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Old Soul Makeover

26323_536378339735993_638533649_nDear Old Soul,

Are you ready to shift, heal and renew at Soul levels?

Release ages and ages of weariness?

Reset your go-to Spirit?

If so, then join me for an Old Soul Makeover

And heal and restore the sparkling colors of your soul!


Since the Shift of 2012, the level of healing available for your Higher Self and Soul is quite astounding. And boy do we need it! We were so busy helping Shift the world, we didn’t have time for ourselves. But we do now and it’s our turn.

If you’re ready to release layers and layers of negative emotional residue from your soul matrix that has built up after lifetimes of frustration, disappointment and even resentment…

And if you’re ready to close the door once and for all on the Old Energy Paradigm, and move fully into the New Energy and the promise it holds for Old Souls…

If you’re done with hiding  and defending yourself against the world and are ready to really thrive like never before…

Then please join me weekly, starting June 3 through July 1st,

for an extraordinary set of energy sessions.


Here’s what we’ll be energetically shifting each week:

→ Week One:

Heal your energetic anatomy from tears, rips and damage as well as releasing any negative energy entities that are affecting your energy. Restore your soul’s ability to receive and work with Light. Ground into your life, aligned to your Purpose in 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions.

→ Week Two::

Release outmoded and negative unconscious, mental and emotional patterns and energy that no longer serve you. Update your reference points and belief systems for your Purpose in the New Energy and learn how to locate yourself.

→ Week Three:

Restore the relationship between your Spirit and Nature Consciousness. Release any mechanisms within groups that hold you back from expressing your fullest potential and power including vows, contracts, and Old Energy roles such as martyr, energy dump, or troublemaker.

→ Week Four:

Repair grids in the soul matrix that are broken at ancestral, karmic, and blueprint levels. Update your personality grids and align them to your Purpose in the New Energy.

→ Week Five:

Connect to your new Guides or newly updated Guides who understand the New Energy and will help you continue in your deepening understanding of the new paradigm. How to address doubt that arises about your choices and actions.


Whew! Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? In the past, this amount of spiritual growth would have taken years to accomplish. Now it can be done in just 5 weeks! It’s one of the qualities of the New Energy Paradigm. You’ll be assimilating deep energetic changes very quickly, while radically shifting at mental, emotional and physical levels. I’ll be ensuring that you don’t spin out or disorient with such a rapid change, but you’ll also need to engage with a whole heart and follow through with my tips and guidance on how to easily and quickly assimilate the changes.


In the end…you’ll feel more like YOU than ever before, as all the outdated, coping mechanisms that you have used in the Old Energy Paradigm fall away. Like cleaning and repairing grimy, broken windows, you’ll be sparkly and radiating into the world again. You’ll discover a new ease when it comes to tapping into your potential and expressing it powerfully in the world.

gia’s energy sessions rock! I didn’t feel lost with the rapid change but was startled when what I used to think was “me”…wasn’t! Releasing the old programs that have junked up my soul has been such a relief. -T. L. Arizona

I was surprised how much I was missing the Old Energy Paradigm. Discovering that I was turned around energetically, trying to go back in time and finish old tasks immediately helped me orient and release a dark mood I’d been experiencing. -S. L. Oregon

I am so excited that I can begin to hold a new level of power and Purpose in the third dimension. No more waiting for a world to catch up to me! -C. R. Montana

Ready for the soul adventure of lifetimes?


Thank you for an incredible response to this program! It is now full for this time.

All sessions will be recorded if you can’t listen to them live.


There are two bonuses for you (one of them is time sensitive):

1. Receive a written report about your unique gifts and Purpose.

Make no mistake..you know YOU in the very fabric of your being! This report will help bring that information into your conscious awareness of who you are and what you are here to do. Operating consciously with this information makes all the difference when it comes to offering your value in the world.




If you listen to the first session and don’t resonate to the work, just let me know before the second session and you’ll receive a full refund.

We start on June 3. Additional dates are June 10, 17, 24, and July 1.

Time is 5 pm PACIFIC. Teleconference/webinar information will be emailed to you after signing up.


giabannerPlease join me for your Old Soul Makeover…I would love to help you polish, shine and restore your Soul’s brilliance!