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New! Saturday Series

This is the season for going within…

Take time for  yourself

Renew yourself in deep communion and union with yourself, the Universe, and your Guides

Give yourself the gift of learning new skills and abilities in the healing arts


We give so much to our partners, families and communities everyday. Take time to give back to yourself, fill yourself up, and deeply renew and regenerate with any of  these three classes…and you’ll learn some cool new energy techniques, as well!

3 Classes—3 Afternoons—3 hours

Take one, two or all three! Classes can be taken separately, but also build on each other. Can’t be there for one class but love the topic? All classes will be recorded for listening to at any time.

All classes are $69.95 each. Sign up for 2 and get the 3rd free!

Reading Signs from the Universe

Have you ever wished that the Universe would “Just give me a sign!” Well, the Universe does all the time and so does your Higher Self. Learn how to read and interpret these signs for greater confidence with the meta-physical world.

  • Primarily focused on reading signs for yourself
  • Awaken your senses and brain interpretation centers to signs
  • Right brain interpretation
  • Left brain implementation
  • Includes an energy meditation
  • Results are a greater sense of being supported in the world, awareness of synchronicities, and communion with your Higher Self !

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Communicating with your Guides

This is the class I said I would never teach! Communicating with your guides is fun and informative..learn my tips that I developed as a communication-challenged intuitive.

  • Primarily focused on getting information for yourself
  • Connect to your guides and open channels of communication
  • When to call in new guides
  • How to interpret information from your guides
  • How to utilize information from your guides
  • Includes an energy meditation
  • Results are feeling a sense of homecoming, remembering your Self, and information that will guide you but never restrict you!

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How to Body Scan

Now available as a Home Study Course

Ever wish someone had given you a manual for your body? Learn how to listen and commune with your body, working with body imagery to get information and shapeshift certain conditions.

  • A class for you about you
  • Learn how to connect mind and body through a simple but powerful technique
  • Get information from your subconscious, organs, cells and DNA
  • Learn how to decipher your body’s needs and wants
  • Includes an energy meditation
  • Results are increased joy, improved health and abundant vitality!

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