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2009 Guide for Health, Wealth and Relationships—Spring

This is the second post in a series. If you missed the first post, visit the Science of Energy Healing blog (https://scienceofenergyhealing.com/2009-guide-to-health-wealth-and-relationships%E2%80%94winter/). The information in this guide can be used to help you with your own tools for personal and spiritual growth. Some of you joined in this guide energetically and where you see a reference to the “energetic part of the Guide,” that information was being anchored in as part of the overall intentions.

Spring: 3/20-6/19

Note: If you live in the southern hemisphere of the planet, the following Guide still applies for you. Just switch the season to the opposite.

The overall energy of spring will continue to have upheaval throughout political and business spheres. This will not affect everyone or every area of the world in a negative way. For the United States and other parts of the world that have governmental contracts with the U.S, this is a time of transition between releasing the old energies focused on domination and hidden agendas, and the anchoring of the new, incoming transformational energies that hold integrity, empowerment and right relationship with natural order. Transparency and accountability is the perfect description for these times. In other words: the phrase “as above, so below, as within. so without” is being reestablished through all levels of human organization. Most notably, as certain parts of the world undergo change, other parts of the world help stabilize markets, businesses and the planet.  During this time most of Europe, parts of Canada and Australia and western and northwestern U.S. will not be as affected by a recession.

In times of duress or adversity, any addiction to dramatizing the situation will only increase that adversity. Drama is a form of resistance, which limits your adaptability, creativity and inspiration, three qualities that are needed for navigating through transition. Accept what is and immediately call in the solutions from the future, anchoring them into the present. In the energetic portion of this Guide, this has been done, however enforcing it by conscious action will help immensely.

The three planets that hold the primary energies of these times are Mars, Pluto and Earth.

By the end of spring, new levels of harmony begin to be established.


Those who are relatively healthy should find this an easy time to maintain health by making sure they get natural light and daily connection with outdoors. This helps maintain synchronization with natural rhythms, which supports healthy immune function. Those who have health concerns that are more chronic or serious, need to take special care during this time.  If you have serious health conditions, it is imperative that you do not tune into negative media, for that will worsen your condition. Deliberately find positive contexts for all parts of your life, particularly adverse aspects. Link them to the unfolding of a higher good, and the processes of growth, versus the processes of entropy or tearing down. This is a mental choice that can serve you quite well and very powerfully for healing. As part of the energetic part of this Guide, you will find it easier to maintain your focus on the positive.


Become aware of who your money links you to. This includes your bank (and who your bank works with), mortgages, car loans, credit cards and spending choices. View these connections as your choice and that they are part of your community or family. This awareness will help them stabilize as some of them reorganize their inherent business structures to the new incoming energies. There is inherent goodness within every system and by aligning to them, the organizations that your finances work with, will more quickly reestablish themselves and flourish. In the energetic part of this Guide, this was anchored in. By becoming conscious of those connections, however, you will strengthen this. Those of you who have a stabilized cash flow, can take the opportunity to renegotiate any debt, for it will be a “buyer’s” market (you as the buyer of a loan). Those of you who are looking for work and need it immediately, should look outside your normal areas, including geographically and industrially. Being able to creatively view your skills and talents at their essence, then opening your mind to new applications for those skills will help you open to new possibilities. As the old power structures tumble, smaller but more innovative companies will begin to grow quickly and will need help with growth. Look for companies that are transparent, accountable and forward focused with their products or services as the reference points for good choices.


If your family unit has one member experiencing health or job stress, it can create stress throughout the whole family. Focus on uplifting news and continue to choose positive contexts for the adversity that your family might be going through. An example is to view unexpected free time (job loss) as an opportunity for more time spent with the family. Invest your energies in caring for each other’s well-being, playing and celebrating together. By creating positive contexts about pulling through tough times together, your presence becomes empowering to those around you. Those who are single are enjoying a quieter time as the stress of other family members doesn’t affect you as much. If you are in a situation to be giving more to the community right now, this is a good time to be of service. In every community there are those who are the roll-up-your-sleeves-and-pitch-in-where-needed types, because they know that the state of the world will turn around. Energetically they are the one bringing in solutions from the future. Find those people and join forces with them. You may just find a kindred spirit.

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  • As always, insight-full and beautifully presented and written with grace and confidence. Always help-full to have context and frame work with which to make and implement decisions and changes. So great-full for the Light you bring and the your gifts and sharing of them! Big love always, all ways! Lori