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New Moon Reading for April

April Super New Moon

April Super New Moon

The energies of this month take us deep within ourselves. So deep, I found I could not make my normal video for the April New Moon Reading!

Before I explain further, let me first recap where we are. I do this a lot. It helps orient us and provide context how the planetary and other energies are playing out each month.

This year, even with the tremendous chaos in all of our systems and groups, our primary task is to position ourselves for next year. 2017 is the peak year of all of the transformation. Although it seems like just humans are going through the transformation, it is Earth herself who is transforming. As a biologically dependent species, we must align ourselves to Earth’s own evolution, or pay the consequences.

There are two major shifts happening. One is the shift from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age, a cycle of 2100 years. Piscean principles of spirituality are very different than Aquarian. The former involves the use of martyrdom as a tool to bring about change, as well as the hierarchy of a pyramid with a few at the top in power of many at the bottom. The promise of groups in the Piscean Age was that by giving up control to a few “Elite,” we would be protected from the scary world. The Aquarian Age is shifting that model with each individual as powerful in a group as the group itself.

The second shift is 10 times larger. I call it the shift from the Old Energy Paradigm to the New Energy Paradigm. It’s also known as the Precession of the Equinoxes or the Great Year. The cycle is 26,000 years long. That’s a big shift. The overall timing of the transition is 27 years or 3 cycles of 9. We are in the middle cycle. And next year is the middle of the middle cycle.

The middle cycle in transformation is always Chaos. We naturally fear Chaos but it comes with an amazing gift…Creativity. As we watch old systems and group structures dramatically change we often miss the amazing creative opportunities that are presenting themselves. We are living in a time when dramatic solutions to cancer and other illnesses will be discovered. When rapid cleaning of our oceans and reforestation of our trees will be accomplished. A new freedom for each individual will be available that embraces financial abundance and releases poverty. With only a cell phone, education for each individual on the planet will obliterate the class system of the educated versus the uneducated.

For these changes to occur a major shift is unfolding between the Elite (those forces wanting to remain in control of the planet and all humans) and Earth herself. Earth is choosing to break free from this hold on her by setting the course of her own evolution. Through a new energy system that has been awakened in the Great Shift of the Great Year, a new level of consciousness is arising. But not everyone is celebrating these new opportunities. The Elite is not going away without a fight. By using fear tactics, the Elite are in a last ditch effort to ensure that we don’t wake up and own our power.

Currently we are in a big shift of power. It started during last month. The first of three Super New Moons, March saw the battle increase in many dimensional realms. From the March full moon to this New Moon, there has been a major effort to stop those of us here who are helping with new levels of freedom and reclaiming spiritual free will and choice. I refer to this group as the Old Souls. This has shown up in many ways, including emotional intensity, mental confusion and the blocking of our higher senses, in particular the 3rd eye. Hearts and minds have been challenged with this onslaught. At a physical level there has been an increase in headaches, strokes and heart attacks.

For those of us who are awakened, aware and energetically sensitive…it’s intensity to the max. The good news is that the energies of April can empower us in and for these times.

Besides the moon energies of April, there are three planets turning retrograde. Retrograde energies aren’t necessarily “bad” as some astrologers predict. They can actually help us uncover new resources that we can bring out as we need. The three planets that are turning retrograde are Mars on April 17th; Pluto on April 18th; and Mercury on April 28th. It’s going to be a great month for introverts….and totally suck for extroverts.

Now, let’s look at each week of this moon cycle and find out what to expect:

April 7th New Moon: Typically a New Moon brings optimism with the promise of new potential. This New Moon has some of that energy but also an underlying despair to it that can show up as tiredness. There’s a dark night of the soul happening atmass consciousness level. Think of this as a curtain on a window blocking you from seeing the Light of the Day. We really don’t like blocks between us and Divine Light! There are good shifts happening behind that curtain, though, that is protecting us from “battle energies.” (Spoiler: The battle will go in our direction because we are aligned with Earth, the source of Life on the planet!) This being a Super New Moon (closest to Earth) we will definitely be more aware of our emotional nature AND the emotions of mass consciousness. Strengthen your individual sense of yourself, and don’t merge in with the crowd.

April 14th First Quarter:  This is a big week with both Mars and Pluto going retrograde, only one day apart. Mars is typically our planet of external action and vital life force energy while Pluto is the planet of transformation. When Mars energy becomes internalized, it can be used to strengthen the foundation or platform energies for what you’ve already manifested or are manifesting. Think of it as not being distracted by the craziness around you. You can use the energy to connect and align deeply to your creative purpose and not be distracted by everyone else’s crazy circus. Watch your timing, though, and ask yourself…Is now a good time to take action on (fill in the blank?) If you get yes, take action but be patient as Earth density will be greater at this time.

Meanwhile, Pluto retrograde increases your spiritual psychic energies. These kinds of energies are about “knowing” the answers without knowing how you know. When “cray cray” is happening around you and you ask, “What’s up with that?” You may get some surprising answers!” Internalizing Pluto (or feeling Pluto from the inside versus noticing it in the external world), will bring knowing about what changes you need to make in your life. This is actually nicer than having it forced on you from the outside. Think of it as a “heads up.” You get to have a new understanding about what needs to change and then time to plan how to get from where you are to where you want to be! Just be sure to take action and make some changes.

Ultimately, both of these planets help you stay in touch with yourself and not so involved or affected by the chaos of others. It’s the perfect time to state, “Not my circus, not my monkeys!”

April 22nd Full Moon: The Full Moon this week continues to build on the planetary retrogrades of Mars and Pluto. Let yourself vision but from an inner knowing place not from going outside of your body. Because many countries celebrate Earth Day on this day, this is a wonderful opportunity to honor Earth in all ways. The question to ask to spur the arising of inner knowing is, “What can I do for Earth this year?” Be open to the answers coming in visually, kinesthetically (a feeling sense) or in words. I use muscle testing to help define the message but divination cards are also great to use.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 28th but we will start feeling this around the 20th (or sooner). Turning retrograde 4 times this year, Mercury is helping us locate our own inner reference points or connection to the Divine. We are not using groups or others to help us connect to the Divine any more. Each of us has our own unique connection and relationship and Mercury is helping us develop that further.

April 30th Last Quarter: Typically this week is a slowing down of the moon month energies as we assimilate what we’ve been accomplishing and prepare for the next moon month (starting on May 6th). But intense activities in groups around the end of the month may disrupt this and pull us out of our deep inner focus created by the planets in retrograde. What happens may break our hearts all over again. Use Pluto to help you to get a good sense of understanding how it all fits in the bigger picture of things. Typically in times of tragedy our group energy is strengthened, but continue to strengthen your individual connection to the Divine and don’t fall into the group energy of outrage, grief or other dense emotions.

As always, thank you for reading and listening! Please share your wisdom on my Facebook page.

in love, light and appreciation,



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