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How and Why to Assimilate the Energy of 2015

Assimilation Tool

Assimilation Tool

If you’ve missed my New Moon Reading for December, it is now up on YouTube. You can listen to it here: New Moon Reading. The highlights of the month are about this incredible New Moon Energy this weekend coupled with a potent dose of the energy of the Divine Feminine.

Other highlights are the Full Moon on December 25th along with Uranus going direct. Translation…major energy expansion! I offer some suggestions about what to do with all that energy besides partying.
There’s one part of the New Moon Reading where I suggest that this month is a good one for assimilating the energies of 2015. As I start to do speak of that…I get completely overwhelmed with the energy of the year! I got a “deer in the headlights” look at that part of the recording!
I realized I would need a bigger plan of action for assimilating the energy of 2015 and this weekend I’ve been creating one that you can use, too.
Why is it so important to assimilate the high points of 2015? It allows you to build on your success and spring into a new level of potential in 2016. Below I suggest how to do this along with a fun graphic you can use for your own assimilation.
This coming week is the best week energetically for “wrapping up” the energy of 2015. The energy after this week expands tremendously then contracts into a mercury retrograde in early January.
Here are some suggestions for the two main actions to take for wrapping up 2015:
1. Assimilate. Go back through the year, month by month and write down all the great things you did or accomplished each month. These might be internal achievements or external manifestations.
Focus on the highs, the unexpected bonuses, the “nailed it” manifestations. As you write down these memories, really give yourself a standing ovation, and a round of applause and acknowledgement for all that you achieved.
What were the unexpected patterns that emerged from it all? What are you ready to build on? Come up with a one or two description of your personal successes for each month then create a mandala of each month’s highlight in the shape of a spiral. Below is the one I created for myself (I put individual achievements on the outside and other notable moments on the inside).
2. Let Go. On a separate paper, write down all that failed to materialize, crashed and burned, or didn’t reach its fullest potential or that you abandoned. Bless those attempts and perceived failures or mistakes and let go of  the emotions of disappointment, grief, resentment, pain and anger from around your heart. Now burn that paper in a beautiful ceremony of release.
You’ll know you’ve completed assimilating and letting go when your heart feels freer and your intestines feel lighter. The energy of your back loosens up and your front opens in peace and readiness for what’s next.There’s a whole new level of clarity for you when you think back on 2015. In spite of all the chaos in the world, you moved forward in so many ways! Let your individual achievements be what stands out in your mind when you look back on the year and not the global chaos.
Please accept my gift of the graphic shown above so you can record your 2015 Highlights! You can download it here:
Now, that you’ve assimilated and let go, it’s time to start dreaming and visioning for 2016. Please join me for the annual 2016 Energy Reading Guide. It’ll be ready to send to you by the end of the week.
In appreciation of you and your mastery this year,
gia combs-ramirez

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