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The Role of the Emotional Body in The Shift | Part Two

Wow…there is some strange information out there about the galactic alignment and 2012. Very dooms day stuff. Although I view this time as a “wake-up to transformation” call, I don’t view this time as an end-of-the-world time.

For starters, the planet and solar system are in the galactic alignment every 26,000 years. And Earth and civilization is certainly older than 26,000 years, so we’ve done this before. And we’re still standing.

And then there’s the whole “the aliens are coming, the aliens are coming!” business (and they are going to suck our brains out through our ears). Why do humans just love to scare themselves silly? (Look how popular horror movies are). Why doesn’t anyone say, “The angels are coming, the angels are coming!” The number of light beings surrounding the Earth right now is truly amazing.

Even if brain-sucking aliens existed there is one irrefutable natural law that would prevent them from arriving: In the presence of high vibration, low vibration can’t exist (brain sucking aliens are low vibration). We are in a high vibrational stream of energy. It attracts all higher vibrational beings, hence the host of light beings hanging out with us.

So if that’s what’s really going on, why are there not only so many doom and gloom prophecies but also so much fear about aliens right now? Here’s why:

  • We are shifting vibrationally from one stage of evolution to the next. We can not psychically or with any other higher sense see or read what the next stage is when we are not of that vibration. The biological brain does not like not knowing what is coming so it goes into a fear response, aka freaks out.
  • Much like how the body suddenly dumps toxins out of its tissues when shifting from a junk diet to an organic diet, a high vibrational event shifts out emotional toxins and anything that is low vibrational.  This occurs on individual and collective levels.

So if we don’t need to build bunkers or move to Australia to live in the “safe triangle” do we have work to do right now? Yes, we do. We need to raise our vibration in a coherent field of energy.

That means getting our energetic selves and our consciousness on the same high vibrational page.

Personal and spiritual development are always good things to be doing. Putting them first in your life right now is even better. Our physical and mental bodies will be working hard to assimilate the high vibrational energy that we are starting to encounter right now and will be intensifying throughout next year and the year after. Personal and spiritual growth raises your vibration consciously and energetically and takes the strain off of your body.

And that’s where the emotional body comes in. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, the emotional body will be part of our shield for slowing down the incoming energies and giving us the chance to assimilate them.

What’s interesting to an energy reader, is that when I look at our subtle physical and mental bodies there has been an overall increase in vibration. But our emotional bodies have not! The metaphor I’m seeing for this is one of us going into outer space with state-of-the-art astronaut suits and computers on board, but the rocket ship itself is a 1960s model!

When I first wrote my description for my Emotional Body Healing | Emotional Mastery class, I assumed we were talking about what I knew about emotional mastery. But now I’m being shown there’s a whole new level available to us at this time.

In tomorrow’s post, I will share what that new level means on physical, mental and spiritual/energetic levels. (I know, I know….I was going to share that info in this post. I bring in the information that I’m going to write about the next day during my dream time. Instead of that information, I spent the night in conversation with Paul Newman about the state of the world! It was a tough assignment but someone had to do it! 🙂 )

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  • Your classes and energy work are amazing Gia!!! Thank you for being in my life now!!! Shanti Kay