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Personal/Spiritual Growth

Near where I live there's a beautiful 100 year old church with the most wonderful stained glass windows.  The foundations, though, have lost their ability to support the church and so now it's being renovated. It's quite the task! They had to pick the church up and move it over to the side, while protecting [...]


We are energetic beings. Our planet is currently going through a Shift of Ages that is an energetic event. I have been tracking, studying and reading the energy of this shift or transformation for the past 8 years. No, we're not going to experience the end of the world....only the end of the world as [...]


It's been waaaaaayyyyyy too long since I've written a post for my blog. This is a symptom that shows up a lot in my life right now. I've got the to-do list, my places of follow up, my inner wisdom and knowing and yet I just can't seem to do anything in a timely way [...]


Just in case you missed the memo, we are in a time of intense planetary transformation as we close one 26,000 year cycle and open a new one. Historically these are times of extreme Earth events including pole shifts (aka "civilization downer") . Although there are plenty of Earth and planetary events occurring I do [...]


We are a passionate species. Which is good. Our passion feeds our heart which makes us care about making a difference. Our passion feeds our sense of purpose which makes us push past seemingly impossible odds. And our passion feeds our voices which make us speak with conviction and inspiration. But sometimes our passion loses [...]


Want to know how to make resolutions that really work (and are fun, too?) Learn the power of the Micro Resolution and how to create them.


I woke very early this clear morning in time to see the moon set. It was spectacular. I felt myself fill with gratitude for this beautiful, celestial companion to Earth, to us. This full moon in Aries during the month of Libra could possibly be challenging. Aries is the sign of "me" while Libra is [...]


I was out of timing from my teens to my 40s. This is NOT an easy way to move through life. With the help of Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ this changed allowing me to experience grace, oneness with Life, telepathy, effective and powerful communication, synchronicities, and healing and success in my life. 2011 is the year [...]


Did you feel the acceleration of energy this week? As we zoom out of Mercury Retrograde there are 3 transformational shifts you need to make before the end of the year.


Dogs accomplish in one year what it take us to accomplish in 7. What if you could live your life in dog years? What would you accomplish?