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Carnival of Creative Growth #33: It’s Been Fun

And I am thrilled to be turning this carnival back to Lexi Sundell. I have a lot more appreciation for all the great carnivals she’s had in the past for me and all of you. Hopefully, she’ll want to pick it up again after her nice, long summer vacation…right, Lexi!??

(Note: If you are receiving this via email, you may have to visit the blog to get the links for these great posts.)

This carnival’s theme features three qualities from The Alchemy Stones created by M.E. Warlick. They are always right on target.

The first quality or stone represents where you are today in the present moment, the second where you are coming from, and the third where you are heading to. I intuit which post goes under which quality. Read one or two from each section and let them inspire you in new directions, ideas, and ah has! in your own creative endeavors. Remember…the right energetic stance for the world is to be fully in the present, while supported by the past and open to future potential.

Where You Are: Alembic: Observe what you have set in motion. Patiently wait for the outcome. Careful evaluation will help you recognize when to act.

MBB presents Battling Blogger Burn Out and Lack Of Blog Posting Frequency. MBB says, “Bloggers Block afflicts everyone..take some time off to get back into the blogging groove.”

Will presents Making Money Online, Ten Things I Wish I Knew As A Beginner. Will says, “Everyone wants their blog to be successful. Here’s a rundown of what you really need to focus on, besides providing content.”

Lisa Jey Davis presents How to Deal with Flaky People. Lisa, aka Ms. Cheevious, says, “Ever get frustrated with how flaky people are these days? Even Ms. Cheevious falls victim to the Flakes of LA – but she is no worse for it! In fact, she finds her luck only gets better as people flake out! The Moral: Don’t let the flakes get you down, and simply enjoy every moment!”

Richard Johnson presents How to Become an Innovative and/or Imaginative Thinker – Part Two. Richard says, “This article explains in detail how work ethic principals that encourage innovation and imagination can be applied by an individual in her or his work.”


Where You’ve Been: Nigredo: Reducing down to essentials and concentrating your efforts. Holding back in some way to recuperate and to recover your inner strength.

Erin Pavlina presents Are You Afraid to Be Rich? Erin says, “I thought that rich people were all greedy, and that most of them had probably sold their soul to the devil in order to attain their wealth. I had some pretty negative and limiting beliefs about wealth.

Lexi Sundell presents How
to Get Unstuck from a Long Term Pattern in Life
Lexi discusses mentally driven versus heart centered methods.

David B Bohl presents Beating The Culture of Fear. David says, “You hear it on the news every day, the list of things you’re supposed to be afraid of today. Whether it’s killer cholesterol in your food, hidden terrorist cells or menacing muggers on the street, it seems that you can hardly draw a breath these days without the risk of inhaling a fatal dose of fear. But is there, really, all that much to be afraid of?

Daniel Roach presents How to Transform Teasing and Overcome Ridicule. Daniel says, “Ridicule is something we all expected to ditch once we left the playgrounds as children. Adults seemed smarter, more mature, less likely to judge others prematurely. It is frightening at times how little adults have grown away from their more childish tendencies. If anything we’ve gotten smarter and far more dangerous.”

Anand presents 3 Easy Ways to Change Your Emotional State Instantly. Anand says, “The quality of our lives is the quality of our emotions. This article details 3 unique ways to instantly put yourself in a positive emotional state when you are feeling down.”

Carole Gold presents It’s All About Energy. Carole says, “What’s the secret to successful, long-lasting relationships?


Where You’re Headed: Athanor: Notice the strength and protection of the forces that are beginning to surround you. Begin applying heat to your projects. Act with care and moderation.

CG Walters presents The Words We Use Maintain Our Confinement. CG says, “Words are symbolic carriers of our intention or our nature. They are tools to share ourselves with others, personally, culturally, and spiritually. Quite often they communicate other or more than we than we specifically intend.”

Andrew Rondeau presents Enhance Your Chance Of Success. Andrew says “GPS usually stands for “Global Positioning System” But better still it should stand for “Growth Plan for Success.” You need a plan to reach any stage of success, and success usually is a result of personal growth. So what should you consider for your plan?”

Patrick A. Sizemore presents Working in a Crappy, Interrupting, Distracting Place – The Fifth Dimension. Patrick says, “I think you’ll like this one – spent 2-3 days thinking it over and rewriting it; I hope it shows. As a student, I’ve had to learn how to work in some really subpar environments…here’s how I do it.”

Chris Edgar presents To Be Creative, Step Outside The Survival Mindset. Chris says, “Most of the time, it seems, what we do is oriented toward our survival and stability — making sure our basic needs are met, and that we maintain our lifestyles. Although this mindset is good at keeping us alive, it doesn’t do wonders for the creativity of our work. When we’re focused on our wants and needs as we work, we tend to second-guess and compromise. Doing something before your creative activities that isn’t oriented toward survival or impressing others — such as meditation — is a great way to keep yourself “in the flow.”

Dawn Abraham Life Coach presents How Developing Intuition Can Dramatically Improve Everything You Do in Life Even Your Career!. Dawn says, “By developing intuition I gave myself a scary but awe-inspiring upper hand in life. When I first started to make the effort to develop my intuition I had no idea the wonderful and amazing surprises that were in store for me.”


And last but not least…if you’re ready for something mystical and magical in these intense times we’re living in…

gia combs-ramirez presents Join The Journey Work. gia says, “The world has become an intense place with daily new challenges to face. The Journey Work offers the opportunity to slow down, take a deep breath and get energetic solutions that translate into a joy filled life.”

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  • Thanks Gia for hosting this carnival. I’ve been pleased to work with you over the last few months. Best, Chris

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