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Hi, my name is gia combs-ramirez. I am a spiritual visionary and Earth Healer. I help people all over the world get instant accessibility to their own inner wisdom, release blocks on all levels of their being and find and express their Life Purpose with clarity and focus…in a life-enhancing and Earth sustaining way. I live on a ranch in the beauty of the Montana Rocky Mountains where I hold personal and spiritual growth retreats.

In 2004, a new energy modality came to me during a meditation. Crystalline Consciousness Technique™, as it became known, takes the art of energy healing and manifesting to a new level. Although it was easy to use and got powerful results, it took me many years to understand how and why it worked. In my book, Transformation: The Emergence of the Crystalline System, I discuss what I discovered about the Universal Law of Transformation and the new energy system available to all of us on the planet at this time.

Now my work has deepened into including Earth in all my sessions for where Earth goes, there goes all life. Whether you experience my work individually by phone or Skype, in a retreat at the ranch, or for your own business or group, you’ll receive powerful and discernible transformational results.

The Top Five Ways I Can Help You

1. Your Purpose: You feel it in there but what is it exactly? I bring you spot-on psychic information about your Purpose and how to manifest it in the right way for the benefit of the planet.

2. Your Abundance: If your energy isn’t set up for creating financial abundance, there’s going to be struggle and frustration. Get your money grids in place and your receiving mechanisms turbo charged.

3. Your Healing. Sometimes we have to go into the past and clear what needs healing before moving forward. Whether it’s in this lifetime or others, I hunt down the cause of “not thriving today” and transformatively heal it.

4. Your System: What’s YOUR way and the components you need to thrive, whether it’s in a family, solo-preneurship, or corporate world? I’ll set up the energy grid system for you and show you how to maintain it.

5. Your Transformation: Learn about energy through a variety of classes and home study programs and how it leads to transformation on personal and spiritual levels.

Most individual sessions are uniquely catered to your intention but here are a few of the ways I love to work…

Blessing Work: Soul Reading and Clearing

Stepping into the Akashic Records and meeting your soul, is always a blessing. The love and light from that level is so tremendous. Down here, of course, we are just trying to remember those levels. Getting a Soul Reading give you tremendous information to work with. Stop wasting your time trying to do what you aren’t naturally gifted at, then step into the joy of who you are and why you are here. All those restrictions that get in the away between pure soul transmission and you here on planet Earth are lifted out, like cleaning windows and letting the sun shine in! A powerful process that has many levels and depths depending on your intention.

Your Soul and You are perfect mirrors for each other, only in different dimensions.

Joy Work: Conscious Manifesting

I love everything about manifesting! It is such a great avenue to express our service to the planet and humanity. People who come to me with a focus on manifesting are ones who are transitioning from corporate to solo-preneurship; needing to reinvigorate their creative juices by shape shifting the form of what they are manifesting; are suffering with their health because of poor energy management; need tools for working with groups, looking to develop their own unique systems and products; ready to step forward with their life purpose and just wanting to receive the correct support for their unique gifts. Working with energy you can become a master of manifestation.

Your special gifts that no one else has are meant to create success with your life purpose.

Soul Work: Group Transformation

When Crystalline Consciousness Technique, the unique energy protocol I work with “dropped” in, it didn’t come with a manual. Some how I knew, though, that it was going to help groups transform from dysfunctional, harmful and hurtful groups to joyful, highly creative communities that honored individual expression. The beautiful ranch in Montana where I live with an amazing group of horses, friends and family is an incredible backdrop for transforming any group.

There are now new models for group interaction where every individual’s unique contribution is vitally important to the group.

Love Work: Teaching and Writing

In my perfect world, everyone knows about energy and how to be in integrity with their energetic selves. If you hang out with me very long, you will learn a lot about energy. It’s the secret ingredient in a signature chef’s dish, the magic potion in a Harry Potter world, the breath and depth of your very being. It’s the accelerator not the brake. It’s the power of who you are. It determines the quality of your presence to others and the quality of your life for yourself. I work with energy from a scientific viewpoint that honors all spiritual world views.

Besides my blog, I am the author of: Transformation: The Emergence of the Crystalline System. I teach the Crystalline Consciousness Technique system for accelerated manifesting.

When energy and consciousness are on the same page, then your life spirals into empowered joy and success.

For a deeper understanding or context of my beliefs in in the science of human energy please check out the glossary and my energy beliefs.

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Blessings to you on your journey of transformation and purpose!