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A Message from the Gaia Council

Crystalline Energy SystemWe are entering into the Crystalline Age of Earth. This involves an entirely new type of energy system for all living organisms that they will be using to interact energetically with Earth. The benefit of the Crystalline Energy System is a cleaner grid system that can heal and repair itself at an accelerated rate. The older Electromagnetic Energy System, which included fossil fuels, is no longer able to clear or heal itself. Besides no longer sustaining life, ascension is not possible through the Electromagnetic Energy System.

The Crystalline Energy System is available to all humans and other life forms on the planet now. Any human born after 1980 came in with the Crystalline Energy System already activated. Since 2012, Earth has developed the Crystalline Grid. If one is connected to this grid, it helps maintain vital life force vitality and begins the process of developing the Crystalline Energy System. In addition, there is a Crystalline Energy Field that allows humans to operate multidimensionally without leaving their bodies leaving them unprotected.

The Crystalline Energy System allows for holding higher vibrations and tremendous amount of light without disrupting the central nervous system. This has been a primary factor in the inability of humans to evolve and ascend. Too rapid of expansion into ascension can blow open the chakras and sensory mechanisms which the electromagnetic systems of the body cannot assimilate. This causes severe mental and emotional disturbances. Those who have been preparing for ascension have hit a plateau where they are no longer able to advance. At that moment, they need to step into the new energy system on the planet.

The spiritual guides on the planet for human transformation and ascension are known as Old Souls and Lightworkers. Those who are still operating within the Electromagnetic Energy System recognize that a shift is needed throughout humanity and yet are frustrated and bewildered in their inability to create the shift at this time. It is not possible to reach the new level within the old paradigm of electromagnetic energy.

Meanwhile many of the Old Souls who have arrived since 1980, known as the Indigos or the Crystallines, have become despondent. They came to the planet to help with the shift and to lead humanity into its new crystalline expression. To them, no one is listening as the others continue to cling to the electromagnetic energy system or Old Energy Paradigm. They are only given the role of being the future consumers for economic wealth and are being cultivated in that role. Many prefer to “drop out” of the human story instead.

The Electromagnetic Energy System is based on consuming energy. The Crystalline Energy System needs minimal amounts of energy to sustain it and has the capability of generating energy. This basically shifts humans from being purely parasitic with Earth’s resources to contributing to her well-being. This is one of the higher aspects of energy consciousness that becomes available to humans when they shift into working with or using their Crystalline Energy System.

There are several steps needed for shifting fully into the new Crystalline Energy Paradigm. First humans must give up their addiction to the intense lower vibrational feeling state that is generated within the Electromagnetic Energy System. These lower vibrational feelings attract Negative Energy Beings who lock on and feed off of these feeling states of fear, hatred, and rage. These Negative Energy Beings block the ability to transform and ascend.

A different form of addiction to the lower vibrational feeling state comes through the use of opioid medications and alcohol. Many feeling states are suppressed in the body instead of expressed through the emotional energy channels. This causes intense physical pain. Some humans look to alleviate this pain through medication. These forms of alleviation also block the ability to transform and ascend. Without transformation, evolution or ascension the only remaining path to humans is to exit the planet.

Next, Old Souls over the age of 35 must stop trying to ascend to the 5th Dimension or bring it on to the planet. This refers to an old concept of the shift for these times. This is because the Crystalline Energy Paradigm was not visible until recently. The Mayan and other civilizations that saw this as the end times were correct in their predictions. The end times, though, were the end of the Electromagnetic Energy Paradigm. The beginning times which have been slowly emerging are quickening in their acceleration. Continuing to promote the 5th Dimension as the ascension goal is only serving to lock in the Electromagnetic Energy Paradigm and slow down the shift into the Crystalline Energy Paradigm.

In ascension or transformation, that which is no longer needed or of service lifts out. In the Crystalline Energy Paradigm this process is easy and fast. In the Electromagnetic Energy Paradigm often the energies that need to lift out to allow in higher vibrational energies get entangled with the incoming energies and cause great suffering and resistance in the process. This is occurring on the planet at this time. The continued reference of the 5th Dimension is a disservice that must be released in the task of ascension.

Finally, Old Souls over the age of 35 must activate their Crystalline Energy System and learn how to primarily work with that energy instead of their Electromagnetic Energy System, while the Crystallines under the age of 35 must learn how to connect to the Crystalline Grids and generate energy for the planet.

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