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Are You an Unconscious Healer?

When I was in high school we had to dissect frogs in science class. Our teacher prepped our frogs by inserting a pin in the base of their heads and mashing the tiny frog brains. The frog then lived long enough for us to cut it open and see its heart still beating. (If you are a member of PETA, this seems like a good opportunity for a protest. Stop frog dissections!) Our teacher made sure we’d all do this by pairing up girls with boys, the theory being that boys had no problem with dissecting a live animal. Everybody’s frogs all died within 10-15 minutes after they had been dissected. Except my partner’s and my frog. It not only lived that day, but two more days after that. Every day I kept reporting to the teacher that our frog was still alive. Finally the teacher put the frog out of its misery. (To this day I’m haunted by a vision of the teacher holding a tiny frog pillow over its head.) It was years later that I realized my energy field had been helping the frog to live and that I have natural healing abilities. (Some day, humans will have to face their karma for the inhumane ways they have treated animals, including themselves. I have a strong feeling I’ll be seeing my frog on a panel of karmic judges. I’m so sorry, froggie!)

What defines a healer? People who emit a certain frequency in their energy fields and/or from their hands that promotes and enhances healing, sometimes miraculously so. The frequency is 7.8 hertz. Physicist John Zimmerman used a device called SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) to measure known healers and observed that they radiate 7.8 hertz from their hand even when not healing. Normal people fluctuate from 7-12 hertz. This same frequency shows up in healers’ brain waves, as discoverd by physicist Robert O. Beck. It is estimated that 5% of the population carries this frequency.

Currently many people that are healers are not acting as healers nor do they know or understand that they are healers. Healing energy has its own desire to heal. When a person is not conscious about this special spiritual gift, odd circumstances can occur that leaves the unconscious healer confused. This healing energy that emanates from me has caused strange anomolies including:

  • People can take an instant dislike to me including family members for no apparent reason (they are rejecting the healing energy). A fellow healing friend called just as I was writing this with a story about coming out of a movie theater yesterday and some total stranger cursed and swore at her!
  • I can’t measure my heart rate when exercising because as soon as I place my finger tips on my pulse point I radiate energy that drops the heart rate.
  • My body transforms certain drugs so that they aren’t effective such as novacaine and epidurals.
  • I can be unconsciously drawn to people who need healing and end up choosing them for realtors, doctors, dentists, etc. Then, instead of them being in service to me, I end up being in service to them. It means it can take years for my house to sell or I walk out of a medical office with more symptoms then I went in with.
  • When I teach, people can get upset with me because the healing energy is directed in a different way as I teach them how to heal themselves.

Humans hold certain ancient attitudes about healers including what I’ll call entitlement. It goes somethinig like this: A healer must give healing energy at all times and for no reward. Traditional healers often speak of how their own bodies suffer as they are consumed by others who want healing energy. There is no doubt about it…humans as a whole can be a needy bunch. Because of the entitlement attitude, unconscious healers often don’t get paid well, in whatever endeavor they are in.

Healing energy needs to be expressed. It it doesn’t have an outlet it will actually cause illness in the body. Sorry to be the bad news messenger here…if you are a healer you will not be taking long vacations or retiring. Healing energy does not stop ever. Unless, you become a rogue healer (using your spiritual gifts in a bad way) and then the powers-that-are can take your healing powers away.

Here’s a quick test to determine if you are, perhaps, an unconscious healer:

  1. Do strange things or events happen around you?
  2. Do children and animals gravitate to you? Conversely do you find certain adults, including family members, take a violent dislike to you for no apparent reason?
  3. Do you get odd results with prescription drugs?
  4. Do your hands heat up a lot and perhaps sweat?
  5. Do you feel like you have a deeper sense of wisdom and you don’t know why?
  6. Do you feel drained around certain people?
  7. Is your spouse at a completely different level of awareness than you are (as in deeply troubled and needing a lot of help to function)?
  8. Do meetings and organizations run better because you are around? (Ask some friends about this one.)

If you give your healing powers an outlet, you can begin to train them to express in that particular form instead of all areas of your life. Volunteering is a great outlet for an unconscious healer who doesn’t want to start a healing business. Learning Reiki can help you become conscious about your healing abilities and create an avenue of expression for them. If you like plants, let your healing energy heal land. Animals? Work at a local animal shelter.

The research presented here about healers was provided by Walter L. Weston and his book Praywell.

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  • where can one get the squuid device to have the frequency in their finger tips measured ?

  • I am only 13 but I have alot of those ‘symptoms’
    (Adults and kids come to me and tell me their problems, then they walk away happier…its weird for me)

    Do strange things or events happen around you?
    Do you get odd results with prescription drugs?
    Do your hands heat up a lot and perhaps sweat?
    heck yes
    Do you feel like you have a deeper sense of wisdom and you don’t know why?
    yeah, it scares me
    Do you feel drained around certain people?
    it makes me feel anxious and I can’t explain why. Its like they need my help but they don’t want my help at the same time.

    Do meetings and organizations run better because you are around? (Ask some friends about this one.) I asked my friend Alissa and she said I tend to make the people work better. Other words, people always want me in their groups. I might be because they want an A but i dont know.

    I need help understanding. My mom mentoned to me that my hands ahave a relaxing feeling to them (When I massage her back and neck…natural instincts) I decided to look it up. I really don’t know what I should do. I don’t want people to think I am crazy.

  • Ever heard of the Sedona Intensive? It’s a five day intensive session with a team of licensed therapists, astrologers, intuitives, etc., that reveal the truth about what’s holding you back. Hundreds of testimonials. I read Alberts book, and you can get it online for free, at least for the time being. It will be re-published by Simon & Schuster this Fall.

  • But you should also remember that some of the strange things which ahppen around you can be caused by things other than you! After all, there is a world of unseen energy we are all bathing in everyday, from electromagnetic fields to the pull of the moon and the sun, not to mention the natural energies within the earth. Thay can and do affect us as well in different ways.

  • Hi Nigel,
    This is true. But when there is a lifetime of strange things happening then a pattern begins to emerge which leads one to examine the causes within.


  • The items on this list all resonate with me. Since childhood, different sorts of traditional healers surrounded me. Initially, I believed I would follow in similar footsteps and then, a series of events reoriented my sense of direction away from healing modalities. Years later, while participating in a healing group, a new man mysteriously arrived to a session. He became my partner for a series of exercises and drew my attention to new levels of healing energy I had not noticed within myself before. At the time, I was already sensing energy and interacting with spirit during dreams. Yet, when this man crossed my path, it awakened my senses on new levels. I sensed increasing messages inside but was unsure how to respond to them. Becoming more open to intuition has been life-transforming. Thanks for the blog carnival reference. I will investigate. Expanding senses and faculties is profoundly moving.

  • Hi. Very nice Blog. Not really what i have searched over Google, but thanks for the information.

  • Morning, It’s great to find a good website like this one. Would you mind if I used some of the info here, and I’ll put a link back to your website?

  • Thank you for asking! I don’t mind if you discuss a concept that I bring up on my site and of course, any links to my site, but I don’t allow my information to be reprinted on someone else’s site.

  • Does anyone know of someone I could meet with in person (around LA) or speak to over the phone about healing??? Along with all signs of being a healer I am also having very strange healer style things happening in my life, its been going on for years ever since I was a little girl and i’m 31 now. I just now realized that I am a healer, when I always thought I was bad luck but now I am realizing I am around people that have sad things happen in their lives to help them threw it. I just don’t know where to go from here and would love to speak with someone that has been in this situation before.

  • I highly recommend….me! I’m available by phone. Check out my contact info.

  • Hello, my name is Christopher. I first would like to tell you about me so you understand my questions. I was born into a violent family, so violent that my grandfather who was a prize fighter in 40s and 50s in canada and is STILL well known to the point that i just mention that to anyone and everytime people leave me alone. When i was about 4 years old i was possed by an evil spirit who haunted the house i lived in at that time. My father was possed by a demon but i dont know when that happened. The effects from that are still there. I was hit by a car at about 7 years old and was declared almost dead when the ambulance arrived, thats why i wasnt rushed to the hospital. When i found out that if i was to wake up, i would be mentaly handicapped and not able to walk. I have a problem with my memory, i only remember violence and the things i dont remember i do not want to remember them either, but my family does remember. I used to be able to see, hear and speak with spirits as a child all the way up to the time i left canada at 24 years of age. Now here in mexico, i havent seen, nor herd anything but a have felt them touching me. At night if im angry apparently my eyes glow, i have herd this before from people who do NOT know eachother. I could hurt a person, put images in peoples minds, and also speak and hear using my mind. If i touch some one when angry but not interested in hurting the person, that person feels energy through their body like as if it was electricity. I have never practiced any magic, but it does run in the family. Im unsure if having native blood has anything to do with it or not. I also have been able to predict my own future only a couple of times. I also have been able to know when something bad is going to happen, sometimes a few minutes before or a long time before it happens. Also i have had dejavu and just before typing this sentence, i just had it happen again. I talked to some one from panama who is a friend i think and she sugested that i am a healer, which i dont understand why either.

    Note: I forgot to mention my dad was hit by a train when he was 17 in a 58 cadillac. It was close to my grandparents farm, there for the train would have been traveling atleast 100 kmph, Almost 60 mph and is still alive and working in a chemical plant.

    Now, my questions. I would like to know why my life hasnt been the way i would haved liked it? I also would like to know why my life has been getting worse and not beter, specialy after the fact that i have been trying for years to know what my purpose in life is. I have started wondering since i was about 15 and now im 35. I had a dream about being in a specific place doing something specific in Tampico Mexico and yet it came true, every little part. I have never been in nor close to mexico in my life until i moved to mexico. It is said that there is a black spirit following my fathers family for 3 generations and we dont know why or what it is or what it wants. I dont realy care to now about my past if i could just know what i need to do to change my current position to have a better future. Also im wondering why is it i LOVE nature so much. Born and raised in the city my whole life and yet my whole life i wanted and STILL want to get out of the city and have my own farm. Please help me if you can, i have talked to people who can read cards, who do spiritual baths, spycis (unfortunately with no money i cant get answers from them), even people who do meditations with stuff relating to chakras. I have been told my chakaras are all fine and that my energy flows in and out with no problems but i have a very dense frequency. The person who told me this was confused as to why i dont have a good paying also didnt understand why i have had all these problems.

    Note: I dont drink, dont smoke and even less drugs. Im a person who is dirrect and to the point but with an open mind and willing to accept the truth even if i dont like it. I have never been like others, i usualy stay neutral on all subjects until i SEE an actual result or answer to something. Example, this info on the net about planet nibiru or planet x. Until i see it for myself i will stay neutral and will continue waiting to see it. I also have been wondering if im a natural witch or something of that nature. Thanx for your time, Chris

  • Chris, that’s a lot of info. This isn’t the best place to give you answers to what you are asking (you might consider getting an energy reading for that) but it sounds like you have been clearing a lot of Karma for yourself in a very short period of time. The challenge is that now that we’ve moved into the New Energies we no longer have to worry about past life karma as it was cleared over Dec 21, 2012. To replace the darkness of your past, focus on the light around you. It will feel strange at first as you are not used to that, but keep pursing it and you will discover a whole new way to be on the planet. If I can be of service in any way such as a class or and energy reading/healing please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • I would really like to talk to someone about healing. My great grand father was a healer. He could touch you and it was like the wound never happened. There is a running joke among people who know me as they call it my “curse” When it comes to people I don’t really know ( acquaintance basically) it never fails that that at some point its like they get verbal diarrhea and they tell me a sad story or event that has happened in their life. I can always tell when it’s about to happen too because its like everything goes in slow motion and the air gets heavy. Sometime I swear I can even hear their heart beat and then its like someone opened up the dam of pain and it all comes rushing out. I can’t say anything but simply listen until they are done. They always leave feeling better but sometimes I feel like I carry that pain myself for a while before it goes away. I don’t know much about “energy” or any of that and would really like to talk to someone who could maybe iron some of this out. I would like to know if there is something legit to all of this or if its just some coincidence. I do feel like I am “tuned” differently then others but I would really like some clarification as these instances do not seem to be going away and since I took a new job 5 months ago they only seem to be increasing and I would really like to know what to do from here.

  • Hi Rayna,

    Yes, you are a healer…but you already knew that. So the healing energy within you has no discernment. And it’s calling people in so it can work on them. Just like you would a puppy or dog, you need to train it a bit. Pick a form of healing that you like to do (Earth, animals, elderly people, etc.) and “tell” your healing self you only want it to go into healing mode when you are around those people. Next read some books about energy and learn how to protect yourself energetically.

  • This has been a very informative site. I’m 42 years old and it took me, until about a year ago, to recognize my gifts. My hands become very hot but not usually sweaty, the back of my neck becomes very heated and electrical devices don’t always function well in my presence. My husband keeps a large supply of light bulbs on hand. I truly had no idea about my gift because I never took the time to connect the dots. I have always been linked to my spiritual guide from as early as I can remember. I have visits during my sleep with, usually, a pretty pressing message attached. I had an energy reader that followed me around a small shop that sold crystals. Finally she approached me and said she wasn’t trying to sell me anything but she was curious what I did for a living. When I told her I was an RN she chuckled and asked if I ever felt like nursing chose me and not the other way around. I said I felt like I was born to be in medicine becaus it was so natural. She talked to me about my hands, asked if they ever got hot and then she asked the question….how many miracles have you witnessed? I went home with that question and the answer was amazing. I am now trying to find the proper channels to learn how to control, focus and harness my gifts. Any advice?

  • Hi Kristen, Reiki and Healing Touch are two modalities that nurses have traditionally studied and used in their work.My personal preference is Crystalline Consciousness Technique…but then I’m the founder of it! CCT is especially helpful for those who are awakening to working with the crystalline energy system that is now available as a human potential on the planet. Check out my classes for more info!

    All the best,