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Being Supported by the Past

This post is the second in a series of three. In the first post I talked about the energy body and its right energetic stance in relationship to time. Here again is the power statement or mantra that you can use to entrain your energy body to be in right relationship:

I am fully in the present, while supported by the past and open to future potential.

In the first post of this series, I discussed being fully present and some powerful tools for creating that. Now we will examine what being supported by the past means energetically.

Supported By The Past

The energy behind us represents the past. It includes ancestors, events and karma. One of the biggest challenges we can face is coming to peace with everything that did or did not occur in the past in this lifetime. Until we experience this peace, we won’t be able to feel the support at our back.

Sometimes we’ve experience a loss in the past that we haven’t finished grieving for in a timely way. When we stay attached to something in the past, the energy body can literally turn around, facing backward, while the physical body faces forward. This reverses our magnetics and that which we wish to draw to us we actually end up pushing away. Or conversely what we don’t want in our life, we end up drawing in. It also causes us to be out of timing with our lives. The remedy is to stay connected to the essence of what or who we loved but detach from the old form in the past. Ask the energy body to connect to the current form of that loved one in the present moment.

Another significant problem with the past can have to do with the absence of father energy. While the mother energy is about nurturing and nourishment, the father energy is about knowing our self and ultimately our soul’s worth. Without this energetic support, it is very hard to be fully productive as an adult and bring forth our fullest potential. If your father was absent in his support, you have to get creative about finding a reference point to replace the absence. Perhaps you had a teacher or an uncle or grandparent who was a great advocate for your talents. Perhaps it was a counselor at camp. Even if it was only for a moment, that can be enough to create the sense of fatherly support. Working with a business or personal coach can also provide that sense of support. It doesn’t matter if it is a woman or man, the act of advocation and encouragement is part of the archetypal father energy. Below are more tips for feeling supported by the past

  • Begin to make peace with traumatic events in your life by trusting that good will come from them.
  • Begin to be aware of your back when you are with certain people or in certain situations. Chronic low back pain often has a metaphysical cause that has to do with a fear or belief in lack of support. Contracting the muscles behind the heart is an effort to protect the heart. Choosing to believe that support is there for you, even if you don’t know what form it will be in, affirms that energetic stance. Relaxing the back muscles behind the heart and affirming that the heart can be protected by love will begin to retrain the chronic stance of expecting to be hurt or betrayed.
  • Switch your reference points. If you don’t have family members who support you in this lifetime, call in those ancestors (living or not) who do support you. Focus on those events that were miraculous or good and choose them to represent your life.
  • Use energy healing around those events that you haven’t completed processing yet. This might include pastlife issues.

As you continue to master your ability to be fully in the present while supported by the past, then it is time to open to your future potential. In the next post we will look at the energy in front of the body and what pitfalls to avoid when staying opened to future possibility.

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