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Ask gia

Hi gia,

What do you think of the website mentioned below?

lots of love,


Dear MM,

It took me a while to sort through my feelings about this website and its messages. Doing so brought me incredible clarity about what my perceptions are during this time of chaos on the planet and how they differ from many of the prevailing mindsets. Here’s my intuitive analysis:

First of all….what a beautiful website! Loved the look and how it worked.

I also loved the woman’s story of death and resurrection.

I am fascinated and love group energy projects.

Where I became disenchanted was with her central message about the state of the planet and then her call to action.

Through my work with Crystalline Consciousness Technique™, I have come to understand chaos better and what it truly signifies. Chaos is a result of healing or transformation. It’s when all the distorted energy patterns are releasing so that the new patterns may anchor in. It’s not fun to be in, but it is an indicator of healing or transformation already happening. During chaos, the action needed to be taken is balancing and stabilizing not more transformational work. Once the final shift occurs then the new level of healing, manifesting or transformation comes in.

Currently Earth is in a phase of chaos because of her own transformation. In the past, humans have been the ones pursuing transformation as Earth has held the container for this work. Now she is transforming and our task is to hold the balance and stability for her work. It’s as though we are now surfing on a big wave and all we need to do is surf it…we don’t need to increase the wave or fix the wave or change the wave. (Hence we do not need to fire the grids). The date for this final transformation is 2012 , as predicted by the Mayans.

I’m concerned about this proposed group project for another reason. There are very few group activities that are done without distortion. This is because of certain energies that are trying to keep humans from awakening. Lately the newest trend from this “against humans awakening” group has been to “infect” the spiritual/new age realms (The Secret is horribly distorted now). Without a tool such as CCT that releases all distortion and creates protection for the Fire The Grid endeavors, I’m nervous about the results not only for Earth but for those who are participating. I’ve asked for more guidance and information about this so that possible negative consequences can be avoided. When I get it, I will share it in a comment in this post.

in light and service,
gia combs-ramirez

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  • Thanks for posting this. I have found your clarity to be remarkably helpful in many instances.

    In this particular case, it helped me see why I have veered away from participating in many of the assorted law of attraction blog carnivals, even though I wanted to submit articles to them. It is one of those perceptions that remained out of my line of sight until your words let me put my finger on it.

    I look forward to your observations as you share them.


  • Will we ever be able to experience our reality and others reality at the same time. One way of seeing how the earth needs us is different from anothers. Seems the core of these winds around to the mysterious thing called Love..we are evolving into a ‘Planet of Love’..(Steiner)..I am called to comment on possible forces at work to divide and conquer, we are still children when it comes to love…but let’s pay attention to who we judge and who is whispering in our ears…listen to the heart..Also I have returned to the Inanna myth , when the Queen of Heaven was hanging on a meat hook in the underworld, it took alot of prayers and calls to action to bring the light back.. In Grace and Love, Iris

  • Hello Gia,

    Oh, my goodness. Where do I start? So I have some special gifts; I am very intuitive or psychic, I am a great photographer; I love music and art. I love, love, love images and dream often. I remember 97% of my dreams and sometimes I write them down. Also I am a Gemini (just some background on me so that you know who you are speaking with)

    Anywhoo…I have been told that I need to be involved in healing science because I am a humanitarian. That is how I came across your site. I was not sure what was meant by “the healing sciences” although I have heard it before, I could not grasp it. Thus, I figured I should investigate. Your site was the second site that I came across. You are awesome lady! You know you are on point with so many things. Now I get it. Healing science…I am aware that healing science has many parts and varying degrees however you have given me a great starting place.

    I would like to read more. How do I keep in touch with you? Do you right every day. This site is a little confusing. There are things here from 2007. I have read some of your things from 2009 but I cannot understand the pattern of writing. Do you right once a week? Should I keep checking back every so often, if so when? Every other week? Or once a month?

    I was so surprised to see the update from you for this year (2010). I don’t mean to be pushy but I would like to know when I can read your material. Needless to say I like order and I would like to schedule my time. I work full time and I am taking two courses this semester so any free time I could read your stuff is golden. That is why I would like to know about when I can catch your most recent materials. Have you written a book? If so can I purchase it?

    I know I have asked you like 20 questions at one time. However I have just a few more. I am the kind of person who can manifest most things in my life. If I say I need something it usually appears in my life. Good, bad or ugly. If say I want a tall man with one red shoe. I will probably meet him in a week. However I also tend to mentally- self- sabotage. I need help with this. I was molested as a child by a neighbor from about 8 or 9 until about 15 years or so. I believe that the sabotage stems from this however I do not want to be stuck in this place of:

    “I am great, all things work together for my good. No they don’t. Yes they do. No they don’t. Yes they do. I am good enough. No I am not. Yes I am. No, I am not, yes I am”

    I have this tug-of-war issues that is so draining and I need help. I am mentally exhausted because of this. What should I do to unlock this pattern?

    Also I read some place on your blog that you do private readings. Are you still doing this? If so what must I do to obtain one? And is this reading from you or one of your colleges?

    Gia, thanks for being you and shedding some some light on us.
    Thanks for being yourself.

    Always best, and love

  • Hi Sug,
    Thanks for a great comment.

    You can stay up to date with my blog by subscribing to an email version. Optimally I post 2 times a week, but when things get energetically intense I don’t always get my posts done.

    You can read this blog like a book by checking out this link: http://www.squidoo.com/scienceofenergyhealing

    I also have radio shows every week on Tuesdays at 6 pm MST on http://theshiftradio.com.

    Yes, you can get an healing/reading session with me. Contact me through giacramirez@gmail.com

    Finally, I recommend taking a homestudy course for level 1 Crystalline Consciousness Technique. It will be immensely helpful for you on your journey of discovery!

    all the best,