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2018 Energy Reading

2018 Energy Reading2018 Energy Reading

Chaos in Our Systems

Chaos in Our Groups

Mastery at Individual Level

Year of the Earth Dog

Does it seem like we’re lost in the chaos and spiraling into darkness…we’re not.

Does it seem like you’re too weary to handle one more month, much less another year of chaos…we’ve got New Energies to do the heavy lifting.

Does it seem like you as one, lone individual can’t do much right now…you’re so wrong.

I know where we are headed and I want to share it with you…

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The 2018 Energy Reading includes:

  • Your Individual Reading plus General Yearly Reading (over 30 pages of information about these times we are in and how to reach your highest potential working with these energies)
  • New Moon Mantra and Tree Calendar
  • 4 Recorded energy meditations for the Near Year plus each season to work with your intentions
  • Bonus! Crystalline Energy System Activation and Aligning to the New Energies Meditation

Price: $299 (See below for a special offer)

If you like Astrological New Year readings but feel like something’s missing …

If you like Chinese or Tibetan New Year readings but they don’t totally resonate any more…

This energy reading is the missing piece!


About me:

giaandtreeI’m gia combs-ramirez and I’ve been studying the Great Shift since 2004 when a  brand new-to-Earth energy protocol channelled in during a meditation. As I worked with it and developed classes and programs to teach it to others, I kept wondering…why now? What’s it got to do with the Great Shift?

Initially I thought it was all about helping to get through the Great Shift of 2012, but then I discovered it’s really AFTER 2012. Every year I get more and more excited as new levels of potential are unlocked for us in these times of transformation. Most of all, I’ve learned that transformation, change, growth, evolution is not something to be afraid of, but something to celebrate and embrace. My annual readings (which I’ve now been doing for 10 years) are all about sharing the latest information about how the New Energies work and how to work with them.

Forget ascending to 5D

Forget about waiting for Unity Consciousness

It’s all about the Crystalline Energy System and the new potential that is here now. 



Oh my gosh. I work with gia’s annual energy reading all year long. It aligns me to my purpose and highest potential when I get lost. As the year unfolds I understand it all in new ways. Love, love, love it! Sign me up again! -A. Hamilton, Montana

gia explains what’s going on at the level of systems, and in our groups both generally and for me personally. It keeps me oriented throughout the year when all this bizarre stuff happens in my relationships and my business. -F. Gonzalez, Arizona

I was a newcomer to the energy reading in 2017. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to understand it, but gia explains everything in easy terms. I was so excited when I felt the shifts she was talking about! -C. Lupien, England

When I feel too overwhelmed with the state of the world, I relisten to my audio meditations for the season and recenter in myself. I know what to look for now in the world to reaffirm the positive outcome that gia refers to and that has made all the difference. -C. Williams, Florida

Price: $299

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Want to just get the 2018 General Reading and New Moon Mantra Calendar? 50% of the proceeds will go toward Wild Horse programs and the National Forest Foundation dedicated to reforesting America.

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$99 (One Payment)

Two Payments

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