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10 Reasons Why You Should Learn about Energy

In the late 1980s I went to massage school at the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts. Shortly before I started, I was at a time in my life when I was looking for a new vocation (I was selling real estate in Mexico at the time). I didn’t know what I wanted to study or even what I wanted to do but I knew the qualities I wanted: a way to be of service, a vocation where I could learn and grow all my life, and independence from the traditional 9 to 5, live-in-one-place form of making a living. By a wonderful set of synchronicities, I was led to massage school.

Although, I was studying massage, I very quickly became interested in the energy healing modalities that were offered at the school. Like following a river upstream to its origin, I wanted to find the cause of the symptoms that were showing up in the bodies I was working on.

After massage school I studied more modalities, each one more subtle than the last. Along the way, I learned many things about human energy as well as energy in the world. I don’t feel that knowing about energy is something reserved for a few, but that we all need to consciously know about our energy natures. Here are my top 10 reasons why:

  1. Release dis-ease at the cause. All problems start in the energy realms. Correct the problem there, and you get a shift through every other level including physical, emotional and mental. And its usually permanent. There can be dis-ease in an individual as well as a company or group.
  2. Create healthy, healing relationships. Humans do all kinds of things with their energy…some good and a lot bad. By learning about our energy and then being responsible for it, we can create relationships that empower and honor the Divine within each person versus destroy and disempower.
  3. Know who you truly are at a core level. Like a compass, energy can lead you to your core essence. Once you have that reconnection there is a sense of home coming within yourself.
  4. Not be deceived by form. If humans could and would consciously read energy, we wouldn’t have invaded Iraq, elected George Bush, or think that elective plastic surgery is creating beauty.
  5. Create and shift form instantly. Form or matter feels absolute, solid. Shifting awareness from form as a solid, to form as energy (just as light is either a particle or a wave) gives us entry to a world where a single thought instantly changes or manifests form.
  6. Surf through time. With energy it’s possible to travel back in time and heal a karmic or genetic cause of a current problem in this lifetime. Or travel into the future and retrieve information that you have there and want to use now.
  7. Stop working as the Lone Ranger. Guides, angels, nature spirits all exist in pure energy in other dimensions. With energy, you can connect and communicate with them and get valuable information and healing. You begin to know that there is a team to help you manifest your dreams.
  8. Begin to view life from the soul’s perspective instead of the ego mind. The soul often has very different agenda for you than the mind does. Harmonizing these two agenda with energy can create an empowered stance on the planet.
  9. Create wholeness and integrity through the many different levels of your being. Often the subconscious holds the shadow selves, unowned parts of yourself. The shadow can be incorporated into the oneness of your energy field (and stop wrecking havoc in your life!)
  10. Increase your quality of presence. Working with energy you can naturally increase your vibration. This vibrational increase is seen in all leaders and establishes your authority in your field.

There are many good books about energy. A couple of recommendations I have are Creation Reiki, written by me, and Energy Medicine by Donna Eden.

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  • I like your article on reasons to learn energy healings. We have been teaching this for several years and found that it is possible to change reality when we help people release stuck and negative energy.

    We invite you to take a energy healing course at the Reiki Ranch in SW Washington state.