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CCT Professional Levels 1 and 2

crystallinesystemfrontcover smallDiscovering the Map of Transformation

June 9, 10, 11

Diamond J Ranch, Ennis, Montana

Have you taken the CCT homestudy program and are ready for the next step?

Are you in a professional healing, intuitive counseling or coaching business and want energy tools to get accelerated and lasting transformation with your work?

Are you interested in exploring the New Energy Paradigm (or New Earth) that is here now and discovering new miraculous potentials in transformative healing and manifesting or creating?

Please join us for the annual in-house retreat for CCT Professional Levels 1 and 2 at the Diamond J Guest Ranch in Ennis, Montana. The Diamond J is the home of Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ and provides a superb experiential environment to learn CCT.

In this three day retreat you’ll learn and receive:

  • Protocols for both Levels 1 and 2
  • What the Crystalline Energy System is and how CCT accesses the gifts of the system
  • How to connect to the Golden Crystalline Grid
  • Over 6 healing sessions and 6 energy meditations
  • How to work with the Group Circle Chart and address transformation in groups
  • How to work with energy-infused Sacred Geometry shapes for accelerated healing and manifesting
  • How to protect your energy field, and create group resonance and connection
  • How to weave in other protocols with the CCT protocol
  • Transformation patterns and how to read them in other people
  • Muscle Testing
  • Professional Certification for using CCT as an energy technique in your practice (along with listing on the website and other support)

Note: You do not have to take the homestudy course first to take these two levels.

You’ll receive your manual, charts, 3 activations and Crystalline Symbol prior to class in 3 short webinars.

Day One on the Ranch:

  • Morning: Receive the I AM energy meditation that helps heal the crystalline blueprint; Learn the Level 1 protocol for Setting up Individual and Group Crystalline Energy Fields; Meet the Golden Crystalline Grid; Muscle Testing
  • Afternoon: Take the Transformation Type Assessment test; Learn CCT table work: Receive and give a session; OR Learn how to give a CCT Coaching Session

Day Two:

  • Morning: Discussion about Transformative Healing or Coaching and letting CCT do the work; Energetic Integrity in a Healing or Coaching Situation; Tablework
  • Afternoon: Transformative Healing or Coaching in a Chair and Distance Session

Day Three:

  • Morning: Practice with different types of sessions (Distance, Chair, Table)
  • Afternoon: Group Circle Chart; Professional Certification 

Energy Exchange for CCT Levels 1 and 2 is $549.

Pay in one payment.

Pay in five payments (available in January).

Pay in 4 payments (available in February).

Pay in 3 payments (available in March).

Pay in 2 payments (available in April).

Wait! Do you love CCT and want to enroll in a comprehensive program while learning Levels 1-6?

For more information about each level click here.

Taking each class separately you’ll pay nearly $3000. Enroll now for Levels 1-6 and save $500. You can take these classes over 1-2 years (fast track format or slower paced). Two of the classes are in person retreats (Level 2 and Level 4). All others are webinar formats (but may also be offered in person). Payments may be spread out over two years.

Want a conversation first before enrolling? Contact gia at ramblerg(at) for a consultation to answer all your questions.

One payment: $2495

24 Monthly Payments: $103