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Show and Tell

by gia combs-ramirez on April 9, 2013

I've always said, I don't just like to talk about energy, but I like to have people experience it as well. That's certainly easy when I'm talking to a group of people, but could I pull it off in a book? Transformation: The Emergence of the Crystalline System, which I just published on Amazon, explains [...]


Did you know that your emotional body is key in creating physical health? If you don't have a healthy and clear emotional body, then it doesn't matter what supplements, or health routines you use or practice, your physical body will not get better. Toxic emotions bind with heavy metals and other toxins in the body,  [...]

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The angels are coming! The angels are coming! Find out why in this second installment about our emotional bodies.

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Discover why our emotional bodies will be so important in the next 2 years.

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Find out how to heal your emotional body and master your emotions for complete success in all of your endeavors and in preparation for 2012.


Crystalline Emotions

by gia combs-ramirez on January 26, 2011

Before now there were two levels of emotions...biological and spiritual. A new emerging level takes both of these and creates crystalline emotions. Before explaining the benefits of having crystalline emotions let me explain how emotions rule our lives. Emotions can strengthen us physically or make us ill and more prone to viral and bacterial illness. [...]

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Note: This week is the last week of Mercury Retrograde, the second of three Super New Moons in a row, when the moon is the closest to the Earth, and the anniversary of 9/11. I have been drawing cards from two divination decks used in Crystalline Consciousness Technique to help shift some of the bigger [...]


Note: Mercury Retrograde is a good time to release whatever might be blocking you from moving forward, growing, thriving. During this last week of Mercury Retrograde let's let go of those blocks for good. With the help of the two divination decks used in Level 3 Crystalline Consciousness Technique a card is drawn that vibrationally [...]


Releasing Fear

by gia combs-ramirez on September 6, 2010

Note: Mercury Retrograde is a good time to release what is blocking you from moving forward, growing, thriving. Recently I've started working with the two divination decks used in Level 3 Crystalline Consciousness Technique in a new way. One card is drawn to help release resistance, pain, blame, guilt, judgment, fear and more of the [...]


Something very curious is happening. I've been fundraising for Lexi Sundell, a dear friend and cofounder of Crystalline Conscoiusness Technique. She has been seriously ill due to horrific dental problems and the solution is drastic intervention and removal of all her teeth. Not a nice prognosis. And the amount of money that needs to be [...]