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Balancing Individual and Group Needs

This past week, I’ve been teaching a class of teachers for Crystalline Consciousness Technique™. One of the unique qualities of CCT is it’s ability to work with group energy fields and to bring a balance between the individual’s needs of creative expression and the group’s needs of belonging.

As an evolving species on planet Earth, there was more importance placed on group needs. This insured survival for many as all individual efforts were for the benefit of the group. If anyone dared to be or think differently, the group was threatened and might expel the member, who without the tribe was destined to die in extreme loneliness. In the present day, we play out the group survival mentality through socialization in our family and our schools and also in churches to ensure the survival of either the country we live in or our particular form of religion.

It is the individual, however, who through creative expression, brings about the evolution of the human race as a mental, emotional and spiritual being, not just biological. During the Renaissance in Europe, many individuals risked their lives as they explored science and art, challenging the powerful Catholic Church in the process. The result was the advancement of humans as creative beings but it was done at the great loss of some of the finest minds as they were jailed, tortured and killed for their new findings.

Yesterday, I got to see what happens when individual and group needs are honored. As a group, we had deeply bounded enjoying each other’s company throughout the process of becoming a CCT teacher. As individuals we were transforming at an extremely rapid rate…more rapid than the group’s energy field or collective consciousness.

By the middle of the day, our activities began to get bogged down as the entire group headed to the bathroom again and again and again. I found myself irritated as the sensation of trying to move people forward was like pouring molasses in January in Montana. Meanwhile some of us were beginning to get sillier, laughing and losing our focus. Others were bouncing on their seats, needing to move.

The energetics were akin to a heavy cloud over our heads (the group energy) that was pressing or weighting down each individual. As a group we began to drag through our presentations, but as individuals we reacted by trying to break up the heavy energy (laughter) or by wanting to get out of the room (run away).

I began to consciously notice these dynamics and through intention and CCT was able to balance the two energies. The results were instant and dynamic. We finished quickly and efficiently for the day, had dinner, and then burst into spontaneous dance and celebration for two and a half hours.

Individual and group balance at its best.

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