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The Vault

Crystalline EarthIt’s Time to Release it All

The past 8 years I have offered content rich programs that are filled with energy healing, transformation, and information for these times. Now, in keeping with being an Old Soul and “wrapping it up on Planet Earth,” I am releasing these programs into the world for a one time fee. Released every so often, they run from  2 to 8 modules or more and are worth thousands of dollars.

The oldest class was presented 6 years ago and yet all of the material is timeless and relevant today. Each one being released has been edited, updated and refined.

The one-time membership fee is a “lifetime fee” and includes all past classes and some of my future ones as well. There are lots of energy meditations for healing and growth. Enjoy these at your own pace and discover true joy, conscious expansion and growth like never before.

How do you know if this is for you? It is if…

If you are a self-directed learner and follow through with consistent effort.

If you love metaphysics, new information and are open to growing and transforming.

If you are struggling with the shift from the Old Energy Paradigm, or the chaos that the world is in at the moment.

If you resonate to the description of the programs!

Note: If you see a program that you already took, you’ll be notified when it’s released again.

If you are new to my unique view of the world, please read my bio here.

My areas of expertise and Mastery are:

  • Old Soul Development and Enlightenment
  • Energy Reading/Intuition
  • Energy Healing and Manifesting
  • The Three Phases and Patterns of Transformation
  • New Crystalline Energy System in the World
  • The Crystallines: Masters of Transformation
  • Old Energy Paradigm vs. New Energy Paradigm
  • Piscean vs. Aquarian

Here is a list of the programs already released and the ones that will be released at a future time:

(For more about each program, click on the name/link)

Yup! It’s an entire University of High Vibrational Energy Programs.

(Hint: High Vibration makes it easier for you to operate on planet Earth during these chaotic times).

***Programs include some or all of the following elements:

  • Audio and/or Video presentations
  • Energy Meditations
  • Activations
  • Transcript Manuals or powerpoints with Additional Notes
  • Facebook group to share your wisdom with others and ask questions about the material


Discover new levels of potential,

new worlds to explore, and new power to heal and manifest…

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Of course, there’s a guarantee. Listen to the first program (Old Soul Program) and if you don’t want to continue just let me know and I’ll refund your money.