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Marketing Your Purpose from the Inside Out

Living One with Your Purpose

Dear Purpose-full Soul,


Are you passionate about what you offer but can’t stand marketing it?


Do you feel you have to be someone else (like a used car salesman) when you market?


Does it seem like no one is listening or responding to what YOU have to offer?


Then, I have a class for you…

Marketing Your Purpose From The Inside Out


I’ll let you in on a cosmic secret:

Marketing is meant to be part of expressing your life purpose.

If you are sharing your Life Purpose with others…Congratulations! It’s a sacred and joyful feeling.

Until you have to market it.

It’s like taking a beautiful, new, shiny piece of jewelry and then cleaning toilets with it. Ugggg….

If that’s not bad enough, there’s the amount of time it takes to market. I used to spend 80% of my time marketing, when what I wanted to do was spend that time expressing my life purpose through my classes and products.

So I decided to flip that old marketing paradigm on its head and make marketing as sacred and joyful as the other ways I express my Life Purpose. Using the gifts that came with my Life Purpose (that’s one of the steps in the process), I created a fun and easy protocol and process for marketing my Purpose. Now my marketing carries all the love, passion and joy that I feel because it isn’t separate from my Life Purpose any more.


Here’s what else the protocol and process does for me:

Identifies the right people to take the class so I know who I am writing to

Let’s me tap into my intuition, wisdom and guidance for details about the class

Makes marketing fun and gets me great results (I spend less energy on marketing and more energy on my classes)

Let’s me use my life purpose gifts to benefit myself as well as others

Eliminates the frustrating sense of trying to get a word in edgewise with others who are marketing in the same field

Keeps me in alignment with my values

Helps me actually refine and create a better class

Creates energetic resonance that makes it easier for people to recognize if this is the right class or product for them or not


Here’s what it doesn’t do:

😡 Create a false sense of urgency to get people to sign up

😡 Seduce or manipulate people with my words

😡 Address people’s neediness versus their needs

😡 Make me fit into other people’s marketing expectations (round peg in square hole syndrome)


So how can YOU learn and apply “Marketing Your Purpose From The Inside Out” for your classes or products?

By taking my two-day webinar class that teaches both the Protocol and the Process
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Part One: The Protocol (5 Module Webinar)

  • Learn the unique energy protocol for focusing your creative energies
  • Connect to your Life Purpose and gifts in a guided visualization
  • Release blocks about creativity and financial abundance
  • Open to your intuition, wisdom and inner guidance
  • Move into Right Timing for Power of Presence
  • Access the sweet spot for creating a marketing plan anytime you want
  • Discover your unique marketing style (hint: it has to do with your Life Purpose)
  • Receive the Protocol Manual and divination deck

Part Two: The Process (3 Module Webinar)

  • Discover how to work with Flow not Force
  • Learn to read the signs all around you as you step into the Magic of Marketing
  • Discover your Inner Compass and the Power of your Purpose
  • Learn how to access your internal oracle to discover who you are writing to (i.e. identify your clients)
  • Learn how to write great copy for your Life Purpose products or classes
  • Get a simple but profound marketing strategy
  • Experience marketing as part of your Life Purpose (really and truly!)
  • Align your values to your marketing
  • Receive the MPIO Process Manual
  • Actually create Marketing for one of your products (and get feedback)


If you are willing to…

increase your joy, ease and success about sharing your Life Purpose…

release old belief systems, skepticism and resistance about marketing…

learn how to use your inner guidance and wisdom to access marketing information that is aligned to your values and Purpose…

allow resonance and right timing to determine if this is the right class for you…

Then please join me for this deeply profound, yet fun and easy webinar class!

This process was so fun. For the first time I knew who I was writing to from my inner knowing not my head. I knew what to say and what to offer and felt enlivened by the process. And I got great results, too! -Scott McBride, Ray of Life Healing

I’ve never been comfortable with my writing skills and always felt blocked when it came time to write marketing copy. This protocol unleashed my inner creative voice and I couldn’t stop writing! Even more importantly, it powerfully resonated with my audience. -Sue Butterfield, Sedona Events

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And listen to this free recording: Help! My Life Purpose Has Fallen and Can’t Get Up

Get the free Marketing Banner  with the 7 processes for Marketing Your Purpose from the Inside Out.

I love gia’s classes. They always deliver more than promised! -Amy Hamilton  Ask Amy

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