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2012 Predictions

There are lots of predictions about the window of time Dec 21-23. The group that I've been working with went through a mini-experience of the energies of this time window and found it nothing to fear. It is an energy experience and our bodies know how to handle energy, even when it can get a [...]


These past 11 months has been rapid transformation that seemed capable of leaping tall buildings in a single bound. Each day felt weeks long. Last week seems like it was 6 months ago already. These are the indicators of your own rapidly expanding consciousness and energy. Physical body symptoms abounded (and are still abounding) as [...]

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It's been waaaaaayyyyyy too long since I've written a post for my blog. This is a symptom that shows up a lot in my life right now. I've got the to-do list, my places of follow up, my inner wisdom and knowing and yet I just can't seem to do anything in a timely way [...]


Just in case you missed the memo, we are in a time of intense planetary transformation as we close one 26,000 year cycle and open a new one. Historically these are times of extreme Earth events including pole shifts (aka "civilization downer") . Although there are plenty of Earth and planetary events occurring I do [...]


On May 20, 2012 (in the Western hemisphere), there is a solar eclipse with the Earth, Moon, and Sun all aligning not only to each other but also the star Alcyone in the Pleiades cluster. This Great Pleaidian alignment has major significance as we end the 26,000 year cycle with the Pleiades (which I call [...]


This year is not business as usual. It's time to align your life, work and consciousness to the planet and the cosmos. It's time to hold a planetary party for the end of a 26,000 year-long cycle.


From Old Energies to New

by giacr on December 18, 2011

Have you been noticing that it is very difficult to get situations to resolve quickly, or your goals to manifest as they used to? I originally thought it was Mercury Retrograde that we just came out of, but there is something else that is going on. I have been studying this planetary transformation that we are [...]

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The End of Karma

by gia combs-ramirez on December 7, 2011

In my ebook, 3 Game Changers in 2012, I wrote that our negative karma from past lives will be cleared (like emptying the cache on your computer). If you are wondering why, the short, short answer is because in the New Energy Paradigms, we won't be focusing on clearing up our past, but in creating [...]

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