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6 Energy Basics for Self Care | Rejuvenation Collaboration

6 Energy BasicsI teach advanced energy techniques and principles. A lot of people who walk through my doorway, though, are newcomers to the world of energy. Understanding basic energy anatomy and how to keep it healthy is something everyone should know. Seriously…this should be part of our school curriculum under P.E. (that means Pure Energy, according to me).

On October 24th, I will be presenting my 6 Energy Basics at the Rejuvenation Collaboration webinar conference. As always, I’ll share techniques, as well information and even doing a little Energy Reading (what’s your energy challenge?). When I share techniques, you’ll actually experience them as I’m talking. In an hour, you’ll know what it feels like to be:

1. Grounded (You can ground yourself or the world will ground you, but the former will be more pleasant)

2. Centered (Living YOUR life, not someone else’s expectation of your life)

3. In Right Timing (It really is all about the timing).

4. Communicating from Your Essence (When your energy is on the same page as your consciousness, you become a powerful communicator)

5. Have Energetic Boundaries (Can you say no?)

6. Energetically Cleared (Better than a shower!)

I promise that even those of you who already know a great deal about energy will learn something new…and it’ll be the best P.E. class you ever took!

The full conference starts on October 21 and runs through October 24th. Besides myself there are 8 great presenters offering their best wisdom around the theme of “Getting Out of Your Own Way.” You can sign up for free or for a modest fee choose some other great options.

Check it all out here: http://rejuvenationcollaboration.com




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  • gia,
    I love that you teach ‘PE’, pure energy- how cool. I am so looking forward to your talk. I think my favorite point you made was that this talk will be fun and that everyone (even those who know you) will learn something new. You know, I approach all things in that way- with the beginner’s mind. Even if I have ‘heard’ of the concepts before I wonder- what will I learn today!!? Thank you for sharing this post with us! I look forward to your presentation,