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Mastering the New Energies


Are you wondering what forms the New Energy Paradigm will take?

Do you know what aspects of your Soul Purpose best fits in the new energies?

What do you need to master now for success in your life, business, and relationships?


I can’t believe this is my 8th year of Energy Reading and Alignments! In 8 years, I’ve discovered…

  • That predictions from the right level of context can make all the difference in the success of your business, relationships and health
  • That my tools for creating Energy Grids that align your Soul Purpose to the New Energy Paradigms creates a jump-start, shorten-the-learning-curve, experience without limiting your creativity
  • That information that keeps pace with the changing world is a necessity for being on the leading edge in your field of expertise.

I’ve been creating my annual guides since 2007. My original focus was on the transformation we needed to make to be ready for 2012. I thought there wouldn’t be a need for the annual guide after 2012, but I was so wrong! I discovered that, now more than ever, we need great information and alignment to the New Energy paradigms to maximize the potentials available to us. Each shift is exponential in the New Energy Paradigms and our brains need to become fast learners.

Understanding the New Energy Paradigm is my area of expertise and translating those energies into appropriate actions at Earth level is my gift.

It may seem like a long time ago already, but we’ve really just come through the Shift of the Ages in 2012. Take a moment and look back on 2013, the first year in the New Energy Paradigms…

  • We had to get accustomed to the new Crystalline Grids on the planet (have you learned to connect to them yet?)
  • We had to  align to and express Soul Purpose (how’s that going for you?)
  • We released 26,000 years of negative karma (hard to know what to do with yourself with all that free time!)
  • We got shifted into Spiritual Free Will and Choice (hellllooooo Self-Responsibility and Integrity!)

Any one of these shifts would have been enough to tackle in one year. But we were doing all of them at the same time. Whew!

Then in 2014 we’ve been experiencing:

  • Chaos, as we feel differently inside from what we experience in the spiraling-out-of-control world expressed around us (has it been hard to stay hopeful at times?)
  • Saddened, as so many of our beloved icons and companions stepped, leaped and exited off the planet (what was that all about?)
  • Confused, as what we knew as Old Souls just didn’t work any more (ugggh…do we really have to start all over?)
  • Paralyzed, from taking action (still can’t figure out what to offer or how to fit in?)
  • Resentful,  as we as Old Souls did tremendous service to shift the planet into the New Energies…and the world seems to not only NOT appreciate it but seems to be getting worse every second. (why did we bother then and why bother now?)

Over all a very confusing year that blindfolded, spun us around, then left us to wander, lurch and stumble forward while looking for something that we weren’t even sure of! 

And now with the sense of hurtling toward something and no time to reflect and figure it all out…we are headed into a new year.

(Note: Wondering if you are an Old Soul? If you are fascinated with energy, energy healing, metaphysics, personal and spiritual growth, psychic or paranormal information, you are an Old Soul!)

2015 Mastering New Energies

What will the New Energy Paradigm bring?

What Do You Need to have Mastered as an Old Soul to Be Ready to Maximize its Potential?

Join Me for 5 Incredible Teleconference Calls 

about to Master the New Energies


The Program Components Are:

  • Five “Old Souls in 2015″ live Conference Calls with energy meditations to align your energy with your consciousness
  • A comprehensive written report about 2015 energies and what Old Soul’s need to Master for the year
  • Activation of the New Energy System available on the planet now
  • Understanding not only how to express your Purpose but how to express it in the New Energies


I’ve been receiving gia’s annual Energy Readings and Alignment for 5 years. They provide great information not found elsewhere. I particularly like hearing about the New Energy Paradigms and the planetary Crystalline Energy Grids. With the addition of the Akashic Records I really enjoyed this year’s (2014) guide. S. Butterfield; Sedona Events

I didn’t realize how convinced I was that manifesting had to be hard and arduous until I started using gia’s annual guide. The creativity of my own self-direction was still there, but the setbacks and roadblocks just didn’t appear. L. Sundell; LexiSundell.com

Three things I know about myself as an Old Soul: I want to do it my way; I really don’t want to transform at all anymore; and I want to figure out what to do now that is more fun for me as well as bringing forth my gifts. gia’s energy reports and guides have helped me tremendously to figure it all out!  A. Hamilton; Ask Amy


These are the questions that will be answered throughout the program:

What do you need to master in the New Energies during 2015?

How do your purpose and gifts fit now?

How can you work with your ancestral energies to ensure mastery?

How does your individual timing mesh with group timing?

How can you be in flow, not force? Work with guidance, as well as individual choice?

How can you be abundant in all areas of your life?

What is the best way to express your gifts and purpose?

How can you be comfortable with spiritual power in a world that loves mental power?

What’s the purpose of Old Souls as a group in the New Energy Paradigm?

What’s transformation look like now? What do we have left to do….if anything?

What are the new levels of gifts that are available to you in 2015?

Purpose 2.0


Lesson One: Old Soul Emotional Mastery (Shifting Your Receiving Receptors)

Lesson Two: Old Soul Mental Mastery (New Relationship to the Divine)

Lesson Three: Old Soul Physical Mastery (New Relationship to Biology)

Lesson Four: Old Soul Energetic Mastery (Developing Discernment)

Lesson Five: Old Soul Spiritual Mastery (Pulsing Energy)


Are you done with the Old Soul stance of “hard and unrewarding?”

Are you ready to own your power on planet Earth?

Are you ready to understand how to do it “your way” in the New Energies?

(If not…this program isn’t for you!)

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