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Creating Intentions with Heart

According to the Law of Attraction, the Universe responds to an intention by bringing it into form. For the most part, an intention is a thought form. But we have hundreds of thousands of thoughts at any given time. What makes one thought create something new in your life?

A typical scenario for many of us is the following: Imagine you are sitting on a freeway, stuck in traffic. The next thing you know you are day dreaming about an earthquake of tremendous magnitude hitting the freeway, causing death and mayhem including your own. You see your family going into shock upon the news and then the ensuing funeral with a long line of black cars slowly driving to the cemetery. Suddenly you snap back to reality. Time to start driving again.

Luckily the Universe doesn’t respond to certain thoughts.

The mind is limited by nature. Its job is to compare and analyze with its primary driving force being one of survival. The thoughts that arise from the biological mind are rarely original. Often they are someone else’s thoughts that we have picked up on like random radio stations. Or they can be a verbalization of energies that our body has picked up on. Because the biological mind only listens from a place of survival, it’s interpretation of these energies will always be from the point of view of friend or foe. Have you ever listened to someone who seems to be speaking just to hear themselves talk? That is the nature of the biological mind.

If your consciousness is centered in the biological mind, you’ll create intentions that have no breadth or depth. They’ll come from a place of “shoulds” or from the outside in. If you are creating intentions for yourself that are driven by what is happening around you, they will not have the power necessary to activate the Law of Attraction. An example might be deciding to write a blog because everyone else around you is writing a blog. I call these disembodied intentions.

If your consciousness is centered in your spiritual heart, you’ll create intentions that are fully embodied, filled with power that the universe responds to immediately. I use my random thoughts to drop more fully into what is really going on within myself. These lead me to the spiritual heart and what it is yearning or desiring to bring in. My consciousness must switch, however, from just perceiving around me to perceiving within me. And I must not interpret my inner sensations from the biological mind, but instead allow the consciousness of the heart to flow into my mind. Once that has occurred, then my biological mind can form an intention that is heart empowered and fully embodied. Trust me, the Universe will respond.

Try the following meditation and observe if your intention changes or feels differently:

Sit with your eyes closed. Tune into your thoughts. Create an intention for yourself based on your thoughts. Now bring your awareness into your breath. Allow your breath to deepen and slow down. Just observe the different sensations in your body with the rise and fall of your breath. Bring your awareness into your spiritual heart, located in the middle of the chest between your shoulder blades. Begin to breathe into your spiritual heart (just use your imagination to do this). With your awareness in your spiritual heart place, your intention created in your head within it. Let it go. Now imagine a connection between your spiritual heart and your mind. Allow this connection to grow stronger and stronger with each breath. Keep your awareness in the spiritual heart. Allow any sensations to move from the spiritual heart to the mind. Staying relaxed just observe them. After several minutes or when you feel quiet and ready, ask your spiritual heart, “What is my embodied intention?” Allow whatever comes up to be in any form such as a picture, feeling or words. It might be completely different than what you started with. It might be similar but slightly different. Once you have the embodied intention in your mind, let the mind create a sentence with it. Then place it into your spiritual heart and release it to the Universe.

Today is my son’s football game in the state playoffs. My disembodied intention was to park in a place where I could watch the game from my car. After following the above meditation, my spiritual heart showed me a different place to be, standing outside with what is going to be a large, small town event for Ennis. Where I park my car doesn’t matter. My embodied intention became, “To be in the right place for connecting and healing the heart energy of the town.”

I’m not sure if we’ll win the game, but something wonderful will happen I’m sure!

Now it’s your turn: Share your results—from disembodied mind to embodied heart intentions in the comments below.

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  • Well, we didn’t win the game. In fact we got trounced 48-15. But in the middle of the game, a flock of snow geese flew over the field in perfect formation, then stopped and circled above the field for a while before forming up and flying south again. My heart loved the sight!


  • Thank you, Warren. I agree with you concerning many thoughts being received signals.
    I will be trying out the meditation.
    Peace and wonder,

  • …my apologies, Gia!