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Healing The Emotional Body | Mastering Emotions

Discover how to master your emotional life

Join me for a webinar class to fully understand and work

with your emotions in a positive and empowering way

Did you know…

We signed up to be here on planet Earth exactly at this time to help with the current transformation we are in.

At this point you might be thinking…What were we thinking? Even though being in the trenches (so to speak) has been very challenging (and if it hasn’t for you..you need to be teaching a class!), we are not alone. We are receiving a tremendous amount of help and guidance from a host of light beings who are helping adjust our energetic selves as needed.

These light beings and my guides want us to get a new emotional body to help with assimilating the energy coming from the galactic center during the next 2 years.

This class will bring that in for you, and also share conscious information about how to better work with your emotions, so that life can be a lot more fun and a lot less painful!

In this class you’ll learn:

  • How emotions and the emotional body are the bridge to your energetic self
  • How the unhealed emotional body leads to physical pain, illness, weight gain, allergies, bacterial and virus imbalances, and the foundation of other  diseases
  • How the unhealed emotional body leads to mental stress which leads to the chemistry of stress and rapid aging, muddled thinking and logic, and mental discord
  • How the unhealed emotional body prevents you from healing from traumas, shuts down creativity, and limits mental problem-solving

Class benefits include:

  • How to recognize YOUR emotions
  • Shift from controlling your emotions to mastering your emotions
  • A quick and easy way to address your emotions
  • Identify the 3 levels of the emotional body and which one you’re working from
  • Release stuck emotions out of the physical, mental and energetic bodies
  • Release your emotions from past traumatic events
  • Release toxic emotional sludge from the physical body
  • Release recycling negative mental thoughts
  • Becoming fully responsible for your emotional state, a prerequisite for enlightenment and fully activated spiritual free will and choice
  • Increase your emotional intelligence…the most important aspect for achieving success in relationships and business
  • A clearing, and healing of the emotional body during class and an exercise for doing it on your own
  • Reprogramming your emotions from the ego to your Higher Self
  • Become a happy, joyful participant in your life
  • The energetic download from my guides and other light beings for the new and improved emotional body

Module One: Emotional/Physical

  • Learn how emotions show up in the physical
  • Learn how to clear old emotional content out of the physical body
  • Learn how to determine whose emotions are they
  • Releasing emotional attachments to stuff
  • Learn how to enhance your physical body performance with emotions
  • Receive a healing for the emotional body and the emotional/physical body interface
  • Q and A

Module Two: Emotional/Mental

  • Learn how emotions show up in the mind and mental body
  • Learn how to clear old emotional content out of the mental body
  • Releasing emotional attachments to belief systems and past traumas
  • Learn how to enhance the mental creativity and strategizing with emotions
  • Receive a healing for the emotional body and the emotional/mental body interface
  • Q and A

Module Three: Emotional/Spiritual

  • Setting the emotional field to your higher self
  • Learn how to clear old emotional content out of the spiritual body
  • Learn how to access your guides and higher self via the emotions
  • Receive a healing for the emotional body and the emotional/spiritual body interface
  • Q and A

Class includes:

  • Three 50-75 min audio modules
  • Three healing sessions
  • PDF file of notes with accompanying photos to enhance the healing sessions

Class Fee: Click here to register

  • $99