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Healing Beliefs

There are many forms of energy healing, all with differing belief systems. To help you understand my form, I am sharing some of my most fundamental beliefs below:

  1. True healing occurs at the soul level. This can sometimes be at odds with the mind or ego level.
  2. We live on a planet of spiritual free will and choice. I always honor free will and choice.
  3. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. If a person’s own healing mechanisms are empowered enough to heal him/her, I only need to provide information to that healing system.
  4. I prefer to use certain tools to ensure that my own healing abilities are done in balance and integrity. My primary tools are: Crystalline Consciousness Technique; Reiki; and Co-Creative Science.
  5. I prefer to teach people how to heal themselves.
  6. Using my own energy to heal is my very last resort.

For an understanding of terminology used in this blog please check out the Glossary under Pages.