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Discovery Camp for Crystalline Children and Families

Open to Wonder

Open to Wonder

Join us July 8-13th, 2018 for the

4th Annual Discovery Camp for Families

Diamond J Ranch, Ennis Montana


For healthy children in today’s world, children need two very important “supplements”…

Energy support from their parents

Connection to Earth, Elements, and the magical rhythms of Nature


Join Us for the annual Discovery Camp at Diamond J Ranch in Ennis, Montana

Your kids will experience:

  •  A 4 day camp to realign to the sacred geometry of the natural elements
  • A supportive community that honors them individually while enhancing group interactions
  • Experiences with horses, trees, wilderness; art; games

As parents you will learn and experience:

  • How to create energetic containers for your children in the family and in school
  • Enhance energetic communication and connection between all family members
  • Rest and recuperation (we’ll hold the container for your family)
  • Growth and healing in your family
  • Family time (The ranch is filled with magical spots including the swimming pool complex, labyrinth, hidden mandala garden, hammocks, fishing pond. We are near Yellowstone Park; Historic Virginia City; Lewis and Clark Caverns; River Rafting; Ziplining and much more)

Camp is limited to 6-8 Families or 24 Max. Children 5 and under may come but won’t be part of the camp and will be with their parents (please inquire about their separate fee). Older children will be part of the camp in the morning and with their parents in the afternoon. Parents have their own “camp” in the morning and family time in the afternoon.

Price is $695/person and includes lodging, morning camp for kids; morning camp for parents; art supplies, breakfast and lunch; a horse experience; ranch amenities including swimming; tennis; hiking; labyrinth. Not included is tax, tips, horseback riding or dinners.

For more information and to register please contact djguestranch(at)gmail.com

Want to learn energy techniques for your family in a webinar format?

Crystalline Consciousness Technique offers a webinar class for families to learn energy tools and techniques to enhance your child’s energetic nature.


  • About the Crystalline Energy System that your kids are using and how to support them energetically
  • How to set up powerful fields of high vibration and protection for your children individually and for their groups (family, school, sports, etc).
  • Techniques to help with dyslexia, disorientation, time challenges and more
  • How to clear their Crystalline Energy Field and the Gap (when not cleared except stormy weather)
  • How to telepathically communicate with them through the Crystalline Energy Field


Family of 1 parent; 2 kids under 12: $549

  • Class includes 1 Manual; Sacred Geometry Cards for each member; Mandala Charts for everyone; Recorded Activations; 4 Webinar Classes

Family with multiple parents; children under the age of 12 and children over the age of 13: $750

  • Class includes Several Manuals; Sacred Geometry Cards for each member; Mandala Charts for everyone; Recorded Activations; 4 Webinar Classes

Next Class Starts: October 4th

Note: These are awesome energy techniques but won’t work if you don’t practice them and use them consistently!

Register now!

Smaller Family: $549

Bigger Family: $750