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Meet Your Ka Body | The Magic Spark Within

During this heightened time of chaos, the only thing you have to guide you is your own inner GPS, or as I like to call it…your Galactic Purpose System.
When I’m connected, I have drive, motivation and a strong sense of Purpose. My intuition is rocking it and I am inspired to take action in ways that creates great joy.
When I’m not connected, I feel flat and overwhelmed by my gifts of energy sensitivity. That’s when it feels like I’ve lost my way. Frankly, it’s unbearable and sucks big time.
It happens from time to time during Transformation. Since I just came through that sense of “losing my way”, I thought I would “hack” it and figure out just what was going on. Understanding the “what” and the “why” means I can develop a system to override those times, when they happen again.
To understand that feeling sense of losing your way, you need to understand your Ka Body. This subtle energy body is what reads energy all around and within you. It’s a direct connection to your Higher Self, your Guides, your Soul Purpose, the All That Is and more.
When I was young, I innately or energetically learned about my Ka Body from the horse herd that I hung out with. Horses are very connected to their Ka Bodies and use it to connect to the star grids of Light. I didn’t notice that I was using mine in the same way, I just knew I could read energy or the true essence of things.
As I developed my energy reading skills, I also tried to explain to others what I was doing. (For example, when a client talked about what was going on for her, I could read the source point of a certain challenge then clear at that level). It seemed so simple to do but I couldn’t understand why I got such a deer-in-the-headlights response from others.

Then one day I started reading Alchemy of Nine Dimensions by Barbara Hand Clow. In one of the chapters she talked about the Ka Body, a name I’d never heard of before. Everything she described about it, though, perfectly explained the missing piece about energy reading that I could never explain. Lightbulbs went off all over the place!
What really hit home was when she talked about having your Ka Body “in.” I knew immediately what she meant. That feeling of being connected, of being guided by my Purpose and Higher Soul came from having my Ka Body “in.” When it’s not “in,” I feel lost.
When it’s in, you feel magical, alive, and inspired. When you have your Ka Body in, and then disconnect, it’s easy to call it back in as long as you recognize that is the problem!
But what if you have never had your Ka Body in before? Having grown up with the horses from the age of 4, I have always had my Ka Body “in” so I haven’t known how to consciously do it.
So today I am to hacking the Ka Body! (Note: Hacking refers to figuring out how to do this in a shortcut way not being disrespectful!)
If you try this..please let me know how it works!
First, though, how will you know when your Ka Body is in? Here are some indicators:
  • Your mind feels sharper and clearer.
  • Your emotions are primarily joyful and uplifted.
  • You have a strong inner sense of “knowing” what to do.
  • You can sense your guides or a sense of guidance.
  • You feel the magic of life all around you and it responds to you.

So let’s give it a try.

First focus on the image below while asking to connect to the 6th Dimension. When you feel a shift, ask to meet your Ka Body:

Photo by Clea G. Hall

Photo by Clea G. Hall

Wait for the shift, then invite your Ka Body to “step in” and “hook up” with your energy systems.

Ask it to stay in while you operate in 3rd Dimension.

Do this every day for a while until it becomes natural to hold this energy.

This is the first step (and a very good one) and you might just be happy stopping there. But if you want to learn other groovy things to do with your Ka Body sign up for my 3 week program, kicking off in the energy of the Tibetan New Year, Feb 10th.

Learn all about it here!

in love and light and joy,


P.S. This is not my first attempt at explaining this energy anatomy. Read Your Spirit Ally and learn more about the Ka Body.

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