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Crystalline Lightworker

 Starting February 8, 2016

Become a Crystalline Lightworker!

A Home Study Program for Advanced CCT Practitioners

The Invitation…

Are you ready for a new spiritual adventure?

Are you wondering what’s next for yourself as an Old Soul on the planet?

Are you ready to learn new levels of CCT?

There are so many new potentials available to you as an advanced CCT practitioner. You’ve started the process by developing both your crystalline energy system and crystalline consciousness in Levels 1-4. Now take yourself further by becoming a Crystalline Lightworker in Level 5-8. You’ll learn many new techniques and protocols throughout the homestudy course, but more importantly is what you will become…a Crystalline Lightworker. This is a new potential that has never before been available in this way on the planet.

Many of the techniques learned in this home study course have only been available before to CCT Teachers. The four sections are organically organized around  Levels 1-4 as you learn new ways as a Crystalline Lightworker to use all of the original tools in these levels.

Each level is roughly 3 months long with it’s own activation. There are recorded videos to go with each level. There’s also one monthly call and the membership site to monitor your transformation in energy and consciousness.

In the different levels, you’ll learn and experience:

Level 5:

  • Intuitive Activation
  • What is a Crystalline Lightworker and how to become one
  • Meta Intentions
  • Developing Energetic Integrity
  • Understanding Spiritual Gifts and Purpose
  • Level 1 for Lightworkers: New levels of protection and connection
  • Healing The Earth for Lightworkers: Developing intuitive guidance
  • New Ways to Work with the Healing The Earth Divination Deck
  • New Soul Chart processes
  • Activation for Radiating Light
  • How to give a mini-session to a group
  • How to journal to evolve consciousness
  • Walking the Land as a Crystalline Lightworker

Level 6:

  • Multidimensional Activation
  • Becoming a Crystalline Lightworker 2
  • Healing and developing the Crystalling Lightworker Emotional Body
  • Healing and developing Kundalini Energy with the Crystalline Energy System
  • Working with the Holographic Time Chamber
  • Working with New Timing mechanisms
  • Level 2 for Lightworkers: Embodying the 3 Phases of Transformation
  • The energy centers of the Crystalline Energy System

Level 7:

  • Mastery Activation
  • Becoming a Crystalline Lightworker 3
  • Radiating Light via the Lightworker Emotional Body
  • Clearing the Chakras for Kundalini Energy
  • Creating New Levels of Groups
  • Group Roles
  • Soul Charts for Groups
  • Crystalline Lightworkers and Money

Level 8:

  • Becoming a Crystalline Lightworker 4
  • Developing your Crystalline Lightworker Energetic Structure
  • Working with Crystalline Wings
  • Assimilation and review of program
  • System for continuing to use the tools learned


The Program Includes a very special bonus…a new CCT Core Class called The Golden Spiral

The Golden Spiral is a brand new  class in the CCT core classes. It is being offered for the first time, June 17-19, at the incomparable Diamond J Ranch, Ennis, Montana. Besides learning exciting new material in a great community of CCT advanced practitioners and teachers, you’ll get to experience the Crystalline Horse Herd of the Diamond J.

The Golden Spiral Class will offer:

  • A 3 day in-person retreat working with the Golden Spiral, Flower of Life Healing Chamber and the Golden Light of Crystalline Consciousness
  • Become a Master of Transformation
  • Sacred Geometry and Planets
  • New Activations; New Chart work
  • And of course…a chance to be with and work with the amazing Diamond J Crystalline Horse Herd
  • Note: The class price is included with this program but room and board is extra. Arrival and departure days are additional to the class dates.

Take This Program If…

  • You love to learn and grow.

  • You’re tired of just marking time as an Old Soul on the planet waiting to go back “home.”

  • You want to access your spiritual gifts.

  • Something resonates within you when you hear the word “Lightworker.”

  • You’re ready for it to be your time and that you’ve arrived!


This has been a phenomenal year for me. I can easily say I am not the same person I was 12 months ago … and I like the person I am becoming so much more! I learned to wait and observe and allow, which has been the greatest gift for me. And one of the other huge gifts was learning how to observe and not take things personally. It has been such a huge transformation for me. I have so many tools that I am using to guide and support me. My groups are becoming less chaotic and healthier, clearer and more fun. I am deeply grateful to gia for this amazing experience and I am very excited about the coming year with the Earth Advocate Program. Yahoo! -Caroline Agosta, Healing Garden World

I was part of the LW program in 2013, and absolutely loved it! I especially loved it because it was all about me – my growth, healing, transformation and so much more. I’m very much a group-oriented individual and a lot of my energy goes into the groups I’m part of, so this was a program that I welcomed with open arms. It was an investment I was making in myself, and that felt empowering. It’s been a fun year of insightful calls; transformative handouts and healing you do on yourself (who doesn’t want that?), and most importantly gia, who brings her insight, wisdom, light, humor, gifts and healing to each call, handout, and interaction you have with her. If you’re ready to brighten that light within and radiate it out to the world along with your special gifts, the Crystalline Lightworker program is a fabulous investment and commitment to yourself! -Mridu Pasrija Live Life Radiantly

This course has surpassed all my expectations! My Meta Intention for this class was to help with my transition from a job with form to living in life purpose. I now trust my creativity and my ability to support myself in my life’s next great adventure. I have learned soooo many, many new tools for myself, and my healing as well as my groups and my clients. Everything and everyone around me has transformed. This course changed my marriage into a healthy relationship and saved it from major catastrophe. I thank you gia for your creativity and your passion to share you gifts and help us all transform and learn and grow and create and make the planet a better place for all who inhabit it. -Christine Agosta

So where could you be in a year if you join Becoming a Crystalline Lightworker?

  • Become a master of creating financial abundance (discover the financial abundance code)

  • Learn to work with your Light Body to weave Light (and avoid the pitfalls of your new level of spiritual gifts)

  • Be firmly in your purpose in all that you do and create (manifesting is lightning fast at this level)

  • Heal more deeply and profoundly (that one area of your life that you’ve been stuck on forever…be gone!)

  • Work with new practical applications (Mastery in the spiritual and mundane realms here on Earth)


Next program starts February 8, 2016.

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