to this grid, it helps maintain vital life force vitality and begins the process of developing the Crystalline Energy System. In addition, there is a Crystalline Energy Field that allows humans to operate multidimensionally without leaving their bodies leaving them unprotected.

The Crystalline Energy System allows for holding higher vibrations and tremendous amount of light without disrupting the central nervous system. This has been a primary factor in the inability of humans to evolve and ascend. Too rapid of expansion into ascension can blow open the chakras and sensory mechanisms which the electromagnetic systems of the body cannot assimilate. This causes severe mental and emotional disturbances. Those who have been preparing for ascension have hit a plateau where they are no longer able to advance. At that moment, they need to step into the new energy system on the planet.

The spiritual guides on the planet for human transformation and ascension are known as Old Souls and Lightworkers. Those who are still operating within the Electromagnetic Energy System recognize that a shift is needed throughout humanity and yet are frustrated and bewildered in their inability to create the shift at this time. It is not possible to reach the new level within the old paradigm of electromagnetic energy.

Meanwhile many of the Old Souls who have arrived since 1980, known as the Indigos or the Crystallines, have become despondent. They came to the planet to help with the shift and to lead humanity into its new crystalline expression. To them, no one is listening as the others continue to cling to the electromagnetic energy system or Old Energy Paradigm. They are only given the role of being the future consumers for economic wealth and are being cultivated in that role. Many prefer to “drop out” of the human story instead.

The Electromagnetic Energy System is based on consuming energy. The Crystalline Energy System needs minimal amounts of energy to sustain it and has the capability of generating energy. This basically shifts humans from being purely parasitic with Earth’s resources to contributing to her well-being. This is one of the higher aspects of energy consciousness that becomes available to humans when they shift into working with or using their Crystalline Energy System.

There are several steps needed for shifting fully into the new Crystalline Energy Paradigm. First humans must give up their addiction to the intense lower vibrational feeling state that is generated within the Electromagnetic Energy System. These lower vibrational feelings attract Negative Energy Beings who lock on and feed off of these feeling states of fear, hatred, and rage. These Negative Energy Beings block the ability to transform and ascend.

A different form of addiction to the lower vibrational feeling state comes through the use of opioid medications and alcohol. Many feeling states are suppressed in the body instead of expressed through the emotional energy channels. This causes intense physical pain. Some humans look to alleviate this pain through medication. These forms of alleviation also block the ability to transform and ascend. Without transformation, evolution or ascension the only remaining path to humans is to exit the planet.

Next, Old Souls over the age of 35 must stop trying to ascend to the 5th Dimension or bring it on to the planet. This refers to an old concept of the shift for these times. This is because the Crystalline Energy Paradigm was not visible until recently. The Mayan and other civilizations that saw this as the end times were correct in their predictions. The end times, though, were the end of the Electromagnetic Energy Paradigm. The beginning times which have been slowly emerging are quickening in their acceleration. Continuing to promote the 5th Dimension as the ascension goal is only serving to lock in the Electromagnetic Energy Paradigm and slow down the shift into the Crystalline Energy Paradigm.

In ascension or transformation, that which is no longer needed or of service lifts out. In the Crystalline Energy Paradigm this process is easy and fast. In the Electromagnetic Energy Paradigm often the energies that need to lift out to allow in higher vibrational energies get entangled with the incoming energies and cause great suffering and resistance in the process. This is occurring on the planet at this time. The continued reference of the 5th Dimension is a disservice that must be released in the task of ascension.

Finally, Old Souls over the age of 35 must activate their Crystalline Energy System and learn how to primarily work with that energy instead of their Electromagnetic Energy System, while the Crystallines under the age of 35 must learn how to connect to the Crystalline Grids and generate energy for the planet.

Help! I’ve Fallen (off the Golden Spiral) and Can’t Get Up

fern spiralRemember the book The Celestine Prophecy? Written by James Redfield and self-published in 1993, I first heard about the book on a tiny plane flying out to Bermuda. I was headed to a week long retreat led by Angeles Arrien and Brooke Medicine Eagle. It was an incredible life-changing trip and I really wanted one of those books to add to it! The woman who showed me her copy of the The Celestine Prophecy told me I wouldn’t be able to get one because the book was self-published and there weren’t any to be found. I eventually got a book when it was republished by Warner Books in 1994. It was the book in the 1990s that everyone was reading and it was a magnificent affirmation of the spiritual journey I was on during that decade.

Flash forward to now. Looking for a gentle movie before sleeping, I discovered The Celestine Prophecy. Watching it was like revisiting a past life. Remember when we were all waiting for the Great Shift in consciousness to happen? Remember when we were all excited about spiritual growth with signs of synchronicity and a sense of magic? Remember when we were all part of that sense of the bigger picture unfolding and eagerly anticipated the day of arrival? It was supposed to happen in 2012, (somehow instantly like a flash mob). As one of my friends recently said, she was expecting it to be like a fairy tale (the good kind).

So here we are now…in this intensely chaotic time and perhaps wondering if we got it all wrong, or at the very least what happened to the promise?

Rewatching TCP gave me a big picture view of the past 25 years. At first I longed for the simpler days when synchronicity was a big deal and so exciting. And then I had to laugh about the synchronicity of it all. I have recently been working on healing that period of time in my life. As an Old Soul, spiritually awakened and a healer, forgiving myself for something I did that I perceived caused harm to a dearly beloved is one of the hardest tasks out there, or should I say “in here.”

So here I am working on the seemingly impossible healing task of forgiving myself when up pops a movie that occurred in that very time frame that I was revisiting. And not just a time frame like that year or month. That trip was the trip that caused harm to a loved one in my life. The message was clear to me…to get to forgiveness I had to put on my eagle vision and observe the patterns from a big, big point of view. Not just my personal story but the one of the past 25 years for the whole planet.

What I found was a reconnection to something that got disconnected for me last year (and disconnection was the source of my harming a loved one). I call it The Golden Spiral and its at the very heart of Transformation and spiritual growth. When I’m connected to the Golden Spiral, I feel the uplifting of my heart and soul, just like an eagle rising on a spiral of air. I feel the wonder and magic of synchronicity again, reaffirming that I’m on the right path even when it’s hard to perceive in all the current chaos. And I feel the affirmation of the wholeness of life instead of the fragmentation and tearing down that’s so prevalent right now.

Now that I’m reconnected, I can see how I fell away from The Golden Spiral. The tricky part was that I hadn’t even noticed I had fallen. I didn’t get up, not because I couldn’t, but because I had forgotten it was possible.


If you’re ready to step back into the magic of synchronicity…

If you’re ready to be reinspired…

If you’re ready to reconnect to the miracle of the Big Picture and of YOUR big picture…

Join me and other CCT teachers on June 8, 2018 for the energy class that started it all…Discovering The Map of Transformation. This 3 day retreat in the spectacular Rocky Mountains will heal your heart, reconnect you to the All That Is, heighten synchronicity, and strengthen that vision you once had for the world. Or as I call it…reconnecting to the Golden Spiral.

Oh. And you’ll learn tools and techniques to maintain the connection when you go home. If you’ve already learned these tools, come for the reconnection and regeneration. It’s an incredible whoosh! of energy when you do!

For information about the class and registering, please go to this link: https://scienceofenergyhealing.com/?p=4357

What Just Happened?

SolaceWhat happened in the U.S. elections yesterday is mind blogging and heart shocking…especially to me. In my energy readings for the past year, I have seen the energy signature of Hillary Clinton taking the office in January. About 10 days ago, I saw this energy behind her at the podium like a ghost energy. It was white. It felt masculine. I muscle tested if it was Donald Trump (or Bill Clinton) and got a yes for Trump. I had no idea what that meant.

Reading energy about the future is tricky at any time…because energy is just a future potential and not a concrete form. It can change before it manifests into form. And change it seemed to do this time. We’re in the time of double chaos. Next year is triple chaos. To say “expect the unexpected” is a massive understatement.

Of course, as an energy reader/psychic I often question my interpretations. Did I read it wrong? Or did I interpret it wrong? Did I just project the outcome I wanted into the future and then read that?

Diving deep into my process, I looked at the first two questions. No, I didn’t read it wrong. Hillary’s energy was there as the next president.

The last question took some soul searching. In October I became personally invested in the outcome. I was deeply healing the wounded feminine within me. I recognized that I had lost some of my objectivity. There were changes in the energy that I couldn’t interpret such as DT’s energy going “blank” at the end of October. Or as I interpreted it…I couldn’t see his energy anywhere. I thought that meant Hillary was going to take a substantial lead.

Looking back I ask…what exactly did I see? It wasn’t blank but it was a white screen that I could not see past. Due to my innate conditioning about energy reading someone without their permission…if I get a stop sign, I don’t probe further. And that white-out screen was a stop sign. Perhaps it was just protection for me, that was still in healing mode. Quite frankly, I don’t know.

I do my energy reading without input from outside sources. It was only after my reading that I looked around to see what others were predicting. All of the polls predicted Clinton. Other psychics predicted Hillary. On the night of the election, Donald’s energy showed me that even he didn’t expect to win.

I decided to reread my 2017 Energy Reading (which I’m sharing with you with link below). These energy readings don’t get into specifics…they are just about the energy we have to work with. By working at the energetic level you can create a great deal of success, health and usually good relationships for yourself. In other words…live at your highest potential no matter what’s going on around you.

The important message throughout the reading of the upcoming triple chaos year (or triple creativity year) is that the world MUST shift into the New Energy Paradigm during 2017. This is an incoming energy that flows through our systems, groups, and individual energy. Like a river looking for a channel to the ocean, this energy flows in and around blocks and obstructions.

Both candidates were in the Old Energy Paradigm. But Hillary Clinton had a tremendous network and system around her that were planning on controlling her presidency. Looking energetically at the energy flowing down into our systems, wherever there is a block, the New Energy either blasts it open or finds a new channel.

It found a new channel…through the open channel of “no system,  order, or organization”…the chaos of Donald Trump. The story of the U.S. election isn’t over yet (cause chaos loves to keep on delivering the unexpected), but there are some wonderful words of encouragement in my 2017 Energy Reading (created in early October) for us this coming year.

For our systems in chaos, the planet Venus helps us with this message: Surround yourself with systems of beauty, that ignite your creativity and passions and that promote love.

For groups and relationships in chaos, the planetary unit of our own Moon/Earth offers this message: Revere the sacredness within all life on the planet.

And for individuals in chaos the planet of Saturn offers this message: Discard destructive habits and let time heal all wounds. This will clear your energy channels for a new flow of creative expression.

Essentially. next year is about creativity. We’re going to need it to solve some substantial challenges on Earth. But more importantly it’s about your own creativity, which is exploring who you really are through your Divine Creativity.

It’s not time yet, for Groups to move into the New Energy Paradigm but as an individual focused on discovering who you are through your creativity…that will ripple into the world and make a substantial difference.

A final note: The 2017 Energy Reading does not handle your fears, despair or any other emotion and thoughts with its information. That is up to you to do. No matter where we are in our transformation (which chaos is a part of) we are the ones responsible for our mind and emotions. The Buddhist have long known this when they said, “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After Enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”

It does offer, though, a sense of how this is all unfolding and that we will unfold toward a new level of mastery. That is always the direction of transformation. Best of all, it offers the sense that we are not alone as we strive being the new Love as Light. Don’t get swept up in the the drama of groups. Keep close to your loved ones and the immediate world around you and what you are creating from your heart and purpose.

Here is the link to the 2017 Energy Reading: https://app.box.com/s/8rvo2vt9vyjpoaxw9fep2xislixs6xfy

If you feel, it would be helpful, I would be honored to do an individual reading for you. (Link is in the report or right here: https://scienceofenergyhealing.com/2017-the-peak-of-the-shift/).

With much Light as Love and in alignment with Earth and the New Energy Paradigm,


P.S. I highly encourage you to become a Master of Transformation next year so you can use the energy to your advantage. You can get started here.

November New Moon Reading

Assimilation Tool

Assimilation Tool

Whew! I’m coming out of October a bit ragged around the edges. It was intense! To October I say…don’t let the door hit you on the way out! May you go with God…but go!

In October I was able to do my annual energy reading for the coming year which I’ll be offering free toward the end of November. Be sure to get on my mailing list to receive it when I send it out. Or if you sign up for an individual reading this month you will receive the report right away.

This past month was a tidal wave of emotions. The good news is that by the end of the month a good number of people began to find their inner resilience and balance in the face of all that energy in motion which is what emotion is.

Before reading this month’s energy I would like to say something that speaks dearly to my heart.

As hard as October was, this chaos is part of the bigger picture of global transformation that we are undergoing. It’s natural.

In the coming months and new year, It’s going to be really important that people stop looking to human groups for their solutions but connect to Earth, listen to Earth, support Earth and be an advocate for Earth. The issue at Standing Rock in North Dakota isn’t just a Native American issue, but one for all of us. The people at Standing Rock are speaking for Earth, demanding to be heard and recognized about what they value. It’s the quintessential battle between the Old Energy Paradigm and the New. Although we tend to think of the Native Americans as “old” they are timeless bridging both worlds….the one we are leaving behind and the new one we are transforming into.

This much chaos can make a person feel very helpless. The problems seem to big for one person to make a difference. If you align and connect energetically to Earth you will have already made a huge difference. Pay attention to the natural world around you. Notice the sunrise and sunset. Use your energy in the form of money, prayers, invocations, and healing to support those who are supporting Earth and all of life.

New Moon Oct 30

Typically in December I take a moment to reflect on my year, assimilate the transformation of it all then build on my successes in the coming year. But this year the culmination of the bulk of transformation occurred in October. That’s right…what we needed to get done this year we accomplished in 10 months! Yay for us! I guess…It was intense that’s for sure.

November, then, is a great month to reflect on what you accomplished this past year, what you learned and how you want to build on your successes in the coming year. By December we’ll already be in the energy of the new year.

Take a moment then and think back to last January and jot down what you achieved in that month, then February and so on through the year. If you find it hard to remember what you did it’s because you have energetically and consciously transformed. It’s like trying to remember a past life. That’s a good thing! It’s so easy though to only notice the bad stuff happening that we forget to celebrate ourselves for the difference we made in the world. Showing up with heart and speaking for what you value does make a difference. So do a review on your year and look at where you showed up with heart and made a difference.

Last year I found this cool spiral chart that I used to plot the highlights of my year. Use it again this year or use a Fruit of Life graphic or any mandala of your choice. You’ll be more than pleasantly surprised with what you got done this year! For an explanation of how to use the chart go here.

1st Quarter November 7th

The first quarter moon lands on the eve of the US election which I wasn’t planning on talking about! But when I was energetically reading this  moon I was shown a curious thing….the moon was brighter on the left side then on the right. Since the 1st quarter moon is a waxing moon it’s normally the right side that is brighter. So what does that mean I pondered?

This is the time of Scorpio. Scorpio can be the most unevolved sign if it’s stuck in its lower chakras or the most highly, spiritually evolved. The scorpio task within all of us is to turn our lower base desires or passions into compassion and service from the heart. This 1st quarter moon is showing me that the return of the Divine Feminine to the planet is happening now. A new era of compassion and love is being ushered in. Remember that we change from within first so it will take a moment to be reflected in the world around us. Don’t lose faith during this time of change and trust this incredible outcome! There will be a huge heart opening and expansion with this 1st quarter moon. Go be happy!

Super Full Moon Nov 14

This is the second of three super full moons. A super full moon means that the moon is the closest in its orbit to the Earth. The moon tugs on our emotions so it can be a highly volatile time for those who aren’t grounded in their core. A time of reactivity instead of proactivity. If you’re seated in your core your challenge will be to not experience “fallout” from those who are super volatile. It’s a good time to remind yourself that you’re only responsible for your own emotions. Don’t try talking someone into different feelings. Emotions after all are just messengers from our energetic selves. If someone is super angry they are feeling unsafe. Feelings of depression is about our vital life force energy reversing and instead of expressing out into the world it flows down into our roots. There is something to be retrieved in our deepest subconscious…go retrieve it! Feelings of sadness or grief is the message of something lost. Acknowledge what you’ve let go of in the past year, express appreciation for the forms of whatever or whoever that was and reconnect to the essence of that form as it comes into your life in new ways.  Nothing is ever lost in this universe as Einstein has said…but the form does transform or change.

Remember that the second of “anything” is the chaotic phase and we have the second of three super full new moons. This series of super full moons are about transforming our emotions and refining them from biological and ego level emotions into spiritual emotions. Just in time for the holiday season at the end of the year…let us all resonate in joy!

3rd Quarter November 21

The third quarter moon ushers in Thanksgiving week in the U.S. Tap into the spirit of appreciation wherever you are. Although we are living in times of accelerated chaos they are also times of accelerated creativity on all levels. The chance to live from your highest potential and biggest dreams has never been so potent before. Stop fearing success and embrace your ability to thrive and express your purpose!

The new moon for December falls on November 29th. I won’t be doing a reading at that. My December reading will be released around Solstice. This time is all about the Light. I hope you’ll celebrate with me as we receive our own inner Light at this incredible time.

One final note: Although I offer my new moon energy readings to help you have context in a positive way for what’s going on in the world…it’s not enough any more to just have the intuitive or astrologic information about what is going on. You must learn how to take care of yourself energetically. Whether it is to accelerate healing, transform old negative patterns that are tripping you up, or lay the energetic foundation for what you want to create…now is the time to open consciously to your Energy Self.

Toward that goal, I offer two programs that will make a tremendous difference to you. One is the Homestudy Program for the Map of Transformation. All that I talk about in these new moon readings are based on the teachings of CCT. It’s an energy modality that teaches you how to use transformation in a way to accelerate healing and manifesting or creating in the New Energy Paradigm.

The second is the longer more immersed version of The Map of Transformation. If you want a system that can address your energetic self at an individual level as well as within groups, I can’t recommend this enough. You can read more about each level in this program here.

The new moon for December falls on November 29th. I won’t be doing a reading at that time. My December reading will be released around Solstice. I hope you’ll celebrate with me as we receive our own inner Light at this incredible time.

How a Psychic Reads Chaos

2017 Energy ReadingEach year I read the energy of the coming year and interpret it for us to apply in positive ways in our lives. This is different than clairvoyance or being intuitive (although I rely on these skills as well). Reading energy is exactly what it sounds like…I look at the energy and interpret it so we can access the highest potential available to us in the year.

All well and good when energy is “normal.” Normal energy is organized into grids of sacred geometry. Our senses are built to read and interpret these “bundles” (I actually learned how to do this with the herd of horses I grew up with as a child).

But these times are anything but normal! We are currently in a time of 9 years of Chaos. Don’t let this freak you out. Chaos is a natural phase in the 3 phases of transformation. Normally we don’t notice transformation at an Earth level because it moves in cycles much bigger than our human life cycle. But Earth is moving through an accelerated transformation from what I call the Old Energy Paradigms (26,000 years prior to 2012) to the New Energy Paradigms. It’s also been called The Shift of Ages.

Reading energy for the upcoming year presents some unique challenges. As a psychic I love these challenges! I get to stretch my intuitive gifts and go to new levels of comprehension about these times. That’s my definition of how to rock and roll! Using our gifts brings us great joy and doing this energy reading for me taps into that field of joy.

There are three big challenges in doing a reading of this sort. One is normal to all psychic/intuitive readings while two are unique to these times. They are:

1. Right Interpretation: When you read into the future you are looking ahead at things that aren’t in form yet. If it’s a little way ahead usually there’s just a little change in form. Further ahead and I might start seeing things I have no idea what they are.

Several years ago I was shown what I called bubble wrap around the Earth. I couldn’t figure out what that was and my Guides weren’t “talking.” Only recently I finally figured out that I was being shown all the different social apps that people were using and organizing with. In short, a new type of human groups had been created. (Snapchat, Instragram, Facebook, Google Hangouts, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. etc). Although we take this for granted now, back in 2013 we reached a new level of organization through these social platforms that was registering out into the other dimensions.

When interpreting, I have to open my mind to new possibilities, new ways of perceiving things and get out past my comfort zone. I use muscle testing to make sure what I’m being shown is being interpreted correctly.

2. Reading Chaos. This is a tricky one…in fact, a very tricky one! All energy that becomes form is ordered and organized into sacred geometry grids. Chaos, which is a natural phase of transformation, is when that energy is not ordered and organized and looks completely random. Reading energy means everything is pure potential. My overall intent when I read is to find the highest potential possible in the upcoming year that we can apply to our lives. Chaos energy can represent anything that is possible! Before I explain how I’ve discovered how to read chaos, first let me explain what a triple chaos year is, which is what 2017 is.

We exist in many dimensions. As long as we’re alive, our primary dimension is the one of form or 3rd dimension. But other dimensions can affect us energetically. Meanwhile we also exist in many levels of consciousness. The three primary ones are Systems; Groups; and Individual. Most of us identify with the Individual level first, Groups second and Systems very subconsciously. Some of us identify with Groups first, then Individual, and then no conscious awareness of Systems.

Our current time we’re in is one of transitioning or transforming from the Old Energy Paradigm of 26,000 years to the New Energy Paradigm. This is a global transition…meaning it is happening to Earth first. What affects Earth affects all of life including us. Earth operates through Systems, which are grids of energy arranged in sacred geometry patterns. From 2013-2021 these grid systems are in Chaos.

Next we have the Group Level, which are mostly human as well as humans and animals. Groups are in Chaos from 2016-2018. This is being played out by what’s releasing from old Group structures coming up in our faces before passing out and the new group energy anchoring in.

At the Individual Level, there are three years that are chaos years…2014, 2017, and 2020. Think back to your life in 2014 and you’ll get a small sense of what that might mean for next year.

Except for one small detail…2017 has all three levels in Chaos. Our systems, our groups, and we at an individual level. It’s also the peak of the 27 years of transformation. Intensity will culminate during this year, then begin to settle down a bit following this time.

So that brings me back to the challenge of how to read Chaos energy. If it can be anything..how does one interpret that in a practical way without limiting potential? Remember what’s going on energetically is what will shape and inform our lives but we choose to how use that energy.

Anytime I learn a new level of energy reading I learn it energetically (or subconsciously) first. Then when I am ready to bring it in consciously, I create a program to share it with others. In this case, I do my annual energy reading report. Right now, I don’t know how I will read a triple chaos year, I only know I CAN read chaos. Time to start my energy reading for 2017. I’m looking forward to sharing that new skill with you!

Which brings me to my third challenge…

3. How to Read the New Energy Paradigms: A paradigm is a system that exists through dimensions. We began shifting into the New Energy Paradigm in 2004. It’s a 27 year process. To understand where we are headed means we have to understand where we were coming from. What were our problems in the Old Energy Paradigms (OEP) that are now being addressed in the New Energy Paradigms (NEP)? Just like to truly understand your own culture you have to travel or visit another culture, we can only understand the OEP now that we’re in the NEP. But that doesn’t actually help us understand the NEP.

Since 2004, I have been studying these NEP. That is the year a new energy healing modality dropped in. It didn’t build on what we were already doing but instead brought in a completely new way that has only recently developed on the planet (since the 1980’s). I learned the new energy system that I call the Crystalline Energy System in the framework of the Old Energy Paradigm (still following me here?). Now that the training wheels are off, so to speak, the Crystalline Energy System is going to show up in all (or a lot more) of its glory as it was meant to in the NEP.

This is a point of stretching for me when I’m reading energy. Again, this is something I love to do, but it can be stressful if my old feelings of getting it right (or perfect) come up. The process I go through is to challenge myself to not hold back and write it all down no matter how looney tunes it seems to me. Then as the year unfolds, I check back to see how accurate I was in the interpretation. Sometimes (a lot of times) I have new insights into what I wrote about which surprises and delights me.

Writing this process with its accompanying challenges has been a good affirmation as I get ready to do the energy reading for 2017. Right now I stand on the precipice of the unknown. I’m filled with questions. What new opportunities will be available to us in 2017? How can we navigate in world gone totally chaotic? What are the true underlying patterns that will guide us out of Chaos and into the third phase of transformation, the one called Mastery?

And the final question…Am I ready to take on this energy reading?

The words “I am” bubble up from the depth of my core into my heart.

Here we go!

Note: The 2017 Energy Reading will be available as a free report in November. The year of 2017 is so critical for us at an Individual level, that I am only offering individual readings about this year from October thru February of 2017. Discover how you can use the energies to your greatest advantage in concrete, practical way, while laying down the energy patterns that you’ll need to create ease and grace in all your forms of expressions. For more information and to find out how to sign up go to: https://scienceofenergyhealing.com/2017-the-peak-of-the-shift/