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Punch Drunk on Moonbeams

Beach Vacay 2016

Beach Vacay 2016

Spring~Full Moon~Easter Week

This week of spring, full moon and Easter has been a potent time at the beach. Unprotected from Earth, the moon and all her rhythms, except by a thin skin of a tiny house, I have been immersed in these energies both inside and out.

The first day of my beach stay, I was filled with energy, strength and joy. Walking in the sand at low tide was easy. My body moved with ease and grace. The second was not so easy. I was uncomfortable inside and out. I forced myself to walk that day and only went half the distance. Every step felt like I was carrying a heavy burden.

On the night of the full moon itself I had wild dreams. Where did I go and who was I madly cavorting with? I woke disoriented, my eyesight still in two different dimensions. I felt hungover from moonbeams.

That day, the wind howled and the waves pounded the shore. I retreated from the outdoors and hid inside the little house. I took two naps and returned to the night-time dimension to finish whatever I had been doing. After the second nap I woke fully in this dimension. The wind didn’t stop howling, though until late evening. It drowned out the usual sound of ocean surf. My husband said, “What is going on? The world has gone mad.” By world he meant Earth. And my body still felt heavy and burdened.

Today I woke easily and early. The full moon (was it fuller last night or the night before?) hung over the ocean in predawn darkness, illuminating a path of light right to me. The ocean is calmer, but the waves still bigger than usual. No wind touches the palm trees. My body is filled with grace, ease and flow again. I ponder a personal meaning of Easter, of resurrection. I do feel resurrected. My unknown burdens have lifted.

I know resurrection as a form of transformation. It is the third phase that follows first the quickening that starts a new spiral of transformation, then sometimes the struggle in the second phase. The third phase usually brings a new level of conscious awareness. Resurrection, though, brings a new level of physical transformation called transcendence.

I wonder what my transcendence portends for me. Right now I’m enjoying my sense of freedom and joy. I am connected to Earth and all her living creations. Inside perfectly matching outside. How will I use this gift of a day?

How will you use this gift of your life?

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