Signs of Transformation

Are you wondering if anything actually happened on Dec 21, 2012? What about the whole world transforming into Unity Consciousness? Was the date wrong?

For many Old Souls, the Shift of Ages seems like an aborted bust. Let me assure you…it wasn’t.

All transformation or shifts must first start energetically. Form, including consciousness, then follows.

During the window of transformation, Dec 21-23, a new grid system was put into place on the planet, which in turn is leading to a new paradigm shift.

Paradigm shifts are hard to plan for. Until you are the same energy vibration as the energy of the shift, it is very difficult to read or intuit. The brain uses shortcuts to interpret sensory input. You might not be seeing the shift because the brain informs your senses what they are perceiving. It can only inform what it already knows, so the senses are told to keep perceiving the old energy paradigms.

The brain is also biologically trained to observe what everyone else is observing. Like not being the first on the dance floor, no one wants to admit that something’s changed and feels different! As a whole, humanity continues to walk around in the “nothing’s changed” attitude. We take our cue from others and don’t speak the truth of what we know about the Shift of Ages.

For Old Souls, this has created a sense of alienation, despair and disconnect with the planet. Not understanding what the Shift was all about, many Old Souls hoped to ascend off planet Earth for once and all. Waking up in January to “more of the same” was too much. Signing up for another 26,000 years of experiences on an unenlightened Earth is, well…depressing.

As an energy reader, I check to see if transformation happened. I know it from a different place than most people. If you don’t read energy, it doesn’t mean you can’t get your own confirmation though. The solution is two fold. First you must understand how transformation works. Next you must retrain your senses.

Transformation always starts with energy shifting first. Then consciousness shifts or updates and has new insights and clarity. Finally these changes are brought out into the world around us. Understanding that there is a time gap between those steps can help you be more patient.

Your near senses can show you how the Earth has changed. Near senses connect you to the Earth and will reflect the changes Earth has made through your feelings. Feelings of lightness, joy and a new sense of ease are all hallmarks of the New Energy Paradigm. Your far senses are observing what is going on around you. It looks pretty much the same since last year. A conflict arises between what your near senses are feeling and what your far senses are perceiving. It’s hard to vote “yes” for what we are perceiving when everyone else is acting like they don’t notice anything. Who wants to be labeled a freak or not belong? Be courageous and speak what you are perceiving and feeling…you never know when you might help someone else.

Inform your Far Senses by looking for signs of transformation. People making changes in their life such as moving their business, clearing out clutter and updating their home, or suddenly wanting to improve their health are all signs of transformation.You must choose to believe there has been a transformation, then look for it to prove yourself right.

With a little bit of time for the external world to catch up with the planet and you, somewhere in there near future you’ll get to say, “I told you so!”

Join me for my weekly program on Living in the New Energies where I talk about transformation and what it means to you, as well as provide energy meditations to help your energy and consciousness get on the same page.

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  1. Danica says:

    On December 21st, I had to ask myself if I had missed the shift. I ventured outside on the 22nd in the morning, and was happy to see that the world was still here. I tend to go back and forth with the realization that there’s more to all of this, but I know it’s all a part of the plan. I know that I am the creator of my reality, but sometimes I give that role up to external forces, especially when things aren’t going so well. Thank you for your post, it has brought me back to where I need to be. :)

  2. giacr says:

    Taking back your power…oh so very good!

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Signs of Transformation

I’ve been talking about planetary transformation for a while and last year I had a weekly radio-style program that helped deal with transformation on all levels. Although we had energy healing sessions each week, the information was also helpful in providing context for people about what was going on. I want to continue that trend and will offer monthly updates on how transformation has been playing out here on planet Earth.

First, planetary transformation is always ongoing, but it’s at a much slower cycle than our normal human cycles notice. What makes this time so intense is that human consciousness is also transforming. Transformation for the planet is about evolution. Transformation for humans is about higher levels of consciousness. What many people don’t know is that transformation can cause physical symptoms just as much as emotional, mental or energetic symptoms. When the physical symptoms appear most people think something is wrong pathologically, that the body is falling into disease or illness. It is not so. Transformation is energetic and as the body assimilates higher vibrational frequencies, lower vibrational frequencies in the body must shift out. Where the two are meeting is where you feel discomfort or physical symptoms.

Some of the symptoms that are currently showing up physically are lower back and hip problems, frequent urination, weight gain and sleep disorders. There are energy sessions that you can do to help alleviate these symptoms but mostly the attitude of “and this too shall come to pass” is the best remedy. Microbes in the body need to stay in balance with all of the planetary changes as well. I highly recommend the Microbe Balancing Products that are offered at Perelandra.

The greatest Emotional challenge is fear. This transformation has a lot of unknown factors to it. With the doom and gloom, end-of-the-world voices, it’s easy to fall into the belief system that our civilizations are going to crash to ground zero. As an energy reader I can look ahead and see if that is a truth, but if you don’t read energy what can you do? Choose to believe it’s going to turn out okay, even when you can’t figure out how.

Transformation also affects the mind. As mass consciousness undergoes its own transformation, it shows up as chaos and disorientation. Getting oriented can be simple as long as you recognize you are in disorientation and then use the following technique: Imagine a point above your head about 10 inches. Draw 3 lines from that point to your ears and the top of your head. This “orientation point” is the same as the mind’s eye or viewpoint. It’s a technique developed by Ron Davis for people who are dyslexic. One of the things I’ve found is that we are all becoming more dyslexic…that is thinking in pictures instead of words. This is also due to an increase in psychic and intuitive abilities from the higher vibrational states that we are existing in.

Above all..keep stepping into the new energies by imagining a column of golden light to your right. Move into the column and feel the shift. You’ll know you’re in the new energies when you feel light, expansive and filled with hope and joy for the future.

Note: Need help dealing with the transformational energies? Get a private session with gia.

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  1. Casey says:

    I like this section of your post. Getting oriented can be simple as long as you recognize you are in disorientation and then use the following technique: Imagine a point above your head about 10 inches. Draw 3 lines from that point to your ears and the top of your head. This “orientation point” is the same as the mind’s eye or viewpoint. It’s a technique developed by Ron Davis for people who are dyslexic.


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