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2018 | The Year of Soul Mastery

Soul MasteryThis is the year of Individual Mastery. For an Old Soul focused on spiritual growth, that’s like getting hooked on sugar (which some people are saying is more addictive than crack).

Old Souls are continually striving to reach upper levels of mastery that they know and remember before entering these human bodies, but haven’t been able to access in dense 3rd dimensional Earth.

That’s all about to change this year. (That’s the good news).

For those of us who have been waiting F.O.R.E.V.E.R for this moment on planet Earth it couldn’t come too quickly.

Quick explanation: Soul Mastery is when we are fully in spiritual free will and choice and creating/manifesting/healing at the fullest and highest potential of our essence. It’s the difference between swimming in a thimble of ocean and being the whale under the Milky Way. (Which is why I’ve been just a wee bit impatient this week).

But we can’t just wave our magic wands and ta! da! step into mastery. We have to prepare our physical, emotional and mental (especially the mental) bodies for this level of power. Otherwise it’s the equivalent of being handed the keys to a Lamborghini, 5 minutes after getting your license.

There’s more to this than just getting your Soul Mastery on. First, we’re in the New Earth Energies…kind of the equivalent of Dorothy going from black and white Kansas to technicolor Land of Oz. It’s all new and unfamiliar.

Second, our souls are transforming this year into crystalline energetic expressions and then fusing with our crystalline energy bodies. This has never happened before on the planet. My guides have talked with me about what’s possible with this (you’ll want it, trust me!) but they aren’t quite sure yet how this will unfold. (Gee, thanks, Guides! #notyourguineapig)

We may have a few uncomfortable moments this year as our bodies adjust to holding this new level of power. My response to that is to invite my kindred spirits together in an intentional group and study the heck out of this transformation adventure we’re heading into. A high vibrational and intentional group is the best antidote to any kind of transformation!

Which is why I’m starting a membership program for those of you who are interested. There are 5 tiers to fit every budget. The entry level tier, gets you an energy meditation every month based on the New Moon energies. Other tiers offer additional information that I’ll be downloading from the Galactic Council of Light, live conferencing, and a chance to work on-on-one with me throughout the year.

We launch on the Super Full Eclipse Moon at the end of the month. (If you check out the membership program, you’ll notice I’ve set certain goals for myself. My first goal is 100 members…when reached, I’ll dance naked under the Full Moon. I haven’t mentioned this to my husband yet, lol).

I can feel the energies gathering already that will become the first download of info. I’m so excited for this! This is my passion work. It has helped me navigate through this “still in chaos” time we’re currently in. I would love to have you in the Soul Mastery membership program as we explore these new levels of Mastery. Won’t you join me?

Check it all out right here.

in love and lightness,

P.S. Not your piece of soul food? You can stop at any time.

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