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Messages from the Herd

The Essence of Horse: Energy Healing and Animal CommunicationI work with an amazing herd of horses here on the ranch where I live. The past 4 years I’ve been using Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ with them. CCT is an energy modality I developed based on information that came in during a meditation in 2004.

For a while, I taught Healing Horses classes with those techniques, but since 2012 there’s been a shift in energy. The Diamond J horses want these techniques to go out to all those who love and connect to animals and who view their animal companions  as important or even more important than even perhaps their human family. My Healing Horses have turned into Teaching Horses! Hence…the class I’m teaching Sept 12-14th.

I have never co-taught a class before with animals. I’m super excited about the possibilities, not only for myself, but for those of you who come who’ll be working with their animals in a distant format within the class. Waiting for this information, though, until September 12 seems like waiting for Christmas Eve as a 6 year old!  So I decided to ask the horses to give me some info beforehand about interspecies interaction. Although the information is great, I want to share with all of you that this form of animal communication is easy to do with the CCT techniques. You don’t have to be born an animal whisperer but can become one (or enhance the gifts you have)! What’s also truly amazing is watching your own animals transform and awaken to their ability to work with you and others in a healing manner. (Or become teachers!)

From the herd:

You ask us what is important to know at this time about interspecies interaction. We live in a world where we are connected to the Earth and the Stars and all of Life. Or perhaps we should say…interconnected. We communicate back and forth constantly to the All That Is through all forms of life and consciousness. Having a conversation with a Star is no different for us than having one with the barn cat. 

The one exception to this is humans.  Humans have a unique position on the planet. They are the primary life form with dominion over plants, animals, and minerals (but not the planet, herself). They can determine the fate of many kinds of life forms, including their own. This is good and not so good. If humans are in a stance of  honoring and enhancing life, many wonderful things can occur. If humans are in a mental stance of survival (which is different than physical survival), then all forms of life including the planet are up for devouring and destroying.

Obviously, if you are reading these words you’re in the first category. You have the capacity to become interconnected and demonstrate to other humans through your actions a different way to co-live and thrive. At the same time, you can hold a boundary made of love, as we do when teaching our young ones how to be part of a herd. The boundary is one of exclusion from the herd when certain actions are deemed contrary to positive contribution to the herd. Once the young horse shows willingness to be part of the herd in the way that demonstrates awareness and honoring the good of the herd, then that youngster is allowed back in. We do this from love and honoring that it is their choice to make. 

To exclude someone from the herd is to withdraw all energetic attention from them. It is as if they cease to be seen, or to exist. When you deal with some aspect of human behavior that is not honoring of the All That Is within each life form, you stand in all your power and proclaim, “No this shall not be on this Earth.” Then you turn your back and no longer perceive that person or his/her actions until some indicator of a change of attitude is demonstrated. Throughout you stay in a field of love. Their choice does not affect the giving or receiving of love. Their choice from that point, though, will affect them. They will join and connect with life or cease to exist.

As I (human) interpret this I think “Wow! This is revolutionary!” Try this technique in the situations such as Israel/Gaza; Russia/Ukraine; Syria and mass genocide; cruelty to animals; or deforestation of the rainforests. In your mind’s eye you speak from your heart to the ones engaging in such barbaric practices and you say, “NO! WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS TYPE OF ACTIONS ON THE PLANET ANYMORE.” Then turn your back and disengage your energy, but not your stance of love. If something in the news brings your awareness back to the humans who have disconnected and dishonor life, restate your intent, while staying in love. The stance of love is the stance of a knowing that there is no option except the one of honoring life. Those who don’t are either disconnected from life or they “awaken” and reconnect. Although we live on a planet of free will and choice, those of us who stand for love, kindness and honoring life must take a stand for how humans will be here. There are too many of us to have opposing intentions and co-exist on the planet. Humans…what’s it going to be….enhance life or destroy life?

In this amazing video that I shared on my Facebook page, these cows were headed to the slaughter mill. Instead they were rescued. Their response is absolutely incredible. Please watch and rejoice at each action of kindness, love and honoring life that comes your way. Amplify those actions by enhancing awareness to them. Here is the video…please honor this family in your heart for their vision and actions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgIUJM0nKRk

If you’d like to learn directly from The Herd at the Diamond J, and receive healing for yourself and your animals companions, while learning animal communication and other energy techniques…please join me Sept 12-14 at the amazing location of the Diamond J Ranch. The link with more information is here: https://scienceofenergyhealing.com/crystalline-animal-family/.

In the way of things…some times we want to do something but the timing isn’t there. I have added an option for taking the class in a distant format through recorded videos. You’ll find the option on the last page.


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  • Wow! I am so excited to be taking this class and learning from the animals. This is the tip of the iceberg, and yet it’s still revolutionary! I say again, Wow……

  • Gia — This class was truly amazing and wonderful—-it was so wonderful being with the Diamond J heard and learning from them—my heart totally opened up and is so full—-everything about the class and stay at the ranch were incredible—great, great, great class!!! And everyone attending was wonderful as well—Thank you:)))