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Old Soul Program

Old Soul

Have you often wondered what it means to be an Old Soul?


Do you have a hard time fitting in with the rest of the world?


Do you sometimes feel jaded about life?


Or yearn for some other place that doesn’t exist on Earth?

Join me for a profound and enlightening program about being an Old Soul…

This program covers the metaphysics of being an Old Soul as well as the 4 Purposes of an Old Soul. Lessons discuss why Old Souls don’t like their innate power, what sacred places are and how they can help Old Souls (or why certain places are like Kryptonite), relationship challenges, and why many Old Souls are wrapping it up on planet Earth at this time. Four lessons on Old Soul Purpose look at the gifts and downside that each purpose brings.

Accompanying each lesson is an energy meditation that creates a powerful and clear energetic container so that you can be wildly successful in this lifetime. No more waiting on the sidelines while everyone else benefits from your gifts as an Old Soul!

gia’s energy meditations are incredible. They take the information from the class and ensure that we are set up energetically for a positive and powerful experience in the world.” -Ana Stuart, California

There are four additional bonus lessons featuring Old Souls and money, which you can get by signing up by May 31. These four lessons and energy meditations dive deep into the Old Soul relationship with money and bring in new levels of freedom and power with this touchy subject.

About me:

giaandtreeI’m gia combs-ramirez and I’ve been studying the metaphysics of Old Souls, including their developmental stages, for the past 18 years (and 18,000 lifetimes!) Of particular interest to me is the transformation we’re going through now and how it has affected Old Souls. This information is crucial for Old Souls at this time. As Dorothy told Toto..We’re not in Kansas anymore!

For more about me and my studies in energy science, Old Souls and shifting paradigms check out my biography here.


About the Lessons:

1.  Challenges of the Old Soul Click on the link and check it out for free!

2. Old Souls and Spiritual Power: The love/hate relationship that Old Souls have with power

Listen to this lesson for free, too! Then sign up for the series to get the Energy Meditation (you will loooove this energy meditation!)

3. Old Souls and Power of Place: Where Old Soul’s come from and how the sacred power places on Earth help or harm them

4. Old Souls and Relationships: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly of love relationships; Earth vs Galactic Families

5. Wrapping it Up on Planet Earth: What’s next after this time around and how to bring Right Closure

6. Old Soul Purpose: Healer: The pits and entrapment of the Healer

7. Old Soul Purpose: Visionary: The sensitivity and pain of the Visionary

8. Old Soul Purpose: Teacher: The loneliness and isolation of the Teacher/Leader

9. Old Soul Purpose: Warrior: The frustration and urgency of the Warrior/Activist

10. Money…Lack vs. Abundance: Why Old Souls would rather starve to death than be financially abundant

11. Money…Mental vs. Spiritual: What agreements did Old Souls make with the Elite?

12. Money…Form vs. Energy: The secret path to treasures (where Old Souls keep their money)

13. Money…Entrapment vs. Freedom: Why Old Souls need money now


Benefits of these Programs are many but include:

  • New levels of understanding about why you are different and what works for you as an Old Soul
  • Energetic rearrangement of the personality grid so that it matches the Soul blueprint, purpose and intention (this is awesome!)
  • New levels of conscious awareness about who you are fundamentally
  • Alignment to your unique blueprint so you can operate in an empowered way in the world

I loved, loved, loved these programs! I’m one of those “know-it-all” Old Souls and I was happily surprised with the information. It was affirming and yet eye-opening at the same time.” Amy Hamilton, Montana

My life shifted dramatically after these programs. I felt opened to my empowered creativity on the planet now!” Rosa Gonzalez, Arizona

Program Includes:

  • Manual that compliments and adds to the audio/video lessons

  • 13 Lessons in video and audio format
  • 13 Energy Meditations
  • Facebook Group for Q and A’s

Program Fees:

One payment for $299

Or three monthly payments of $100

Note: Payment is through Paypal. You do not need to join Paypal to make a payment and can use any credit card. Statement will read Soluna, Inc. or Virginia Combs.

This is a program from “The Science of Energy Healing Vault.” Sign up for the Vault Series and get this program plus many others, now and in the future for a total of $1000 (an incredible deal on thousands and thousands of dollars of classes). Get all the details here.

It’s time to understand who you are

and get on with what you are here to do.


Is there a Guarantee? Yes!

If you don’t like the first class, let me know and I’ll happily refund your money.
Note: Are you interested in hosting a class (3 or more people) with this material?
Please contact me for an overall class price at ramblerg(at)mac.com.