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Seven Strange Things You Might Not Know About Me

In the land of blogs there is a tag game known as a meme. You write about something that someone has suggested (see the title above) and tag the person who tagged you and several more. It’s about building a bigger awareness for the blog through link love. Lexi at Energies of Creation has tagged me for this one.

Here’s my list (which I might alter periodically, so I recommend you check on it every now and then).

  1. I bit my nails for years and then stopped in an instant with my first swig of Tahitian Noni juice.
  2. At age 14, I decided that when I grew up I wanted to be a rancher’s wife. (Poor delusional teenager that I was. But seriously if I had known what was in store for me I would have freaked out!)
  3. For a long time I could only get into a relationship if it was a triangle. I hated the movie My Best Friend’s Wedding because the person who would have been me in the triangle did not get her guy in the end. This was the result of my very first love interest who was dating my cousin at the same time he was romancing me. (Now there’s a story!) I’ve done some healing work around this and hopefully I’m done with this pattern in this lifetime and any other.
  4.  I can tell instantly if something someone is saying is just a head trip or a lie because it doesn’t show up energetically when it is spoken. So please don’t try to fool me, especially in a session! (I can understand if you don’t want to speak to me anymore.)
  5. My car used to be my mothership. It was set to a particular vibration so that I could do all kinds of amazing energy work on and off planet. Unfortunately doing so meant that everytime someone else drove my car it would break down. So I moved the mothership to a new location (undisclosed at this time 🙂
  6. Before I knew that I was a healer and soul intuitive, I sold real estate in Mexico. Out of that experience, I wrote a book about how to buy and own Mexican real estate as a foreigner and that led to the discovery of my love for writing. That book’s been out of print since 1998 but I still get inquiries about it.
  7. For a long time I was a Taurus sun, Gemini moon, and Leo rising. Then one week I went through some very strange sensations (really unbelievable and hard to describe) and discovered that my astrology chart had changed. I am still a Taurus sun, but now I am a Taurus moon and Aquarius rising. (Sing with me now…This is the dawning of the age of….)
  8. I just remembered another strange thing about myself (besides not being able to stick to directions). For a long time I attracted clients who had been part of a cult. I helped them to energetically release and heal all of the devastating effects of being energetically manipulated by a spiritual leader. I thought this had to do with resolving my own karmic issues around it, but later I found out I had a karmic contract to report to a special board of beings about who was abusing their powers of healing down here. I finally asked to be released from that job contract. I’m not sure what currency I got paid in for that job, but fun wasn’t part of it.

So there you have it. A brief glimpse into the strange, strange world of me. Obviously there’s a lot of great blog material here to draw on.

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If  you have a blog, consider yourself tagged and don’t forget to tag me back!

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  • OK, I have been sharpening my pencil waiting for this.

    I think you did skip some strange things that deserve making the list. How about living in Mexico for half the year and half the year on a dude ranch in Montana for what, about 18 or 20 years? How many people manage that?

    How about taking a group of us to a Mexican estuary to go dolphin watching with a man who smoked a cigarette while pouring the gas in the boat’s tank, reassuring us it wouldn’t matter if he even dropped the cigarette in the tank because it had never blown up yet when he did that? As I recall, you even knew his nickname was Loco.

    Or the way you got everyone at the ranch to happily build a great labyrinth, similar to Tom Sawyer’s fence painting? I believe everyone paid for the privilege, didn’t they? Actually it was great fun and no one regretted it, especially when the moon came up over the mountain for the first walking of the new labyrinth, a magical time.

    I could go on, but this is sufficient for the moment. Everything you said in your list was true, but I think these outrank some of your choices!


  • Lexi, What are you talking about? There’s nothing weird about those things.



  • Ha! I forgot one of the strangest things about me. I don’t capitalize my name. I can’t tell you why (cause I don’t know), except that I was always a big fan of e. e. cummings, the poet, who also didn’t capitalize his name (and used initial as well).


  • Gia, Hi there! I am just catching up on your blog, so I am just receiving my tag a month late, but watch for my response soon 🙂 I feel honored to have crossed paths with you! Lexi, I love seeing you here because I so deeply enjoyed your presence at the 2 workshops I attended there and even started documenting Lexi quotes in my journal ‘cuz you’re so funny!! One of my faves is:”There’s such a thing as being so open minded that your brain falls out!” XOXO Kelly Ordway 🙂