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Homestudy Program for Transformative Self Healing

Golden Spiral

Achieve grace, ease and power with the Map of Transformation

Are you ready…

To develop the emerging Crystalline Energy System?

To maintain a high vibration for health and happiness?

To protect your energy ?

To uncover new levels of healing potential?


Then please join the homestudy program to…

The Sacred Map of Transformation!



The ranch where I grew up and still live!

My Story:

Hi, I’m gia combs-ramirez and I have been studying energy and transformation my whole life…although I didn’t know it at first! I grew up on a beautiful ranch in Montana. My friends were a herd of horses who taught me things such as how to read energy, connect to the environment around me, communicate with animals and humans through the energy field and how groups work.

I thought that everyone knew these things!

It took me a long time to understand that was not the case. I went from pure joy and oneness with everything to a long time of being very unhappy and discontent. When I began my own journey of seeking, I wanted to regain that amazing joy I had as a child. But then something else began to grow in me as well…a sense that I would bring something new to the planet. I had no idea what that was but it was there within me making me seek something….but what?giaandtree

In the 1990’s I went through a series of “awakenings” to my gifts of healing, and intuitive skills. These awakenings (which I now know are the first phase of the sacred Map of Transformation), were joyful events as I remembered more of who I was at a soul level.

But then my external world would come crashing down on me (part of the second phase of the Divine Map of Transformation).  I didn’t know what else to do but to keep moving forward, trusting that my Higher Divine Self and Universe had some sort of bigger plan about it all. It was incredibly painful, though.

At the time I was studying energy healing techniques to further my massage therapy training in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Each technique was more subtle than the last. I thought I was ready to teach these modalities to others and began creating classes and programs. These were good to “get my toe in the water” experiences but I felt such a discrepancy between my inner self and what I “knew” and my outer self and what I was doing.

Then one day I sat down with a friend to meditate. Without knowing it, the time had arrived to bring in something new! During the meditation a revolutionary energy technique downloaded and I began to use it in healing sessions. For the past 12 years I have worked with this energy technique, and the energy system that it was created for, through classes and programs. Called Crystalline Consciousness Technique™, my own understanding of why it arrived on the planet now has grown exponentially since its first arrival.

This technique is all about the amazing shift that we are in. Our world is changing and we need to change with it. The CCT system of energy addresses the energy challenges that we are facing and gives us a simple but highly effective way to order and organize our worlds. It’s all about transforming!

Now I want to offer you the Three Keys to the Map of Transformation in a simple, safe and self-paced way…

Developed for you to work at your own pace, you’ll explore the world of energy, the new energy system that has emerged and how to work with it, as well as your Soul’s unique path and journey. The benefits are beyond measure as well as unique to each person. An increase in joy and sense of purpose, new levels of creative and manifesting power in the world, healing and anti-aging, and new levels of connecting with the natural world around you are just a few of the benefits. It’s a sense of homecoming only experienced spontaneously by a few. You’ll feel you have finally arrived when your inner soul meets your external life in a perfect fit.

Colin-Magic of Being-Spheres 1

A proven way to work with energy that aligns you to the Golden Spiral

What’s in the program?

The home study program consists of 3 key classes with video lessons, manuals, recorded activations and a Facebook group for sharing and any questions you might have going forward.

What are the 3 Keys? Read on!

Key 1: Awakening to your Energetic Self

Learn about…

  • The new energy system on the planet and why it’s so needed now
  • Your electromagnetic field and how to protect it with a fast and easy energy protocol
  • Group energy and how to feel connected and safe in any group
  • The Crystalline Energy Field and how it works with vibration
  • The new Group Dynamics available on the planet at this time
  • How to develop your observation skills for reading energy
  • Receive an activation for unlocking the protocol

Setting up my fields every day has transformed my personal, family and work life. And best of all…it’s fast and easy!” -M. Jatz, Chicago

Key 2: Navigating The Sacred Map of Transformation

  • Receive 3 activations for unlocking the power of the Sacred Map
  • Learn the foundational protocol for working with the Sacred Map of Transformation
  • Explore and work with Sacred Geometry
  • Reconnect to your I AM self, your unique connection to the Divine
  • Become consciously intentional in your life
  • Heal old traumas that are keeping you anchored in the past
  • Learn healing techniques to work on yourself
  • Learn Muscle Testing to increase intuition
  • Bonus! A free copy to Transformation: The Emergence of the Crystalline System 

I love doing my self healing protocol every night. I sleep better and wake up with new insights about my life.” -J. Hamich, Vancouver

Key 3: Becoming a Master of Transformation (delivered after you finish Keys 1 and 2)

  • Learn about Transformation patterns based on the Sacred Map of Transformation
  • Learn to recognize the patterns of others and how to respond to them
  • Learn how to apply the qualities of Master of Transformation to your life
  • Bonus! A free copy to The Way of Transformation: Discovering the Divine Map to Unlock Your Highest Potential

This information has been such an eye opener! It’s completely changed my relationship to myself and how to interact with others.” -P. Britton, Florida

Note: This program is meant for personal use only. If you are a professional in the healing, coaching, therapy or intuitive worlds and would like to immerse yourself in the CCT energy system for accelerated results for your clients, you can sign up for all six levels or take classes individually. For more info about each class please go here. If you are interested in signing up for all 6 professional classes and save check for the link below.

What past participants are saying:

CCT has changed my life forever. I feel I finally understand the so-called invisible part of life that everyone ignored but that I was aware of. I have such a strong sense of knowing how I belong in the world now. A. Grant, Ohio

These tools are incredible for me! I finally understand the process of spiritual transformation and how to work with it instead of being sideswiped by it. I feel like I’ve finally arrived. R. Lee, Alberta, Canada

It’s hard to put into words the amount of appreciation I have for this work. I am so empowered in my life now with the tools and techniques I have learned. For myself, my business (secret weapon) and my family…this has been heaven sent.  I am so joyful all the time! S. Hickenlooper, Texas

photo by Clea G. Hall

Learn to work with Sacred Geometry

Benefits with this program are many and unique to each individual. Some of the experienced benefits are:

  • Consciously understanding who you are at a Soul level
  • Learn how to work with energy without creating negative side effects for yourself or others
  • Work smarter and more efficiently by taking care of the energy first
  • Increase your joy and confidence
  • Learn about higher levels of consciousness
  • Understand the Divine Map of Transformation and align your actions to it
  • Increase intuition and reading energy
  • Transform your business, your self and your family into their highest potentials
  • Become an empowered manifester

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You’re not comfortable learning and growing
  • You are invested in being disempowered through ongoing conflicts and in being right
  • You don’t want to be self-responsible for the outcome of your life
  • You’re not ready to discover who you truly are
  • You have credit card and other debts that need to be taken care of first

The Program Components:

  • Recorded calls for listening to in your own timing
  • Two manuals
  • Recorded videos to accompany the manuals for each class
  • A journaling site to continue to develop your energy reading skills
  • A Facebook group for connecting with others in the program

Want more experiential info? I address FAQ’s and give you a taste of the protocols right here:

Crystalline Energy System

Start your journey to become a Master of Transformation

Launching all new in October, 2017

Price: $499

One payment

Two Payments

Three Payments 

Guarantee: If after learning the first Key you are not happy with the program for any reason, please ask for a refund. Offer is good for 1 month only after receiving the course.

There are 3 Lovely Bonuses! Receive…

Transformation: The Emergence of the Crystalline System

(the story of how CCT began)

The Way of Transformation: Discovering the Divine Map to Unlock Your Highest Potential

(Understanding the Transformation Types)

A $250 Discount to the Professional 3-day Retreat

(deepen in your skills and take them to the next level with your clients)