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The Key to Spontaneous Healing and Successfully Navigating 2012

There’s no getting around it. On the road to enlightenment, the 2012 shift, physical healing or being successful in your chosen vocation you will have to master your emotions.

The mind would prefer to control the emotions. The physical body would prefer not to deal with them at all.

But your emotions, arising from your emotional body, are key to fully living and reaching your potential.

Emotions are THE key reason your soul came to this planet in the first place. No where else in this or other solar system exists such a watery planet, the element of the emotions.

Have you ever looked around and wondered why some people are thriving or navigating through the treacherous waters of these times with ease, while others have one traumatic event after another happening to them?

Or have you studied and learned all kinds of energy healing and have gotten some results but not as many as you’d like?

Does it seem like you’re doomed to have one area of your life never change no matter how you try to shift it?

Well, the answers lie within your ability to heal your emotional body and master your emotions.

For the past several months now during my private sessions, my guides have been showing me how the underlying emotional body is the primary source of illness, as well as the ability to recover from trauma and be successful during these times.

Here is a short list of what occurs when your emotional body is damaged or distorted:

  • The endocrine system falls out of balance
  • The immune system shuts down or becomes hypersensitive to many triggers
  • The body loses its ability to heal at a rapid pace
  • The mind becomes disoriented and unable to problem solve or see the way forward
  • Weight gain
  • Inability to thrive and be successful in your chosen vocation
  • Inability to create financial abundance
  • Inability to make and maintain meaningful relationships
  • Inability to increase your vibration during the 2012 Shift (the number one task during this time)

Lately I’ve been working on a new webinar  class called Energy Secrets to Success that builds on my class I created last December called YOUR 13 Steps to Success that I will be launching in May. As I worked on the class, I kept getting interrupted by my guides with information about the importance of healing the emotional body. For a while I thought it was a creative tangent (I have a lot of creative ideas in my head!), until I finally stopped and got all of the information that they wanted me to hear:

Emotional body wellness is directly related to being able to create success and health. AND it is imperative that humans master emotions now in preparation for the 2012 Shift.

As someone who had already mastered emotions on my own road to enlightenment and activation of spiritual free will and choice, I wasn’t listening  because I thought I had accomplished this step already. But the mastery that I had achieved was in the old energy paradigms and appropriate for that time. Now we are being asked to master our emotions and work with our emotional body in a whole new way BEFORE we get into the new energy paradigms.

I’ve put all the information into a half-day class that I’m offering on April 23. This experiential teleseminar/webinar event (limit 50 people for the live class), will have 3 modules with 20  minute breaks between each module. We’ll not only be learning about how the emotional body is the alpha and omega of our human experience, but also how to become masters of our emotions (instead of victims of our emotions). In the class the emotional body will be healed (thereby allowing the physical body to accelerate in its own healing) and the technique taught for continued emotional body maintenance.

As the great spiritual teachers and masters of the ages have always taught:

It’s not what happens to us, but how we respond to what happens to us that will determine the course of our lives.

Healing the emotional body and mastering your emotions is an important spiritual development step that must be mastered before enlightenment, complete healing, or manifesting success can occur. In the old energy paradigm it used to come at the end of much spiritual development. In the new energy paradigm, it is at the beginning of our spiritual development.

This is new information that my guides have been bringing me (as we continue to transform on planet Earth, new potentials become unlocked and available to us) and I would love to share it with you! I hope you’ll join me for this powerful, life-altering class.

For more information and registration please go to: https://scienceofenergyhealing.com/products/mastering-emotions/

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  • What time is the class on April 23rd??? All day???

  • Ummm, this was in 2012. Thanks for your interest, though!