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Increase Productivity by Conquering Procrastination

Productivity, aka “getting things done,” has many enemies. TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and American Idol, beautiful sunny days with white puffy clouds, long phone conversations, surfing the web, and low blood pressure are all productivity derailers….for me that is.

Let me back up just a second. This post joins a group writing project focusing on productivity. Besides a great topic, it increases the productivity of our blogs. A win-win for everyone! I was informed of this great idea by Lexi Sundell of Energies of Creation. The creator of the idea is Ben from Instigator Blog. Okay, commercial done and now back to the regular program on productivity…

My biggest challenge by far with productivity is procrastination. I can stall from moving forward in a timely way with a project until it is midnight of the night before an important event. Suddenly, I have to rewrite or develop original material, all under a time gun. The ensuing results are not stellar and cost me drained adrenals and usually a bad hair day (along with red eyes, etc.). Writer’s block is perhaps one of the worst forms of procrastination out there. I had a block for writing books for about 6 years. It took this blog to get me moving forward with my writing again. (Thank you, blog!) The lesson here is if you can’t get productive with one form of a dream, switch to a different form.

Here are 10 more procrastination-fighting tips:

  1. Know thyself. If you are prone to procrastination, do a little self examining and find out what provokes procrastination. Then create a road map ahead of time, so that when you are in procrastination you can get yourself out easier.
  2. Just 15 minutes. If you can’t get over a procrastination hump, tell yourself you’ll just do 15 minutes and then have permission to stop. Chances are, once started, you’ll continue.
  3. Clarify your intention. Sometimes we procrastinate because we can’t decide which of the many projects to give our time to first. Take a deep breath and go inward for a second. Clarify what your intention for the outcome is. Then ask: What is the next step to take for this intention? Let the answer come to you.
  4. Declutter: Who can think clearly in an office or house full of clutter? If you can’t get started on the top project in your life, declutter and you’ll find new vigor and focus for productivity.
  5. Feel your emotions. If you are processing emotional content and aren’t conscious of it, you can be brought to a dead stop in productivity. Follow the guidelines for processing in my post Emotions as Energetic Messengers.
  6. Clear your energy field of other people’s energy. When everyone else’s energy is in your field, you lose focus and your productivity drops. To keep clear, try getting outside in nature every day, exercising vigorously and take a salt scrub shower periodically (mix sea salt with massage oil and rub all over body before rinsing off). Also learn how to set up and create a powerful energy field to prevent taking on other people’s stuff with my CD.
  7. Tune in to your intuition. Sometimes I can’t move forward because my intuition is trying to communicate something to me. If I think this might be the case, I invite my intuition to bring this information to my conscious mind while sleeping. The next morning I pay attention to my first thoughts or a dream that I had and apply it to the situation at hand.
  8. Pay attention to how you are eating. Find a diet that supports you in staying clear headed with lots energy. Maybe it’s alkanizing your diet, staying away from certain energy robbers like wheat, dairy and sugar or becoming a vegetarian.
  9. Get enough sleep. Hard to be productive, if you are tired.
  10. Keep all your projects in balance. Don’t forge ahead with one project at the expense of others. All those of you who are developing a blog know exactly what I am referring to.

Now that I’ve reminded myself how to get out of procrastination, I’m off to declutter my office and get productive!

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  • Oh, gee. Procrastination can be such a problem for me, too. I’ve been trying to use tip #2 in my life to combat it (with varying degrees of success). Seriouly, I can do just about anything for 15 minutes, right?

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