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Boost Your Immune System to Resist Super Microbes

We are in a time of great planetary evolution. Microbes are evolutionary assistants and have become revved up or Super resistant in their roles as change agents. The best approach for you to stay healthy during this time is to boost your immune system. I don’t mean just during the winter months but all year. The supplements that I recommend range from mushrooms to flower essences to Chinese herbs and traditional supplements. This range helps support the immune system in a variety of ways.

Here are the supplements I recommend and where you can get them:

(Note: I do not have a financial relationship with any of these companies.)

Standard Process: Immuplex (Amazon)

Host Defense: MyCommunity (Fungi.com)

Host Defense for Lung Protection: Breathe (Fungi.com)

Microbe Balancing Essences: Immune, Lymphatic and Emergency System (Perelandra-ltd.com)

Microbe Balancing Essences: Flu Season (Perelandra-ltd.com)

Chemical, Cellular and Systemic Balance in the face of stress: Super Adaptogen (Dragon Herbs)

Vitamin C (Amazon)

Vitamin D for winter blues (Amazon)

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