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Will Power versus Spiritual Resolve

There are people that I truly admire. They make up their minds to do something and nothing will deter them. They quit smoking or drinking cold turkey. Start a diet or exercise program and never once do they waver from their goal. Luckily for me, smoking and drinking are not my vices because I have no will power. Wave a piece of freshly baked bread under my nose, however, and I can abandon a diet that is only 10 minutes old. I do have something in my favor besides will power and it is spiritual resolve. Let’s take a look at the energetic difference between the two, and then I’ll give you a simple energetic technique for anchoring in spiritual resolve.

Will power is mental energy and it originates primarily from the solar plexus. It uses the energy of the ego to exert control over one’s desires. For will power to work it has to be deaf, dumb and blind to other energies, including emotions. It takes mental toughness to achieve good will power. If you’re in the armed forces or other survival situations, will power is a valuable tool. Will power seems to draw opposition to it that wants to break it. In an extreme situation where will power is broken by an outside force, a person can be overwhelmed with all the emotions that have been held at bay. The energy grid of the mind can fracture. Recovery time can be long, slow and very painful.

Spiritual resolve is obviously spiritual energy. Because of this it has a higher vibrational frequency to it then will power. Once I lock spiritual resolve in, I will achieve my goal no matter how many times I might initially fail or get detoured. Emotions can move through me and actually help me achieve my goals, if they are positive and uplifting. Once the goal is reached through spiritual resolve, there is a sense of contentment and happiness. Spiritual resolve is very hard to break.

The following meditation can be used to anchor in spiritual resolve for any intention that you might have:

Get centered and breath deeply. Bring your attention to two inches below your belly button. Breathe deeply all the way to this point. Begin to imagine this point glowing like a hot coal. Now see, hear, or feel your intention or goal for yourself above your head. Take a minute and clarify why you want this. It can be words, a picture or a feeling sense (or all three) of what you want to create. Bring the intention down through your crown and head, throat, heart and solar plexus. Finally bring it into the glowing hot coal and feel or see it anchor in. Shift your awareness to below your feet, about two or three feet into the Earth. See, feel or state your intention. Now bring it up through your feet and legs into the same glowing point as before. Just before it connects up, feel or state your intention to fully commit to your intention. Now allow yourself to feel or see the whole length of your body strenthen in resolve to manifest your intention.

During the days following this meditation, if you feel yourself wavering from your goals or intentions, evoke the visual or feeling sense of the line of energy running through you and strengthening at the point two inches below the belly button.

Enjoy and let me know how it works for you.

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  • Again, thank you for the insight, and meditation. initially I found it difficult to breathe that far down, by breath getting caught in the solar plexus, or belly.

    You’ve also made clear a number of things for me regarding will power, and spiritual resolve. I was champion of the will as a child, teen and young adult to the extent that I didn’t experience emotion hardly at ALL, except in extreme cases. I never had ‘feelings’. Eventually my ego’s desire to assert it’s will and control me and my life was a contributing factor to two psychotic episodes I had (a spontaneous Kundalini awakening also factored in…)

    Afterward the emotions were… like experiencing a tidal wave day in and day out. In couldn’t understand what this intense grief was and where it was coming from… when I cried it was like my body was wringing itself out from the inside. Sobs wracked and heaved my body from the depths…

    Now I am shifting to spiritual resolve…

    Much joy,