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The Arcturian Transmissions

crop_circles_swirlThe veils are lifting…

I am excited to launch the Science of Energy Healing Mentoring Program. Join me in a 6 month study/learning/mentoring course. This program provides advanced levels of information and instruction about energy science from the galactic multidimensional beings and creators of crop circles, the Arcturians.

Each month will focus on a different topic. Participants will receive a weekly lesson, homework for deepening into the lesson, and suggested resources for following up. There will also be a monthly podcast healing for that month’s focus. To continue the conversation and the community experience, participants can share their questions, concerns, insights and wisdom with the other participants and myself exclusively in the SOEH Mentoring Program forum (on Facebook).

Throughout this course you will experience personal and spiritual growth, an increase in vibration giving you access to new levels of your own potential, and an increase in higher sense perceptions. More importantly, you will be able to begin to tap into your own unique wisdom that you have brought to Earth.

You can take the course for personal/spiritual growth or you can give it a focused intent such as growing your business, moving into soul purpose, mastering higher sense perception, or improving yourself as healer, artist or musician (to name just a few examples). This course is ideal for those in the healing arts professions, leaders of emerging fields, artists, musicians and anyone with an interest in metaphysics. If you feel a strong positive response to this post and you don’t fit one of those categories, then consider it ideal for you as well!


Topics covered by the Aquarians are:

  • Energetics of the Mind
  • Energetics of Emotions
  • The Soul’s Energetic Journey
  • Time Mastering
  • Energetic Vibration
  • Accessing Your Soul’s Purpose

This mentoring program includes:

  • 24 lessons featuring unique and specific information about the month’s focus
  • A video webinar discussing each month’s theme
  • A podcast healing meditation each month
  • Facebook Forum for community interaction

Benefits include:

  • Understanding your energetic nature
  • Accessing your core essence and wisdom
  • Becoming a master of form and energy
  • Graceful transitioning into the New Energy Paradigm
  • New levels of spiritual growth and awakening
  • Freedom within physical form
  • Advanced energy healing
  • Meeting and conversing with kindred spirits
  • Living fully present at a new level of potential, in joy and the vibration of love
  • A direct energetic connection with the Arcturians

Note: There are different levels of mastery achievable with this course, depending on your level of consciousness when you begin the program. All parts of the program (except the teleconference calls) will be available in the SOEH Mentoring Program archives, and you can continue to grow and expand in your conscious understanding and mastery of the material by “retaking it” at any time.


Who are the Arcturians?

So glad you asked! The Arcturians are a group of master beings who have been supporting the evolutionary transition that the planet is currently undergoing. They are the creators of crop circles. As such they have advanced information about manifesting through many dimensions and they share that information in this mentoring program.

Here’s what some of the current participants are saying:

“Amazing! This information is fascinating and extremely helpful to me. The energy of the Arcturians is clear, sweet and strong.”

“Each week continues to surprise me with the information that comes in.”

“The monthly healing meditations have been very powerful and I love sharing my experience with the other participants on the forum.”

“From the moment I signed up I felt a shift in energy. Life just seemed to be smoother, easier and more joyful.”


Some of the highlights from the lessons

  • Choose 3 life areas for showcasing the Mentoring Program
  • Distinguish between biological mind and Conscious Intelligence
  • Receive new codes within the intestines to prepare for new expressions of form
  • Discover the true nature of emotions
  • Release grief
  • Access information such as from the ancient Mayans via the Emotional Channel
  • Become consciously seated in your soul’s point of view.
  • Create a better fit between the personality and the soul.
  • The evolving left and right brains and how they relate to personality and soul.
  • Your unique time signature
  • Travel in time to heal at the source

Bonus Meditations:

  • Crystalline Energy System Activation
  • Meeting the Arcturians

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime ???

  • $495  at the time of registering OR

If you decide the course isn’t for you after the first two lessons, we’ll cheerfully refund your money!