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It’s Time~Mastering Aquarian Groups


Dear Old Soul,

It’s time…

To release the past hurts from your biological family

To stop holding back while waiting for groups to catch up

To stop being unseen and unheard in groups

To stop being affected by group toxicity

To stop being the “canary in the mine” for groups

To stop being in lack

It’s time…

To be loved for being the messenger

To receive to the degree that you give

To attract the right groups for your Purpose

To be honored and cherished in your groups

To experience your highest potential as reality

To thrive and be abundant on Earth now


 It’s time…are you ready?

Please join me and my guides for…

Mastering Aquarian Groups


You’ve been ready for a while to make a difference with your wisdom, gifts and purpose. And yet, you find yourself overlooked, unseen, and misunderstood. Your gifts of empathic sensitivity mean that you are often trying to transmute the group energy with your own body. You wonder when you’ll feel as home here on the planet as you did with your Soul Family.

With the shift of 2012, the world has begun to move into the Aquarian energies and that has brought in new potentials, especially for Groups. Through channeled information, energy meditations, and most importantly new group templates, this program will shift you into the new potential that can become your living reality.

The transformation will start with you as you discover new levels of freedom within groups to be who you are and to bring forth your best gifts. Then the new group templates that you will receive and begin to work with will ripple out into all your groups. The Aquarian Group of equality, freedom and love is an experience unlike any other. It is through your Aquarian groups that you will discover new levels of health, abundance, and joy.

Your biggest challenge is to be willing to let go of lifetimes of hurt, resentment, and fear about groups and to receive a new way of group expression.

Are you ready? Is it your time?

Gia In FieldAbout your hosts and guides: gia combs-ramirez has been working with the Aquarian energies since 2004 when a new energy protocol dropped into her lap during a meditation. At first she thought its purpose was to help with the 2012 shift, but as more information unfolded she realized the energy protocol was for after 2012 when the world shifted into the Aquarian energies. She’s been waiting for new group dynamics to work with for a while and is excited that it’s finally time! Her guides began bringing her the information and energy techniques for this program several months ago. They will be working directly with each participant in this program.

2015 Mastering New Energies

After the first class I feel so incredibly different. Today I feel an ease and freedom within my body…especially my lower body that I have only experienced fleetingly in the past when I am in really, really, high vibrational  groups. Pretty amazing!! ~Amy Hamilton

Energy that was stuck for a loooong time feels flowing and malleable now. Shifting out of the old energy and into the new permeates all areas of my life. This is really powerful stuff, gia! Thank you for being willing to take on the group assignment! ~Julia Aspinwall


Program Details:

5 weekly sessions live and recorded

Information from the Aquarian Guides about the New Groups

Energy healing meditations

Activations for the Aquarian Group Templates

Tips and techniques for working with the Aquarian Group Templates

Sessions accessible via teleconference and webinar format

Meet and Greet My Aquarian Guides in this recorded call!

Session Details:

Session 1:

Old vs New Group Dynamics

Reading Group Energy in your Body

Releasing biological family negative conditioning

 Energy Meditation

Listen to the first session for free!

Session 2:

Receiving the highest potential of every group

Giving your highest potential in every group

Activation of the Aquarian Template

Session 3:

Energetic communication and connection in all dimensions

Free Will and Choice vs Group Dynamics

Being seen and heard for your gifts and purpose

 Energy Meditation

Session 4:

Retraining Mental and Emotional Dialogues

Receiving Abundance in Aquarian Groups

Recalibrating your higher sense perceptions

 Energy Meditation

Session 5:

Seed planting

Staying in integrity

Aquarian Group Mastery Guide

⇒ Bringing in information from other dimensions and time

 Energy Meditation


Are you ready to join us?

Pricing Details


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Crystalline Energy FieldNote: There is a prerequisite for this program, which is an energy meditation for activating your Crystalline Energy System.

If you have not experienced the Crystalline Energy System activation,

please listen before you begin the program.







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